Vidya Institute of Creative Teaching was set up with an aim to prepare and groom students to become excellent teachers and bring a change in the society with their vision and teaching skills. They can not only become good teachers but also become good administrators, coaches, counsellors, administers, specialists and researchers. The teaching responsibility is taken quite seriously by the Institute and ensures that they keep in tune with the fast changes taking place in the field of education. They update their curricula so that they can meet the latest demands of the field and fulfil them quite effectively. The ambience of the institute is excellent and motivates the students to work hard and study with utmost dedication and focus. The students get excellent value based education that helps them to look forward to a bright future.

Facts and Figures:-


CCS University, Meerut

Admission Through

Merit Based


7576 books and monographs, 35 bound volumes, 12 current periodicals, 72 CD-ROMS, 9000 e-journals

Student Cell

Vidya Premier League, Rangoli and Niravana

Why to join Vidya Institute of Creative Teaching?

1. Excellent Accreditations- Vidya Institute of Creative Teaching has accreditation with several International colleges and institutions like The Microsoft IT Academy Program, Cambridge International Center, Pearson VUE, Cisco Networking Academy and many more. Accreditations with these institutes offer more exposure to the students about global practices and how it can help them to hone their skills.

2. Anti Ragging Cell- The anti ragging cell has been established with an aim to avoid ragging activities altogether in the campus. The students who are involved in such activities are fined severly. Sometimes they are rusticated from the college. The government rules in accordance with the ragging are followed in the Institute providing a perfect environment to the students.