Sugarcane Breeding Institute, Coimbatore is one of the leading Sugarcane research organizations in the world with the key objective of evolving advanced varieties of sugarcane appropriate for different agro climatic zones of India. The mandate of SBI is to perform inheritance studies in the sugarcane varietal cross, aboitic and biotic stresses and sugar yield components in the sub tropical climatic condition, to evaluate the sugarcane germplasm under the sub tropical condition and discover potential donors and to produce breeder seeds of few elite sugarcane varieties to supply to farmers and sugarcane mills. The main aim of this institute is to conduct research related to every aspect of sugarcane varietal development.
Facts and Figures of Sugarcane Breeding Institute
Establishment Year
Type of College
Total Faculty Members
90 Scientists, 42 Administrative personnel, 81 Technical, and 113 Supporting Employees
How to Reach
Nearest Railway Station
8 Km from Coimbatore Railway Junction
Nearest Airport
13 Km from Coimbatore Airport
Why to Join Sugarcane Breeding Institute?
Largest Sugarcane Germplasm Collection: Sugarcane Breeding Institute functions as one of the two repositories of sugarcane germplasm in the world. This institute is the repository of largest sugarcane germplasm collection in the world, used continuously for enlargement of genetic base of potential sugarcane varieties as well as improvement of productivity.
Regular Trainings are Conducted: The Sugarcane Breeding Institute also conducts an International Training Course about Genetic Improvement of Sugarcane to be used as Food, Fiber and Fuel.
Developed 2700 Co Selections: The Institute has developed 2700 Co Selections so far and also sent them for assessment at diverse Sugarcane Research Stations including different agro climate areas of the country.