Amity Institute of NanoTechnology is a brand new term that is making place for itself in today’s world. It is a study that can open the doors towards better standard of living, increased comfort and long lifespan for the people. Realizing the potential of this field, Amity University of Uttar Pradesh set up Amity Institute of NanoTechnology in Noida at Uttar Pradesh in 2003. An intriguing and significant discussion and debate between the founder – Doctor Ashok Chauhan and Doctor R P Singh preceded the decision of starting this institute. In a way it was a highly significant move that could alter the welfare of the community at large in a positive way.                       

Amity Institute of NanoTechnology Facts & Figures:

Established in


First Course Introduced

Masters of Technology


Doctor Ashok K Chauhan

Governed by

Ritnand Balved Education Foundation

Courses offered




List of Research Papers (Published & Accepted)


How to reach

13.6 Kms from Hazrat Nizamuddin Junction

27.4 Kms from Indira Gandhi International Airport

Transportation Mode: Auto/Bus/ Taxi/Cab

Why to join Amity Institute of NanoTechnology?

1. Esteemed association with National Scientific Companies Various nationally reputed scientists pay visits to the campus of Amity Institute of NanoTechnology for conducting guest lectures and sharing their invaluable knowledge on the subject matter. This is how the students get a sneak peek into the practical world while learning in their classrooms.

2. Significant tools available for trainingThe students at the Amity Institute of NanoTechnology can undergo trainings in the National Laboratories using various tools such as SEM, AFM, TEM and STM which are difficult to find elsewhere for the application of theories.

3. ‘Amity NanoTechnology Update’The ‘Amity NanoTechnology Update’ is a quarterly magazine that includes current affairs of development in the world of NanoTechnology and helps the students stay tuned to the latest progress in the industry.