Mukhi College of Education  has a distinctive character and occupies a place of pride among the education Institutes in this part of the country and is a part of a larger strategy to achieve national goals in the areas of elementary and higher education and function according to the needs of individual states and districts. MCE believes in helping to achieve elementary and higher education’s systems in the district while playing a role of front-runner to become models for other educational institutions in the district in terms of meticulous, efficient and effective planning and execution of functions, harmonious and creative organizational climate, maintenance of a clean and attractive campus, etc. The vision of MCE is to prepare teachers who integrate technology in education to excel others in their profession and prove to be worthy citizens of India and to develop prospective teachers as facilitators who have high level professional competence to create unlimited opportunities for students’ learning and multiple sustainable developments and hence participating in national development and strengthening character building qualities.

Facts and Figures of MCE-

Establishment Year


College Type

Private self financed

Chair person of the College

Dr. Suraj bhan Mor




MDU Rohtak

Total Faculty Members


Total Books


How to Reach

Vishnu Nagar, Gohana Distt SONEPAT(Haryana) Near Bus Stand

Why to Join MCE ?

Use of Modern Teaching Aids & Technologies: - It is keeping pace with the latest trends in using technology in the field of teacher education using a large number of modern teaching aids explaining various concepts and processes, which are not otherwise easy to explain. there is a variety of materials, scientific apparatus and agricultural equipments, which are commonly used for teaching purposes.

Facilities: - The College has many lab facilities like Science Resource Centre, Language Resource Centre, Psychology Resource Centre, Creativity Resource Centre, Health Resource Centre and ICT Resource Centre.