Karmaveer Hire Arts, Science, Commerce, Education College (Shri Mouni Vidyapeeth), Kolhapur, Maharashtra, Prince Shivaji Education Society in 1946 started Shri Mouni Vidya Mandir, named after Shri Mouni Maharaj of Patgaon. It later became the high school Shri Mouni Vidyapeeth. The Sarvapalli Dr. Radhakrishnan Education Commission in 1948 proposed the creation of Rural University, and on an experimental basis Prince Shivaji Education Society, Kolhapur, Indian Institute of Education, Mumbai and Korgaonkar Charitable Institute, Kolhapur together established Shri Mouni Vidyapeeth in 1952. Dr. V.T. Patil (Founder President, Shri Mouni Vidyapeeth), Padmabhushan Dr. J.P. Naik (Founder Innovator) and Shri Prabhakarpant Korgaonkar played a key role in the establishment. Through the years 1976 to 1993, Padmashree Dr. D.Y. Patil made an important contribution to the Institute as its President. The College aims to educate the economically backward youth for a globalized and liberal world, and hence started B.Sc. and B.C.A in 2007 and 2008 respectively. It focuses on the growth of mind, body and spirit of its students.

Facts and Figures of Karmaveer Hire Arts, Science, Commerce, Education College, Kolhapur, Maharashtra

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Shivaji University, Kolhapur

Why to Join Karmaveer Hire Arts, Science, Commerce, Education College, Kolhapur, Maharashtra?

  • Facility: The college is spread over 65 acres and offers all the modern amenities required for sound education experience. Multiple streams are offered in the same campus and thus the student has multiple options to choose from. Both English and Marathi are offered as mediums of instruction, and there is post-graduate M.A. as well. Certificate courses such as Sericulture, Rural Journalism, Fashion design, Retailing, etc. are also offered which are one of a kind. There is consultations facility present as well with well-qualified faculty providing assistance in various fields such as Anganwadi Teacher Training, Competitive Exam coaching, Distance Education facility for off-campus students.