South Asia Institute of Advanced Christian Studies - [SAIACS] has been dedicated to theological studies and research work. The institution offers post graduate courses and research work on both biblical and contextually related theological work that will cause a significant difference in the lives of those who believe in the almighty and also help them understand their faith for God. The institution’s vision is to raise up to global standards of providing education that will greatly serve the mission of Church of Jesus Christ. The institution aims at encouraging students to take up studies related to the holy bible and helping students in having reflective thinking and also having the mentality to treat everyone equally. 

Facts and Figures of South Asia Institute of Advanced Christian Studies - [SAIACS], Bangalore, Karnataka

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ATA, University of Mysore








Dr. Ian W. Payne

Why Join South Asia Institute of Advanced Christian Studies - [SAIACS], Bangalore, Karnataka?

  • Facilities: The institution has research related work primarily and hence students are provided with extensive facilities to take up their research work through any means they want and explore the depths. The campus has a rich library with great content. Also, the classrooms are well established and equipped for the students to have a very comfortable learning environment within the campus. The library is gifted to have some of the best collection of volumes which have a special focus on the South Asian context.
  • Research: The research program here is among the best of its kind. CSAR has recently begun an initiative for the institution. Currently, there is much focus on North India research work. The students here are encouraged to take up versatile research topics to be encouraged to learn and explore more.