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Global Institue of Management - [GIOM] Sangamner, Ahmed Nagar - Cutoff Details

Global Institue of Management - [GIOM] Sangamner, Ahmed Nagar - Cutoff Details

Ahmed Nagar, Maharashtra AICTE | Estd 2010 SPPU, Pune Private

MAHCET Cut Off 2018

MBA Financial ManagementGeneral90
MBA Financial ManagementGVJO36
MBA Financial ManagementGSCO37
MBA Financial ManagementGNT2O39
MBA Financial ManagementGVJH39
MBA Financial ManagementGNT1O41
MBA Financial ManagementGSTO41
MBA Financial ManagementPWDC AI45
MBA Financial ManagementAI46
MBA Financial ManagementGNT3H49
MBA Financial ManagementGSCH50
MBA Financial ManagementGNT1H51
MBA Financial ManagementGOBCH51
MBA Financial ManagementGSTH51
MBA Financial ManagementGNT2H52
MBA Financial ManagementGOPENO61
MBA Human Resource ManagementGeneral90
MBA Human Resource ManagementGVJO36
MBA Human Resource ManagementGSCO37
MBA Human Resource ManagementGNT2O39
MBA Human Resource ManagementGVJH39
MBA Human Resource ManagementGNT1O41
MBA Human Resource ManagementGSTO41
MBA Human Resource ManagementPWDC AI45
MBA Human Resource ManagementAI46
MBA Human Resource ManagementGNT3H49
MBA Human Resource ManagementGSCH50
MBA Human Resource ManagementGNT1H51
MBA Human Resource ManagementGOBCH51
MBA Human Resource ManagementGSTH51
MBA Human Resource ManagementGNT2H52
MBA Human Resource ManagementGOPENO61
MBA Information TechnologyGeneral90
MBA Information TechnologyGVJO36
MBA Information TechnologyGSCO37
MBA Information TechnologyGNT2O39
MBA Information TechnologyGVJH39
MBA Information TechnologyGNT1O41
MBA Information TechnologyGSTO41
MBA Information TechnologyPWDC AI45
MBA Information TechnologyAI46
MBA Information TechnologyGNT3H49
MBA Information TechnologyGSCH50
MBA Information TechnologyGNT1H51
MBA Information TechnologyGOBCH51
MBA Information TechnologyGSTH51
MBA Information TechnologyGNT2H52
MBA Information TechnologyGOPENO61
MBA International BusinessGeneral90
MBA International BusinessGVJO36
MBA International BusinessGSCO37
MBA International BusinessGNT2O39
MBA International BusinessGVJH39
MBA International BusinessGNT1O41
MBA International BusinessGSTO41
MBA International BusinessPWDC AI45
MBA International BusinessAI46
MBA International BusinessGNT3H49
MBA International BusinessGSCH50
MBA International BusinessGNT1H51
MBA International BusinessGOBCH51
MBA International BusinessGSTH51
MBA International BusinessGNT2H52
MBA International BusinessGOPENO61
MBA Operations ManagementGeneral90
MBA Operations ManagementGVJO36
MBA Operations ManagementGSCO37
MBA Operations ManagementGNT2O39
MBA Operations ManagementGVJH39
MBA Operations ManagementGNT1O41
MBA Operations ManagementGSTO41
MBA Operations ManagementPWDC AI45
MBA Operations ManagementAI46
MBA Operations ManagementGNT3H49
MBA Operations ManagementGSCH50
MBA Operations ManagementGNT1H51
MBA Operations ManagementGOBCH51
MBA Operations ManagementGSTH51
MBA Operations ManagementGNT2H52
MBA Operations ManagementGOPENO61
MBA Technology ManagementGeneral90
MBA Technology ManagementGVJO36
MBA Technology ManagementGSCO37
MBA Technology ManagementGNT2O39
MBA Technology ManagementGVJH39
MBA Technology ManagementGNT1O41
MBA Technology ManagementGSTO41
MBA Technology ManagementPWDC AI45
MBA Technology ManagementAI46
MBA Technology ManagementGNT3H49
MBA Technology ManagementGSCH50
MBA Technology ManagementGNT1H51
MBA Technology ManagementGOBCH51
MBA Technology ManagementGSTH51
MBA Technology ManagementGNT2H52
MBA Technology ManagementGOPENO61
MBA Marketing ManagementGeneral90
MBA Marketing ManagementGVJO36
MBA Marketing ManagementGSCO37
MBA Marketing ManagementGNT2O39
MBA Marketing ManagementGVJH39
MBA Marketing ManagementGNT1O41
MBA Marketing ManagementGSTO41
MBA Marketing ManagementPWDC AI45
MBA Marketing ManagementAI46
MBA Marketing ManagementGNT3H49
MBA Marketing ManagementGSCH50
MBA Marketing ManagementGNT1H51
MBA Marketing ManagementGOBCH51
MBA Marketing ManagementGSTH51
MBA Marketing ManagementGNT2H52
MBA Marketing ManagementGOPENO61
MBA Agri-Business and Rural DevelopmentGeneral90
MBA Agri-Business and Rural DevelopmentGVJO36
MBA Agri-Business and Rural DevelopmentGSCO37
MBA Agri-Business and Rural DevelopmentGNT2O39
MBA Agri-Business and Rural DevelopmentGVJH39
MBA Agri-Business and Rural DevelopmentGNT1O41
MBA Agri-Business and Rural DevelopmentGSTO41
MBA Agri-Business and Rural DevelopmentPWDC AI45
MBA Agri-Business and Rural DevelopmentAI46
MBA Agri-Business and Rural DevelopmentGNT3H49
MBA Agri-Business and Rural DevelopmentGSCH50
MBA Agri-Business and Rural DevelopmentGNT1H51
MBA Agri-Business and Rural DevelopmentGOBCH51
MBA Agri-Business and Rural DevelopmentGSTH51
MBA Agri-Business and Rural DevelopmentGNT2H52
MBA Agri-Business and Rural DevelopmentGOPENO61
MBA Family Business ManagementGeneral90
MBA Family Business ManagementGVJO36
MBA Family Business ManagementGSCO37
MBA Family Business ManagementGNT2O39
MBA Family Business ManagementGVJH39
MBA Family Business ManagementGNT1O41
MBA Family Business ManagementGSTO41
MBA Family Business ManagementPWDC AI45
MBA Family Business ManagementAI46
MBA Family Business ManagementGNT3H49
MBA Family Business ManagementGSCH50
MBA Family Business ManagementGNT1H51
MBA Family Business ManagementGOBCH51
MBA Family Business ManagementGSTH51
MBA Family Business ManagementGNT2H52
MBA Family Business ManagementGOPENO61
MBA Supply Chain ManagementGeneral90
MBA Supply Chain ManagementGVJO36
MBA Supply Chain ManagementGSCO37
MBA Supply Chain ManagementGNT2O39
MBA Supply Chain ManagementGVJH39
MBA Supply Chain ManagementGNT1O41
MBA Supply Chain ManagementGSTO41
MBA Supply Chain ManagementPWDC AI45
MBA Supply Chain ManagementAI46
MBA Supply Chain ManagementGNT3H49
MBA Supply Chain ManagementGSCH50
MBA Supply Chain ManagementGNT1H51
MBA Supply Chain ManagementGOBCH51
MBA Supply Chain ManagementGSTH51
MBA Supply Chain ManagementGNT2H52
MBA Supply Chain ManagementGOPENO61

MAHCET Cut Off 2016

MBA Financial ManagementGeneral43
MBA Financial ManagementGOPENO AI27
MBA Financial ManagementGOBCH30
MBA Financial ManagementGSCH35
MBA Financial ManagementGSTH37
MBA Financial ManagementGNT1H40
MBA Financial ManagementGNT2H40
MBA Financial ManagementGNT3H41
MBA Financial ManagementAI42
MBA Human Resource ManagementGeneral43
MBA Human Resource ManagementGOPENO AI27
MBA Human Resource ManagementGOBCH30
MBA Human Resource ManagementGSCH35
MBA Human Resource ManagementGSTH37
MBA Human Resource ManagementGNT1H40
MBA Human Resource ManagementGNT2H40
MBA Human Resource ManagementGNT3H41
MBA Human Resource ManagementAI42
MBA Information TechnologyGeneral43
MBA Information TechnologyGOPENO AI27
MBA Information TechnologyGOBCH30
MBA Information TechnologyGSCH35
MBA Information TechnologyGSTH37
MBA Information TechnologyGNT1H40
MBA Information TechnologyGNT2H40
MBA Information TechnologyGNT3H41
MBA Information TechnologyAI42
MBA International BusinessGeneral43
MBA International BusinessGOPENO AI27
MBA International BusinessGOBCH30
MBA International BusinessGSCH35
MBA International BusinessGSTH37
MBA International BusinessGNT1H40
MBA International BusinessGNT2H40
MBA International BusinessGNT3H41
MBA International BusinessAI42
MBA Operations ManagementGeneral43
MBA Operations ManagementGOPENO AI27
MBA Operations ManagementGOBCH30
MBA Operations ManagementGSCH35
MBA Operations ManagementGSTH37
MBA Operations ManagementGNT1H40
MBA Operations ManagementGNT2H40
MBA Operations ManagementGNT3H41
MBA Operations ManagementAI42
MBA Technology ManagementGeneral43
MBA Technology ManagementGOPENO AI27
MBA Technology ManagementGOBCH30
MBA Technology ManagementGSCH35
MBA Technology ManagementGSTH37
MBA Technology ManagementGNT1H40
MBA Technology ManagementGNT2H40
MBA Technology ManagementGNT3H41
MBA Technology ManagementAI42
MBA Marketing ManagementGeneral43
MBA Marketing ManagementGOPENO AI27
MBA Marketing ManagementGOBCH30
MBA Marketing ManagementGSCH35
MBA Marketing ManagementGSTH37
MBA Marketing ManagementGNT1H40
MBA Marketing ManagementGNT2H40
MBA Marketing ManagementGNT3H41
MBA Marketing ManagementAI42
MBA Agri-Business and Rural DevelopmentGeneral43
MBA Agri-Business and Rural DevelopmentGOPENO AI27
MBA Agri-Business and Rural DevelopmentGOBCH30
MBA Agri-Business and Rural DevelopmentGSCH35
MBA Agri-Business and Rural DevelopmentGSTH37
MBA Agri-Business and Rural DevelopmentGNT1H40
MBA Agri-Business and Rural DevelopmentGNT2H40
MBA Agri-Business and Rural DevelopmentGNT3H41
MBA Agri-Business and Rural DevelopmentAI42
MBA Family Business ManagementGeneral43
MBA Family Business ManagementGOPENO AI27
MBA Family Business ManagementGOBCH30
MBA Family Business ManagementGSCH35
MBA Family Business ManagementGSTH37
MBA Family Business ManagementGNT1H40
MBA Family Business ManagementGNT2H40
MBA Family Business ManagementGNT3H41
MBA Family Business ManagementAI42
MBA Supply Chain ManagementGeneral43
MBA Supply Chain ManagementGOPENO AI27
MBA Supply Chain ManagementGOBCH30
MBA Supply Chain ManagementGSCH35
MBA Supply Chain ManagementGSTH37
MBA Supply Chain ManagementGNT1H40
MBA Supply Chain ManagementGNT2H40
MBA Supply Chain ManagementGNT3H41
MBA Supply Chain ManagementAI42

Note: AI - All India Rank , HS - Home State Rank , OS - Other State Rank ,OR - Opening Rank, CR - Closing Rank



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Prof. Umesh SuryavanshiProfessor, Department of Financial Management
Prof. Sadik B. ShaikhProfessor, Department of Marketing Management
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