Controlled by the Lord Buddha World Education Trust situated at Tapowan, Gaya district, Bihar, the Mahabodhi Teachers’ Training College is classically established institute designed specially to teach students in the best way possible. Tapowan is the place where four sons of god Brahma, Sanak, Sanandan, Sanatan, Sanat Kumar have done tapasya upon the orders of their father. Needless to say, the weather is peaceful and also a tourist attraction. The aim of the college is to teach the students with a vision that would change the future of the country. The place is covered in green hilly mountains. The entire are off limits to pollution. The scenery is beautiful and many tourists worldwide visit for the calmness it provides.

Facts and Figures of Mahabodhi Teachers’ Training College, Gaya, Bihar

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2(f), 12(b) of the University Grants Commission

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North of AP colony

Why to join Mahabodhi Teachers’ Training Colle, Gaya, Bihar?

  • Library: The college has well-developed library. The students have the facilities to use the books for the reference. In addition to the library, there is a library reading room where students can study peacefully. The quality and the quantity of the books in the library are revised according to the number of students. A well-qualified member takes of the books needed for the students.
  • Hostel: Accommodation for boys and girls separately is provided. Food will be provided for the hostellers, and the security of the students staying in the hostel is well guaranteed.
  • Faculty: Staff is well trained and not only are well versed in their respective disciplines but are also of an experienced background. The faculty makes sure that no student is lagging behind and takes special care for slow learners.