Govinda Pai Memorial Govt College (GPMGC), Kasaragod, Kerala is an institution dedicated to providing distinctive and distinguished contribution to the field of education. They look forward to seed innovative ideas in students who will henceforth be able to take higher status in the society. Also, they aim at inspiring students to reach peaks in the rungs of the social ladder. Standing proudly as the sole art and science college in the northern part of the district, the institution has produced students with a healthy knowledge in the past years.

Facts and Figures of Govinda Pai Memorial Govt College [GPMGC], Kasaragod, Kerala

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25 Kms from Kasaragod

Why to Join Govinda Pai Memorial Govt College [GPMGC], Kasaragod, Kerala?

  • Research cell: The institution is equipped with an extensive research foundation that has conducted various projects. Some of the successful projects completed in the years include Medical Tourism – The role of Allopathic and Ayurvedic medical systems in Kerala. Other projects that are on-going are geographical analysis of laterite mines of midland hills of Kannur, The Jain heritage of Manshwar. These projects are under the able guidance of various professors and thus, students get a wide exposure to the industry.  
  • Scholarships: Scholarships on various basis have been given to students. For those who meet the academic criterion, scholarship programs with concession in fee has been given. This has in turn encouraged students in keeping their academic performance good going. Other scholarships for students from rural and backward communities in order to encourage them.