Cordia College, Snghol inaugurated by Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam, Formal President of India. It was established in 2001 that members of the Sanghol Panchayat and other eminent persons of the area met Lord Daljit Rana, an NRI settled in Northern Ireland, U.K. while he was on a visit to India. It is affiliated with Punjabi University, Punjab. The college has a multi faculty co-educational institution. Beside arts course, the college is putting lots of impact force on computer education and management courses. The college  has started these type of courses for helping students in getting suitable employment opportunities.

  • To provide the good education resources to the rural area students
  • To allow student to develop computer and technology skill in order to complete in dynamic and technological society.



The institutions have hi tech digital libraries which are more like integrated Knowledge Resource Centers that are stocked with ample number of books, periodicals, references, national and international journals, CD-ROMs covering all aspects of academic studies and research material & is equipped with multi-media sections with latest software.

Computer Lab:

The College have a fully Air-conditioned computer centers which are equipped with latest Pentiun or equivalent computers, high speed networking equipment and all required software or hardware so as impact knowledge in hi-tech environment. The institution provide a internet lab with high speed up to 2 mbps and wi-fi facility is also available.

Extracurricular Activities

The extracurricular activities are organize, manage & appreciate by the students for

NSS: The College has a unit of NSS who active in rural areas organize a campaign like blood donation camp, plantation of trees, distribute free medicine etc.