TIM Training College, was set up by Tha-Aleemul Islam Committee Nadapuram in 2005. Located in the city of IIT, Kozhikode – Kerala the college aims at providing the best training to all the people who aspire to become teachers in the future. Also, it comes under the top few institutions that provide a similar kind of training. It provides Bachelor’s in Education in the following subjects English, Mathematics, Natural Science, Physical Science and Social Science.All the teachers in this college are highly educated and well trained to provide this kind of training. One of the most popular events at this college was when Mr Richard McClintock a Latin professor at Hampden College came to this college to conduct a general discussion session with the students.

Facts and Figures:

Establishment Year


University Type


Principal of the College

Mr. Nadeer Chathoth


University of Calicut

Institutes Under TIM Training College


Total Faculty Members


How to Reach

State Highway 38 Nadapuram


Why should one join TIM Training College?

1. Specialized courses: -

TIM Training College provides specific training to its students in the field of education and offers a bachelor's degree. The courses are taught by extremely well-read and well-educated faculty. The quality of courses offered here was found to be much better as compared to other colleges in the same area.

2. Highly educated and well-trained faculty members: -

TIM Training College not only has good quality courses, but they have a team of the most experienced teachers who are working in this college. The college is quite careful when it hires teachers to teach in its college as it believes only if the teachers are good the students would be better.