Kanad Institute of Engineering Management, Durgapur, West Bengal, Kanad Institute of Engineering Management aims to promote technical education for the requirements of the ailing industrial sector. The institution believes in the concept of “Vasudhaiv Akutumbakam” (Earth is one country, and all the mankind are its citizens) and so want to create globally competent professionals. The college draws its inspiration from the great mathematician and theorist Sage Kanad (600 BC) who is the founder of Atomic Theory and stated that hat every object in creation is made up of atoms that in turn connect with each other to form molecules nearly 2,500 years before John Delton.

Facts and Figures of Kanad Institute of Engineering Management, Durgapur, West Bengal







ISO Certification



Mr. Pradip Agasty

Governing Body

Ma Kalyaneshari Educational Trust

Admission Through

80% through WBTEE

10% through AIEEE

10% through Management Quota

No. of books in the Library

40,000 books

No. of Computers


Why to join Kanad Institute Of Engineering Management, Durgapur, West Bengal?

Well-Built Infrastructure: The college is built on 40 bighas of land and consists of all the requirements of the students. Apart from the lecture halls, modern cafeteria, guest house, air conditioned conference room as well as seminar hall, computer lab (with 400 pcs) and 6 Mbps internet speed, language labs, hostels with WiFi and Library are available for student’s disposal. The students are provided with books before the classes get started, and six books of the book banks are compulsory to take up.

High Degree of Professionalism: The college ensures in shaping their students for the professional world out there.  Special classes are conducted for campus interviews to groom the students. Keeping the regular classes asides, classes for development of communication skills are also given. ‘Off Campus’ as well as ‘On Campus’ placements are encouraged and all sorts of guidance and assistance for them are given to the students. The faculty: student ratio is also less (1:15) so that individual attention is provided.