Universal Business School is one of the premier business schools in Punjab. The college was established with a purpose of imparting quality education to its future managers. It has an objective of grooming the students in a proper manner so that they become perfect managers when they enter the corporate world. The college has well-educated and learned faculty members who have years of teaching, as well as corporate experience. The courses provided by the college are Masters of Commerce, MBA in Biotechnology, MBA in H.R, MBA in International Business and MBA General. It has three different committees namely Academic, Administrative and Technical that have different professors under it and they take care of this particular department.

Facts and Figures:

University Type


Chair person of the University

Meenakshi Malhotra


University Grants Commission (UGC)

Total Books


How to Reach

153.8Kms from NH45

Why to join Universal Business School?

1. Beautiful location of the campus:  Universal Business School is located in a beautiful place in Mohali, and the campus is covered with lush green fields around it. The calm and serenity of the place attracts many students to study in this college as the area is a little pollution free as compared to other colleges.

2. Well qualified and competent faculty members: The faculties of Universal Business School are well educated and highly driven towards academic excellence and personality development of the students of its college. They don’t believe in just teaching book-ish concepts to its students but also making them understand properly the concepts also.

3. Infrastructural Facilities: Universal Business School has a library with 11,443 books and a subscription to many journals from Indian as well as foreign houses. Well established IT infrastructure in terms of computer labs and a hostel for both girls and boys with WiFi availability is available.