Veerashaiva College was established with a thinking to serve the society by enlightening minds. Taking people from the ignorance to the bliss of light has been considered as the biggest service by the founders of this college. Since its inception, the college has seen many changes. It has gone through various developmental phases. Today, it has expanded and embraces various disciplines to the students to study and build a career. The college enjoys excellent infrastructure with a massive library, laboratory, canteen, buildings, furniture and equipments. The college enjoys a lot of prestige today. Autonomous status grant has also been recommended by the Sangha to the college. Qualitative education is being delivered to the students studying here.

Facts and Figures

Founded in


Governing Body

Veerashiava Vidya Vardhaka Sangha


Karnataka University

Admission Through

Merit Based


40,000 text books, journals, periodicals; 200 students can be accommodated


Language lab for enhancing skills and fluency in speaking English


Under various schemes state and central government scholarships are given

Student Cell

Youth Red Cross

Why to join Veerashaiva College?

1. Well established Placement cell-

Veerashaiva College has a well established placement cell where the students are groomed and trained to face the placement process. The students are taught skills like Group Discussion, Interviews, etc.

2. Anti Ragging Cell-

The environment at Veerashaiva College is totally ragging free. Strict actions are taken against the students who are found indulged in ragging activities. They are severely punished under the government rules and regulations. The students can even be rusticated in extreme cases. The college keeps a close check to avoid any such activities happening in the college.

3. Sexual Harassment Cell actively present-

Veerashaiva College also has a sexual harassment cell wherein any such incidents are brought to the immediate notice of the superiors and a strict and timely action taken to avoid the same happening again.