Hindu College of Pharmacy located in Guntur, Andhra Pradesh was established in the year 1999 under the leadership of Dr. Murthy. The vision of the college is to help the students gain appropriate knowledge of their fields through scientific and modern methodologies. It has been the continuous and generous effort of the entire institution to impart fruitful training and knowledge relating to Pharmacy, and its research. The Hindu College of Pharmacy believes in serving the society and thus helps students from the backward classes to achieve academic qualification and excellence. The mission of the institution is to develop individuals who excel in their work fields along with having a responsible attitude towards the society.

Facts and Figures:

Foundation Year



Acharya Nagarjuna University






ISO 9001 – 2000

Campus Area

3 acre


30 (teaching), 4 (part time)


1573 titles, 7110 volumes, 32 application software, 31 international journals, 37 national journals, 8 e-journals and 15 periodicals / magazines.


Available for Girls.

Why to join The Hindu College of Pharmacy?

1. Commendable Achievements and Activities:

The college has been successful in organizing 'Pharma Expo- 2010' a five-day event held at the National Level. The institution held a Seminar on 'Role of Pharmacy and Research' at the National Level in association with the Acharya Nagarjuna University.

2. Guest Lectures and Seminars:

The institution actively conducts seminars and invites researchers and doctors to conduct lectures on Pharmacy. These seminars and workshops enable the students to gain more insight into the subjects and through practical workshops they can learn more professionally and understand better.

3. Successful Placements and Training Programs:

The Hindu College of Pharmacy conducts successful on campus placement programs during which reputed companies like Cipla, Apollo Pharmacy, Med Plus, Pharmex India and many more. Around 400 students were successfully recruited during the program.