Guru Nanak College of Education is a model college for a degree in Education as it is situated amidst the peaceful green meadows near Ludhiana. It is an ideal institution that embarks the teachings of Swami Vivekananda faithfully. It aims to impart quality education in terms of contemporary education so as to prepare its students to be the most industrious citizens, as well as knowledgeable individuals. It has 9 UG colleges and 38 schools working vigorously under its name and aims to train the pass-outs of these institutions in the most enlightening way in the field of education.

Facts and Figures of Guru Nanak College of Education, Ludhiana


Punjab University, Chandigarh

Institutional Area

5 acres


3000 journals, books and periodicals


Debate club, Nature club, Science club etc.


Alumni association, college association

Sports facilities

Cricket, athletic and volleyball grounds

Why to Join Guru Nanak College of Education, Ludhiana?

  • Faculty: The institution has the best bunch of insightful teaching staff to inspire the young generation to be the best they can
  • Teaching methodology: It has a very sophisticated and systematic structure for teaching and learning all the same.
  • Campus: The campus has a wide range of amenities such as hostel facility, transport facility, medical and communicational facilities.
  • Study material: It has a spacious library with thousands of books, journals, magazines, computerised library, virtual education and the photo-copying facility.
  • Guidance counselling: Each student can approach the concerned teachers for academic and non-academic disputes.
  • Physical education: The institution realises the importance of the discipline of physical education in schools and colleges and aims to impart the same ideals to its students. It has major gaming playgrounds.
  • Criticism teaching: A special teaching technique is employed to train students in the field of teaching. Real-time lecture opportunities are provided to the students and their efforts are appreciated or criticized accordingly.