Post Graduate Institute of Behavioral and Medical Sciences aims to provide the medical science knowledge in the field of psychology to the graduates of psychology in the region of Chhattisgarh which is a newly formed state in the undeveloped state. It is working with the objective of development of the institute as the advanced service and research centre in the area of neural- sciences. It is going forward by providing the services of research, training, consultation, evaluation and guidance in the field of mental health and neuro-science programmes. It is contributing the knowledge of psychology to the students and growing since from the establishment.

Facts and Figures of Post Graduate Institute of Behavioral and Medical Sciences - [PGIBMS]:

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Pandit Ravishankar Shulka University(PRSU),Raipur

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Why to Join Post Graduate Institute of Behavioral and Medical Sciences?

  • Vision and mission: the institute has a vision to reach the different level in the society and helping the individuals in the aspects of neurological and psychiatric disorders through education. And has a mission that to promote the education to the beyond the clinical scope.
  • Dynamic and friendly faculty: This institute having the faculty of well qualified well experienced persons in the master degree and doctorates in the respective disciplines. And they create a friendly environment in the class room. By this any student can explore his/her ideas and ideology
  • Events and programs: Every year the college is celebrating the world mental health day in this occasion several programs are being conducted by the institute. Not only this, the institute is planning for the more events that are very useful to the students of PGIBMS.