Sharavathi Education Trust offers a course that is the most comprehensive in the area of dentistry. SDC is a lavish landscape owned wholly by the Sharavathi Education Trust, situated on an independent campus with the infrastructure befitting a recent and engrained academic cum medical organization. The Institute is resolute to a vision that it will endeavor to preserve an admirable reputation for the highest quality of imparting education, welcome students of the highest adeptness to learn, offering inspiration and support to all the staff who work with them. SDC continues the tradition of maintaining an unswerving commitment to medical excellence and wisdom. It is a fully functional outpatient hospital where patients are operated at subsidized costs. Taking into the prior considerable the fact that one’s intellectual development solely is the decisive sublimity of acquaintance Sharavathi Dental College Library devotes a breathing space for spiritual education. SDC is established with a full-fledged hospital for providing a satisfactory Dental health service for rural people of the society.

Facts and Figures of Sharavathi Dental College and Hospital, Shimoga, Karnataka

Year of establishment 


Affiliated with

R.G.U.H.S. and IDA

Why to Join Sharavathi Dental College and Hospital, Shimoga, Karnataka?

  • Central Library: The library presents an abundant variety of assets that can aid students and faculty attains a high altitude of achievement. The Digital Library facility is also available to render quality service and an impeccable collection of resources. They have a rich assortment of more than 5000 textbooks and maintained with ten national and 29 international journals.
  • Laboratories: Contemporary, well-equipped, high-tech clinical laboratory facilities are equipped with various modern techniques for dental surgeries such as endodontics, cryosurgery, ultrasonic scalars, etc. as well as several other recent paraphernalia in each dental specialty. Labs also provided with 100 dental workstations for pre-clinical training simulating dental treatment and to gain technical skills in dentistry.