The Ahmedabad Aviation & Aeronautical Limited (AAA), Ahemdabad was established in 1994 is a Director General of Civil Aviation (DGCA); Government of India. It is a self-financed institute. Vision institute of fashion designing is only institute where grooming designers can turn their dreams into realistic career by learning trend of international scenario. The college offers Diploma course in Fashion Designing.

The complete ground class coaching for student pilots is part of the curriculum. AAA has over 95 students on roll. AAA is considered one of the best flying schools in India. AAA has excellent team of engineers who provide 100% serviceability at all times. AAA was the first flying academy in India to import state of the art Elite-i Gate full projection Flight Navigation Procedure Trainer.

Why to Join AAA?

Academic Facilities: The College has well equipped Classrooms with audio-visual training, Library, which is well stocked with Aviation Books, Magazines and Videos and Crew Briefing room.

Placement Record: Over 150 of AAA students are flying for various airlines and in General Aviation sector.