Originated in Mumbai, Ambitions is an Aviation Academy is that is engaged in the training of the pilots. Its Air Field is located in Aligarh district of U.P., being the first organization under Public Private Partnership Scheme of composite flying and the ground training classes by the Uttar Pradesh Government. The academy provides various courses in the field of pilot training. With its well experienced and renowned team of faculties and management, it is capable of providing the top quality of industry related training to the aspiring pilots. The academy is approved by the Civil Aviation Ministry (DGCA) and is the only airport closest to Delhi without any control of the Airport Authority of India.

Facts & Figures:

Approval under

Category C to maintain the base station and aircrafts

Runway Length

3900 ft

No. of aircrafts

5 aircrafts (including 1 Multi-Engine Cessna 310 ,  2 - Cessna 152 , 1 - Cessna 172R and 1- Cessna 172 SP)

Licenses issued

SPL (Student Pilot License)

PPL (Private Pilot License)

CPL (Commercial Pilot License)

Why to join Ambitions Aviation Academy?

1. Well-equipped aircrafts:Latest and the most modern aircrafts like Cessna 172 R are being installed at the field to enable easy and quick understanding of the latest instruments to the students involved. Features like the semi glass cockpit, double axis automation, GPS and MFD is also incorporated in the aircraft. Students are ensured a better understanding of the modern day

2. Technologically sound safety standards: Equipped with the 7000 sq. ft. of the Maintenance Hanger and the Taxi bay, the academy has its own department of Air Traffic Control and radio frequency the two way communication giving an upgrade to the required safety standards. A culture of safety and quality maintenance is inculcated into the academy.

3. Expert Flight Instructors: Pilots with reasonable experience of flying as well as the training in the same field are only employed to train at the academy.

4. Best in class Administration & Facilities: Properly furnished class rooms with the modern projects and internet enabled computers are used to give ground training. Luxurious hostel facilities, cafeteria, library and indoor recreation are some of the other facilities available at the institute.