Madan Maharaj College, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh aims at providing quality education to the students through practical knowledge and life skills so that they can develop themselves as well as take part in the development of the nation. The motto of the college is “Perfection, Liberation and Excellence”. It was made with a mission of giving the youth a platform that gives them an atmosphere of holistic development through curricular, co-curricular and extracurricular activities and also develops moral values. The college encourages the students as well as the staff to enhance their intellectual curiosity and professional skills. The college also strives for continuously developing an action plan for making the curriculum interesting and impactful though everyday classes and other activities, inside and outside the classroom.  

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Bhopal University



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M. P. Govt.

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KH-41, Behind Galla Mandi Bhanpur Bhopal - 462010.

Phone No . – 0755- 2900462











Why to join Madan Maharaj College, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh?

  • Well Built Infrastructure: The College provides all the basic amenities that is required for holistic development. The same includes lecture halls, psychology lab, science lab, ET lab, computer lab, language lab, library, playground, medical lab, canteen, separate common rooms for girls and boys.
  • Strong Value Based Education: The College inculcates the values of a socially responsible citizen in its student body. It strives for the development of leadership quality as well as intellectual enhancement through extension lectures, seminars and workshops in the institution. It also enables learning through various curricular activities and different learning resources as a library, computer lab, psychology lab, language lab and ICT lab. Workshops are also conducted for preparing teaching material lab.