National Academy of Agricultural Sciences [NAAS] was established in year 1990 and situated in city New Delhi, state of Delhi. The Academy focuses on the broad field of agricultural sciences including crop husbandry, animal husbandry, fisheries, agro-forestry and interface between agriculture and agro-industry. The role of academy is to provide a forum to Agricultural Scientists to deliberate on important issues of agricultural research, education and extension and present views of the scientific community as policy inputs to planners, decision/opinion makers at various levels.

The main objective of academy is to promote ecologically sustainable agriculture, recognize and promote excellence of individual scientists in the field of agriculture and promote interaction among research workers in different institutions and organizations within the country and with the world scientific community. The Academy has all necessary facilities like Lecture Hall, Committee Room, Dining Hall and library. The Academy has instituted the awards like Memorial Awards, Recognition Awards, Young Scientists Awards, Endowment Awards and Dr. A.B. Joshi Memorial Lecture Award to recognize scientists for excellence in research in Agricultural and Allied Sciences including Environment and Nutrition.