Shine College of Management, Lucknow  recognizes the fact that in a rapidly changing and unpredictable socio-economic scenario in a large country, excellent technical capabilities as well as innovative approaches are pre-requisites for a successful corporate life. The college envisions providing a high-quality education through advanced techniques in a cross-cultural and diverse atmosphere.  The college not only educates but also nurtures the youth of the nation into enlightened technocrats with excellent human values.

The College has a mission to spread technical knowledge to improve the quality of life of the country in general and the weaker classes in particular. The college strives to inculcate into the youth a sense of mission-oriented decision making via development of devoted managerial capability and a strong level of confidence to ensure a sustained and consistent growth of economy of the country.

Facts and figures of Shine College of Management:

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How to reach

Rampur behra, bakshi ka talab, sitapur road


Why to join Shine College of Management?

  • Facilities: The college has excellent infrastructural facilities and a renowned research center. Apart from the well-equipped labs and classroom facilities, the college also has collaborations with the world’s leading educational institute such as Griffith University in USA.
  • Faculty: The faculty of the college is hand-picked and is made well aware of the college’s ideals so that the faculty has a better interaction with the students of the college. The faculty is also in-charge of conducting seminars and guest lectures and preparing them for their placement interviews.