Sree Sowdambika College of Engineering established in 2000 is an educational Institution promoted by the philanthrophic “Chockalingapuram Devangar Varthagar Sangam”, founded in 1919 by our prophetic forefathers. Understanding the need for higher education, the trust started Sri Sowdambika Polytechnic College in 1984-1985 and Sri Sowdambika Convent Matriculation School in 1986-1987.

  • Sree Sowdambika College of Engineering is approved by AICTE and affiliated to Anna University.
  • Innovative teaching and special coaching methodologies to increase the results.
  • Placement training to face the changing and challenging demands of the industries.
  • Providing state of art facility in par with the technological development of its faculty and infrastructure.
  • Congenial environment that remains effective, efficient and suitable for all academic and related activities.

SSCE Students Creations:

  • HHPG - Highway Hybrid Power Generation: This project is for the generation of electricity by a hybrid technique which involves the conversion of mechanical energy of wind into electrical energy by using a wind turbine generator on the other side highways and the generation of electric power response to the applied mechanical stress under busy high way roads using piezo electric materials , piezo electric crystal utilizes the force of vehicle and producing small amount of power, when we place this hybrid generating system with regular interval we obtain a huge(high) amount of energy from this system. This project can give a very good solution to the global energy and environmental crisis.
  • Vibration into Electrical Energy:  A system is proposed to convert ambient mechanical vibration into electrical energy for use in powering autonomous low power electronic system. The energy is transduced through the use of a comparator. Using micro electro mechanical system (MEMS) technology such a device has been designed for the system.
  • Boost Converter:  Step-up switching converters, also called boost switching regulators. DC-DC converter provide a high voltage output then the input voltage, The MOSFET can be used as the switching device in this converter. The input gate pulses can be given to the MOSFET from the microcontroller. The bridge converter can be used to AC-DC in this system. The step-down transformer output can be given to the bridge converter.


Academic Year 2013-14

  • Campus Recruitment Drive: -  Sutherland Global Services, Chennai
    • Number of Students Participated : 233
  • Off Campus Recruitment Drive -    Stark Technologies, Chennai
    • Number of Colleges Participated  : 05
    • Number of Students Participated : 242
    • Number of Students selected (Got Offer)  : 02
    • Pay Scale : Rs. 1.4 lakhs per annum
  • On Campus Recruitment Drive - Shridistar Pvt Ltd., Chennai
    • Number of Students Participated  : 162
    • Number of Students Selected (Got Offer) :  10
    • Pay Scale: Rs. 8,000/- month during Training period.
  • Off Campus Recruitment Drive – I Max Technologies

    • Number of College's Participated: 04

    • Number of Students Participated:  140

NCC (National Cadet Crops):- The National cadet Corps is the India military cadet corps with its head Quarters at New Delhi. It is open to school and college students on voluntary basis. Our College has strength of 52 NCC Cadets, under the control of college Associate NCC Officer Lieutenant.J.Ganesan, Assistant Professor, Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering.

NSS (National Service Scheme):-

The main objectives of National Service Scheme (NSS) are:

  • understand the community in which they work
  • Understand themselves in relation to their community
  • Identify the needs and problems of the community and involve them in problem-solving
  • Develop among them a sense of social and civic responsibility
  • utilize their knowledge in finding practical solutions to individual and community problems
  • Develop competence required for group-living and sharing of responsibilities
  • Gain skills in mobilizing community participation
  • Acquire leadership qualities and democratic attitudes
  • Develop capacity to meet emergencies and natural disasters and
  • practice national integration and social harmony

Recent Events:-

Recently the unit has conducted a 10 day special camp at Periya Nayagapuram village. During the camp, Saplings were planted in the village as well as in the college campus in connection with the Chief Minister’s birthday. Awareness programmes were also conducted.

Youth Red Cross: Youth Red Cross Society has been functioning from the year 2001. Under the auspicious of Youth Red Cross Society, a lot of awareness programs were conducted among the students. A few Blood – Donation Camps have been conducted through Madurai, Virudhunagar and Aruppukottai Government Hospitals during the course of this year.


Achivement in Sports event:

  •  Selvan K.KANNAN, final yr from EEE has got selected for Anna University of Technology,Tirunelveli KHO-KHO team and participated in the All India South Zone Inter University KHO-KHO (Men) 2011-2012 Tournament, held at Namakkal, representing Anna University of Technology, Tirunelveli.
  • Selvi R.Sabitha 1st yr from ECE has got selected for Anna University of Technology,Tirunelveli HOCKEY (Women) team and participated in All India South Zone Inter- university HOCKEY(Women) 2011-2012 Tournament, held at Salem, REPRESENTING Anna University of Techology, Tirunelveli.
  • Selvi M.Mareeswari 2nd yr from CSE, and Selvi M.Vanajothi 2nd yr from IT have got selected for Anna University of Technology, Tirunelveli CRICKET (Women) team and participated in the All India South Zone Inter University CRICKET(Women) 2011-2012.


  • 10 Mbps Internet Connectivity with WiFi throughout the campus.
  • English Communication Lab with state of art Technology.
  • Mineral Water Plant.
  • Air conditioned Conference Hall.
  • Well qualified and dedicated faculties.
  • Professors from Anna University Teaching through EDUSAT Programme – Virtual Class.
  • Well-equipped digital Library with NPTEL Video Lectures by IIT professors and IEEE & J-Gate Journals Access.
  • ATM Facility.
  • Uninterrupted HT line Power supply with auto restore generators (380 KVA +160 KVA) in the college campus including hostels.
  • Career guidance and Counseling by experts.
  • Placement Training.


The college library is functioning in the ground floor of the The administrative Block. At present it has a good collection of more than 12, 000 volumes of valuable books.

  • The library subscribes to 30 poeriodicals including 5 National Journals and 24 International Journals.
  • DELNET membership has been introduced in college.
  • E-library facility is available and more than 1720 journals and periodicals are available on line.

Communication Lab:

Globalization has brought in numerous opportunity for the reaming millions, with more focus on the students’ overall capability apart from academic apart from academic competence.


  • To equip students of engineering and technology with effective speaking and listening skills in English.
  • To help them develp their soft skills and personality traits, which will make the transition from college to workplace smoother and help them to excel in their jobs.
  • To enhance students’ performance during placement interviews, Group Discussions and other recruitment exercises.


Distance Education has come into its own as the mainstay in the field of education. The integration of satellite technology and education has yielded rich rewards socially, culturally and economically. The interactive classroom, the students can interact with the subject expert at the teaching end through a voice link via satellite. The question and the subject expert’s response to the question can be heard live in the classrooms.

Conference Hall:

The institute has fully equipped Conference hall with fully air conditioned and modern audio-visual aids. The Conference hall also hosts various academic activities, extension lectures, educational and training programs for the students and faculty.

The Auditorium: The auditorium, with a seating capacity of 1500 and is undoubtedly the crown jewel in campus. Equipped with facilities like multimedia projector and sound systems, the auditorium has large lobbies and verandas ideally suited to hold Conferences and Exhibitions.