Academy of Carver Aviation Pvt Ltd, aims at producing professionals not only with strong leadership skills and commanding character but also a skill of academic application in the field of aviation managements. It offers various flight programs for different needs of different students. Their vision is to supplement the aviation industry with excellent Pilots and competent Aircraft Maintenance Engineers. They think that the pilots play a vital role in the society. They are required to be capable of handling all the responsibilities. Most of all, they should be able to set themselves apart from others using a unique set of skills and talents. This academy helps them nurture this very aspect of their lives. The academy boasts a strong alumni base placed in some of the best airlines of the country.

Facts and Figures of Academy of Carver Aviation Pvt Ltd:

Establishment Year







ISO 9001:2008


Pune University

Why to Join Academy of Carver Aviation Pvt Ltd?

  • Campus: The Academy has a spacious campus spread across 3,89,000 sqft. They also have 11 aircrafts, which they claim to be the largest fleet in the country. Along with the approval of DGCA, they also have the permission to use the Baramati airstrip.
  • Faculty: It has a prestigious and well-educated team of faculty and Pilot instructors. They ensure academic excellence of the students while in the University as well as when they graduate. They also make sure that the students become competent enough to survive in the aviation industry as soon as possible.
  • Extracurricular: The Academy encourages a rich culture of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities for the students. This helps them remain calm and stress-free during the course, along with promoting fitness.