Academy of Nursing Sciences and Hospital was established with an aim of training students who will be able to meet the demands and raise up to the standards of first level nursing and also quality care in various hospitals situate din and outside the country. The vision of the organization is to retrieve the knowledge and not let it vanish with the course of the world. They also believe that the hands that serve must always be at work for the betterment of the society as a whole and the benefit of the mankind. The institution’s mission to create a world where there is co-existence and everyone is included without any exceptions. Their mission is also to provide high-quality education to students and make it available for everyone who has the passion for it.

Facts and Figures

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Jiwaji University




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7  main Labs

How to Reach

7 km from Railway station and bus stand ( Gwalior)

Why to join The Academy of Nursing Sciences and Hospital?

1. Placement:

Academy of Nursing Sciences and Hospital has offered placement opportunities for students in various health care groups around the country. Along with it, the placements are offered in a wide variety of arenas based on their capabilities and interest n serving in areas. Some of the areas where students are given placement opportunities include educational institutions, Armed forces, health care organizations, dispensaries, School health, private nursing homes, Government hospitals, etc.

2. Faculties:

Academy of Nursing Sciences and Hospital aims at providing high-quality training and knowledge to students. The campus is well-equipped with trained faculties that make learning easier than ever before. Also thy make perfect use of the technological facilities available to them to explain various aspects and concepts to students who will now have a clear idea.