Gautam Banerjee's Academy of jewelry Designing (GBAJD), Mumbai has made evolved being a striking center of studying exactly where aspiring college students are assisted to get into the realm of jewelry designing & are designed with abilities like needed by the business . Moreover it allows the companies to occupy jewelry designing being a complete fledged career& eventually generate unique jewelry.

  • The college ideas is always to distribute the roots of jewelry education worldwide in order to ensure it is easily friendly for most students who wish to master this type of art as well as henceforth set up bench mark for business itself.
  • Lecturers are the primary asset. In the academy each and every college student is supervised by anyone of the staff who stops on the knowledge and information to encourage the power and suggestions of the pupils.

Fact and Figures of Gautam Banerjee's Academy of jewelry Designing (GBAJD)-

Established Year


Founder Name

Gautam Banerjee

Certified By

ISO 9001:2008

Total Course Offered




Why to join Gautam Banerjee's Academy of jewelry Designing (GBAJD)-

  • They provide a comprehensive training to the aspiring students.
  • Faculty helps them to enter into a world of designing jewelry.
  • Their goal is to provide students with necessary knowledge and technical skill of Jewelry Designing.
  • The students learn to possess strong basic skills to design jewelry with precision.
  • Students’ skills are tested on a regular basis for the eligibility of certificates.