The Sonargaon Vivekananda Institute for Primary Teachers Training, Kolkata, West Bengal,  was started with the aim of providing quality education to the future generation of teachers. The process of imparting education is a very ancient one, and while this divine service was free in the ancient centuries, it has become more corrupt and money minded today. This is what our training institute aims at. We not only teach all the basics that are required by the students to transform into an excellent teacher but also improve their thought process and instil in them the values and morals of being a great teacher. We provide excellent curriculum that caters to all our students need and make sure that every individual gets the guidance they need. The college has a vision to churn out the best teachers that will help to take on the legacy of our generations forward and create great human beings that will lead the world.

Facts and figures of Sonargaon Vivekananda Institute for Primary Teachers Training, Kolkata, West Bengal

Establishment Year


Affiliated to

West Bengal Board of Primary Education

Accredited by

National Council of Technical Education

No. of Books


Type of institution

Training teachers


Why to join Sonargaon Vivekananda Institute for Primary Teachers Training, Kolkata, West Bengal?

  • Infrastructure: The college has a sprawling campus on many acres, and it ensures that the students get everything they need in the campus premises itself. Apart from the campus, the Institute offers the students with all the modern amenities that any college would need to flourish and shine. The library is well stocked with an abundance of books with around 5000 books and journals so that the students get to gain knowledge in order to impart it when they become teachers.