Swami Dayanand College of Education Education scenario has changed considerably and the role of educational institutions has become quite important. The students need to be educated such that they are able to make use of their education practically and are not just saddled with a lot of theory, the application of which is difficult. With changes in the world due to liberalization, globalization, and privatization, the expectations from the newly budding workforce or manpower is also changing. Thus, Swami Dayanand College of Education was established with an aim to address these issues and the paradigm shift being witnessed in the education sector. After completing their studies, the students are able to be a part of the job arena without any hassles. They understand what is expected from them.

Facts and Figures of Swami Dayanand College of Education

Founded in



Punjabi University, Patiala

Institutional Area

3.5 Acres


7000 books, 21 International and National Journals, 06 Periodicals and Magazines


Psychology Lab, ICT Lab, Work Experience Lab, Language Lab, 30 systems with latest configurations in the Computer Lab

Why to Join Swami Dayanand College of Education?

1. Presence of Students Grievances Committee to address students related issues-

Students grievances are taken seriously and the issues are properly addressed with the help of Students Grievances Committee and speedy actions are taken.

2. Talent Search Programs to identify hidden talent-

This program helps the college to assess the knowledge and the hidden talent of the students. They help the students to realise their potential and do something about it.

3. Extension Lectures are organized-

On various current and burning issues, extension lectures are organized from time to time as it is considered important for the students’ growth professionally and personally. They get a lot of research oriented knowledge this way.

4. Entertainment and Industrial visits and tours organized from time to time-

The reason behind these tours is to break the monotony of academics and teach or educate students in an entertaining manner. Industrial visits help students to get hands on experience