Mumtaz Degree and PG College, Hyderabad, was established with a mission to espouse the accrescent student community. Since its inception, the Institute is devoted for imparting quality education to economically deprived students from urban and rural areas and engaged in constructing intellectually formative, socially accountable, morally venerable, accomplished individuals prefabricated to encounter the challenges of the world. The college has been enthusiastically transmuting the perspectives of its founder by enabling students with transcendence intellect in scientific and commercial areas.

Facts and Figures of Mumtaz Degree and PG College, Hyderabad-        

Establishment Year                                 


Established By

The Mumtaz Yar Ud Dowla Trust



Accredited To

Osmania University

Campus Type


Campus Area

29 Acres

Why to Join Mumtaz Degree and PG College, Hyderabad?-

  • Scholarships and Freeships– In order to enhance the educational condition of students of economically backward section of the society and encourage meritorious students, the Institute provides Scholarship and Freeship facilities for all B.C, S.C. S.T and minority candidates. This is facilitated by Social Welfare Department, Minority Financial Corporation; Govt. Of A.E and Urdu Academy Govt. of India.
  • Regular Evaluation of Performance- The College evaluates performance of students at a regular interval, so that their academic standard and performance can be accessed. As per these assessments, the college organizes Remedial Classes, Bridge Courses and other sessions and assists students in ameliorating their level of performance.
  • Guidance and Counseling- Apart from striving for placement of students in reputed organizations, the college provide regular guidance and counseling facility to them, so that they can be aware of various job opening in the market and can beat irresoluteness related to their future.