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    University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign vs University of Michigan

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    Overview Comparison
    University of Illinois - Urbana ChampaignUniversity of Michigan
    collegedunia score6 Out of 107.5 Out of 10
    ranking (overall)# 22 Center for World University Rankings 2021
    # 47 Times Higher Education 2021
    # 48 Times Higher Education 2021
    # 9 Times Higher Education 2021
    # 16 Center for World University Rankings 2021
    # 17 US News 2021
    subject strength# 20 for Computer Science by Times Higher Education 2021
    # 23 for Engineering by Times Higher Education 2021
    # 23 for Technology by Times Higher Education 2021
    # 9 for Education by Times Higher Education 2021
    # 9 for Psychology by Times Higher Education 2021
    # 16 for International Business by Times Higher Education 2021
    programsUG Programs -163
    PG Programs -102
    Doctorate Programs -9
    UG Programs -22
    PG Programs -73
    Doctorate Programs -33
    acceptance rate61.5 %22.0 %
    exam scoreIELTS - 7
    TOEFL - 106
    SAT - 1420
    ACT - 29
    GMAT - 710
    TOEFL - 110
    IELTS - 8
    SAT - 1415
    ACT - 32
    cost to studyAverage Tuition Fees   43996
    [For UG Program]
    Average Tuition Fees   27323.63
    [For PG Program]
    Hostel + Meal - 11308 Per Year
    Average Tuition Fees   49350
    [For UG Program]
    Average Tuition Fees   21389
    [For PG Program]
    Hostel + Meal - 22396 Per Year
    placement (average package)

    89% of graduates were employed or were working within 6 months of graduation. 5,700+ companies visited for campus recruitment. UIUC graduates have an average annual salary of about 77,000 USD annually. Top paid programs include Doctorate (125,000 USD); MBA (100,000 USD); Bachelor of Science (81,000 USD); Master (80,000 USD), etc.

    Average salary is 79,000 USD per annum. Annual ROI is 9.5%. Popular employers are Ford Motor, General Motors, Quicken Loans, Amazon, etc. 

    application requirements

    4 years of English and 3 to 3.5 years of Maths at high school level is required for UG admission; 300 to 400 words answer to Essay questions given by university; minimum 55% in bachelors for graduate admission

    High School score/grade should be equivalent to 2.7 GPA. Indian student's transcripts must be sent by the Controller of the examinations. Fulfill other country-specific requirements.

    campuses and b schoolsNARoss School of Business
    collegedunia reviews8.0/10 Read 15 reviews8.5/10 Read 21 reviews
    General Facts Comparison
    General FactsUniversity of Illinois - Urbana ChampaignUniversity of Michigan
    type of universityUniversity
    Student:Faculty Ratio23:1
    Male:Female53.9% Male, 46% Female50% Male, 50% Female
    location facts

    UIUC is located a few hours from Chicago, Indianapolis and St. Louis in east-central Illinois in the twin cities of Champaign and Urbana.

    Michigan is considered one of the top 10 best craft beer states of the USA. It has the fourth highest per capita GDP growth rate of 2.5%. Manufactiring sector is the highest contributor. 


    UIUC Library is one of the largest public university collections with over 24 million resources. Consists of 14 million volumes in 37 unit libraries. 53,000,000 people visit the online catalog every year.

    Considered as one of the top 10 academic research libraries in North America; Over 14,283,067 volumes and 291,791 serials

    campus life

    Campus facilities include multipurpose State Farm Center (16,500 seats); Memorial Stadium (70,000 seats), site of Big Ten Conference football games; the Activities & Recreation Center (ARC), Krannert Center for the Performing Arts, Krannert Art Museum & Kinkead Pavilion, Spurlock Museum, 4 theatres, 24 residence halls, etc.

    Counselling & Psychological Services; International Centre; Office of Student Conflict Resolution; Office of Student Conflict Resolution; Services for Students with Disabilities; Student Legal Services; Campus Infoormation Centers

    hostel#On campus - $11308
    #On campus - $11198
    #Off campus (not with family) - $11198
    famous alumni

    One of the largest alumni networks in the USA with 470,000+ alumni. 30 Nobel laureates, 2 Turing Award winners, 1 Fields medalist, 29 Pulitzer Prizes.

    John Bardeen (Nobel laureate);

    Jawed Karim and Steve Chen (Co-founders of YouTube);

    Jack Welch (former CEO of General Electric);

    Sushanth (Indian actor)

    Over 36 Pulitzer Prize winners and 8 Nobel laureates; Larry Page (Google Co-founder), Gerald Ford (late US President), Arther Miller (playwright), Theodore Roethke (poet), Martha Minow (former Dean of Harvard Law School)

    city life

    Illinois is located at the industrial belt and fertile agriculture land of USA; its economy is supported by manufacturing, agriculture, mining, transportation, and tourism sector; unemployment rate was 4.2% in March 2020; major attractions are Art Institute of Chicago, Museum of Science and Industry, and Field Museum of National History

    The Great Lakes State is one of the top cities to live in. It shares its border with Canada and has four out five Great Lakes. The high student population offers high cultural diversity. It is one of the cheapest midwestern states to live in. It has a food dominated nightlife with few night clubs and music locations. It has a growing tech startup community. The unemployment rate is 4.6 (2020).