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Manipur Institute of Technology - [MIT], Imphal - Reviews

Manipur Institute of Technology - [MIT], Imphal - Reviews

Imphal, Manipur AICTE, NBA | Estd 1998 MU, Imphal Private 1 Question Answered

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    somayo varamBachelor of Engineering [BE] (Civil Engineering)Pursued 4th year
    8/10social life
    8/10campus life

    College Review

    Internship -
    8 /10

    yes the college provide internship to students which they find and tell the students whoever is interested

    Alumni/Alumna -

    yes the alumni network is there and is very nice to have such alumni after leaving college or passing out

    Faculty -
    8 /10

    the faculty here is good and all the members are highly qualified and are products of top iits and nits and from another country like Europe products. the faculty and staff also the students were like 1 to 10, it was such a great institution with good faculty

    Admission -
    7.7 /10

    the good thing is it is good for everyone, good faculties students ratio, one remark can be the administration is slow.

    Admission -

    i got admitted through JEE exam conducted all m over India. after the result is being declared i waited for counseling notice from the college and check on news , newspaper and college website. then Ian called for counseling which i went for it, and got selected

    Fees -

    the fee structure was standard I should say, every new or fresher ie first semester. fee were about 35 to 40k and changes the range after some years and is not the same every time. and the rest semester till 8th seen the admissions gradually decreases. it was feasible and affordable

    Exam Structure -

    the exams were quite frequent, frequent internal assessment exams every 1 month or one and a half months and 1-semester exam after 6 months or 5 and half months. and the labs were quite ok with good lab technicians ready to help students in doing and teaching to students

    Scholarship -

    there is so far no scholarship offered by the college as far as I concern, but yes there is a scholarship for schedule tribe,obc and sc students also students can go for UGC scholarship but a student can apply for only one scholarship.

    Placement -
    6 /10

    the placement nowadays it's changing and now it's mostly on gate basis so it's changing drastically, yes past out students in the past few years were placed in UES, and some state recruitments, and many more. but as I'm not familiar with this sorry to give few ideas

    Entrance Preview -

    it is because it was near from my village, and it was also my parents wish to stay in nearby state and does not want me to go outside Manipur so that I can go home anytime wherever there is a problem or any meetings and family arrangements. and it was also my pre-interest to stay here

    Hostel Facilities -

    the hostel was fine to equip with recreation items like games, television, etc. it also provides LAN wire cables for internet access to every student with good speed and is given every student a unique IP address and is secured. the mess was no doubt great with good diet

    Events -
    8 /10

    there are various events celebrated such as fresher's meet, college week for one week which we take up sports and literary items, teachers day, NSS, also a college official technical festival called RESO every year and opens to all State college and schools to take part in the event and competition.

    Campus Life -
    8 /10

    there are no gender and community diversities and no racial discrimination and act is there, but all life and enjoyed as one, sports literary meet are being done every year and students enjoyed and take part eagerly and ready to have fun and enjoyed during the days

    Course Curriculum -

    it was according to AICTE and college follows the norms given by then. the Syllabus was fine and it's similar to most of the engineering college and institutes. the curriculum was a challenging curriculum and is quite fired to the current challenging 21st century

    07 Nov 201850report



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