Radhanath Institute of Advanced Studies in Education was established in 1869. The college is recognized by National Council for Teacher Education (NCTE). In 1923, after the establishment of the Cuttack Training College, the school was renamed secondary Training School which is now known as Radhanath Secondary Training School.

As per the Education Policy of 1913, the Cuttack Training College was established in 1923 to prepare teachers offering Licentiate in the Teaching (L.T.) course of one year duration. The minimum entry qualification for the course was graduation. The history of Radhanath Institute of Advanced studies in Education reveals that the oldest Teacher Education Institute of Orissa came as the Cuttack Normal School with the purpose of training the lower class pundits to man Primary schools as per the recommendations of Wood’s Dispatch of 1854 and Stanley’s Dispatch of 1859. The College began with two departments, namely, The Guru Training Department and The Pundit Training Department with separate staff for each.

Fact & Figures of Radhanath Institute of Advanced Studies in Education

Campus Area

5 Acres

Library Resources

No. of Books – 25,000