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BA in Economics or Bachelor of Arts in Economics is a 3 years Undergraduate degree course, pursued by students who aspire to make it big in Banking and Finance and other major corporate industries. The scope of studying Economics has witnessed a massive surge through the last decade, for the innumerable opportunities it offers. Primarily students pursue economics for the lucrative job placements with salaries starting from 4 LPA which with gradual experience and exposure goes up till 30 - 35 LPA.

Some of the top colleges offering BA in Economics courses include indian Statistical Institute, Jawaharlal Nehru University, Jadavpur University etc. Admissions to BA in Economics are done both on the basis of merit and on the basis of entrance exams as well. Some of the common entrance exams are JNUEE, DUET, JMI EEE etc.

The average course fees for pursuing BA in Economics ranges from INR 15,000 - 65,000. Post completion of BA in Economics courses, students can choose to pursue MA in Economics, PhD in Economics or MBA. Post completing BA in Economics courses students gets placed in various job sectors such as Indian Economic Services, Banking and Finance sectors, Private and Foreign Banks etc.

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2.1 What is BA in Economics

2.2 Why study BA in Economics

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3.1 BA in Economics Admission 2021

3.1.1 BA in Economics Admission Important Dates

3.2 BA in Economics Eligibility

3.3 BA in Economics Entrance Exams

3.3.1 BA in Economics Entrance Exam Dates

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5.1 BA in Economics Colleges in Delhi

5.2 BA in Economics Colleges in Mumbai

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5.4 BA in Economics Colleges in Chennai

5.5 BA in Economics Colleges in Kolkata

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BA in Economics Course Highlights

Name of the Course Bachelor of Arts in Economics
Course Level Undergraduate
Course Duration 3 years
Course Mode Regular / Full time
Course Eligibility Criteria Class 12th Board exams with 50% aggregate marks
Course Admission Process Merit Based / Entrance Exams
Average Course Fees (INR) 45,000
Average Salary (INR) 3 - 4.5 LPA
Areas of Employment Government / Private Banks, Finance & Banking Sectors, Trade Markets

All About BA in Economics

BA in Economics is an undergraduate degree course, with core subjects such as Macro and Micro Economics, Financial Economics, Economic Statistics etc. There are a list of top colleges who offer BA in Economics, such as Loyola College, St. Xavier’s College, Christ University, Presidency College etc.

What is BA in Economics?

BA in Economics deals with the study of various economic theories, econometrics, applied economics and various other topics. BA in Economics courses duration are for 3 years and can be pursued by students after completion of class 12th board exams. BA in Economics courses are widely taught in all colleges and universities across the country. 

Why Study BA in Economics?

There are several factors, as to why should you take up BA in Economics, some of the key points are mentioned below for your reference,

  • Versatile Career Options: An economics degree allows you to pursue jobs in various industries and dimensions. It opens the door to a broad range of roles. An economist has the opportunity of working in industries such as business, government sectors, academics as well as private industrial settings.
  • Strong Foundational Knowledge: Owing to the versatility and wide range of areas an economics degree covers, it can prove to be the foundation for many highly reputed jobs. The economics syllabus helps you get an in-depth understanding of finance, markets and resource management.
  • Challenges: The subject of economics will require you to pursue thought provoking activities in your coursework and push you to employ critical thinking skills. During the course you will face a lot of challenges that will enhance your understanding of world economics and how it influences many global aspects of business.

BA in Economics Admission Process

Admissions to BA in Economics are done both on the basis of merit and on the basis of entrance exams. The entrance exam questions are generally MCQ based but there might be subjective questions as well depending on the syllabus as well as on the college entrance exam pattern.

BA in Economics Admission 2021

  • Registrations for admissions to BA in Economics courses in IGNOU for the July session is open till May 2021
  • The last date for registering for BA in Economics courses at Lady Shri Ram College for Women is till the 2nd week of June 2021
  • Some of the top entrance exams conducted for admissions to BA in Economics courses are JNUEE, DUET, JMI EEE, Mumbai University Entrance Test etc.
  • The application fees for BA in Economics courses ranges from INR 750 - 1,500
  • The average course fees for BA in Economics ranges between INR 15,000 - 65,000

BA in Economics Admission Important Dates

College Name Last Date to Apply Selection Process
Lady Shri Ram College for Women, Delhi 2nd week of June, 2021 Merit Based
Loyola College, Chennai April 2021 Merit Based
St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai June 23, 2021 Merit Based
Christ University, Bangalore 1st week of April, 2021 (Closed) Merit Based
Miranda House, Delhi 1st week of June Merit Based

BA in Economics Eligibility

Students who wish to pursue BA in Economics courses should fulfil the following eligibility criteria in order to get through colleges offering BA in Economics courses,

  • Students should clear class 12th board exams with minimum 50% aggregate marks or equivalent CGPA
  • They should clear their class 12th board exams from a recognized board

BA in Economics Entrance Exams

Students who wish to pursue BA in Economics should clear the stipulated entrance exams for the course. Admissions to certain colleges are done on the basis of entrance exams followed by an interview round.

Exams like JNUEE, DUET, Jadavpur University Entrance Exams, JMI EEE etc are the list of various entrance exams conducted by colleges to enroll students for BA in Economics courses.

BA in Economics Entrance Exam Dates

Entrance Exams Registration Dates Exam Dates
JNUEE May 2021 June 2021
DUET 3rd week of June 2021 July 2021
JMI EEE June 30, 2021 July 26 - August 28, 2021

BA in Economics Syllabus

BA in Economics syllabus covers a vast range of topics starting from Financial Systems, History of Economics to Financial Markets and Foreign Economics Theory. Below mentioned table will discuss the topics that are covered in the 3 years course duration

1st Year

Micro and Macro Economics Mathematical Methods of Economics Economic Statistics
Language Subjects Economic Theory Financial Systems

2nd Year

History of Economics  Development of Economics in India Macro & Micro Economics - Intermediate
Econometrics Economy and Society Elective Subjects

3rd Year

Economic Development of India Economics of the Society Financial Markets
Development Theory Foreign Economics Theory Financial Economics

BA in Economics Subjects

Semester I

Semester II

Evolution and definition of Economics

Economies of Scale
Nature & Scope of Economics Different Concepts of Costs Explicit & Implicit
Methods of Economics Analysis Accounting, Opportunity, Total fixed and Variable Costs
Inductive & Deductive Logic, Merit and Demerits. Marginal & Average Costs & their relationship
Utility Demand, Supply Concept of Revenue
Commodities and their types Total, Marginal & Average Revenue
Value and Price Break Even Point
Market Concept and Classification
Administered and Non- Administered Prices Perfect Competition Characteristics
Demand- Supply equilibrium. Price and Output Determination for Firm and Industry
Cardinal (Marshal) and Ordinal Utility Market Equilibrium
Approaches to Demand Characteristics and Price- Output Determination
Indifference Curve: Consumer equilibrium (Hichs & Slutsky) Price Discrimination
Price, Income and Substitution effects Monopolistic Competition
Derivation of Demand Curve. Characteristics Price- Output Determination
Elasticity of Demand Factor Pricing
Price, Income and Cross elasticity Theory of Marginal Productivity of Distribution
Consumer Surplus and its measurement. Concept of Adding up Theorem
Factors of Production and their Characteristics Theories of Wages and Rent: Classical and Modern.
Laws of Production Interest: Concept, Classical and Keynesian Theories of Interest
Returns to Factor and Return to Scale Profit: Net and Gross
Law of Variable Proportion Theories of Profit.
Isoquants Nature and their Characteristics -
Producers equilibrium -

Semester III

Semester IV

Structure of Indian Economy - Primary, Secondary & Tertiary Sectors

Infrastructure of Indian Economy
Natural Resources, Land, Water, Forest Irrigation, Power, Transport, Communication
Mineral Resources. Banking and Insurance.
Demographic Features Human Infrastructure of Indian Economy
Population, Size, Sex, Rural-Urban Classification Health, Nutrition, Education, Knowledge and Skills
Population Distribution Housing and Sanitation.
Recent National Population Policy. Planning in India- Objectives, Types, Strategy
Agriculture: Nature and Importance Analysis of Current Five- Year Plan.
Land Use Pattern Economy- Land, land Utilization Pattern
Trends in Agriculture Production and Productivity Natural Resources- Forest, Water & Mineral
Cropping Pattern. Agro-Climatic Zones
Land Reforms: Green Revolution Demographic Features of M.P.
Rural Credit Agricultural Situation in Economy
Agricultural Marketing Cropping Pattern
Mechanization Production and Productivity of Main Corps,
Small Scale and Cottage Industries- Meaning, Importance and Problems Sources of Credit in Agriculture, Irrigation
Major Industries in India: Iron and Steel, Textile, Sugar, Cement, Automobiles -

Semester V

Semester VI

Macro Variables- Stock and Flow

Public Finance and Public Economics
Circular Flow of income Public, Private and Merits Goods
Concept of National Income- GDP, GNP Market and State- Role and Functions
Measurement of National Income and Social Accounting in India Principle of Maximum Social Advantage
National Income and Economic Welfare Sources of Revenue- Taxes, Loans, Grants and Aids
Classical Theory of Employment Canons of Taxation
Keynesian Theory of Employment Principles of Public Expenditure
Aggregate Demand and Supply Functions Principles of Public Debt and Methods of Redaction
Effective Demand Wagener’s Law- Increasing Activities
Consumption Function Effects of Public Expenditure on Production and Distribution.
Factors Affecting Consumption Public Finance in India
Average and Marginal propensities to consume Concept and Types of Budget
Simple Investment Fiscal Deficit
Saving Function & Sources of Saving Mobilization Deficit Financing and Deficit Budget.
Investment Function Constitution and Function of Finance Commission
Marginal Efficiency of Capital Recommendation of Latest Finance Commission
Factors Affecting Capital Formation Latest Budget
Concept of Accelerator. The stock of Money and its Measures


Cash Transaction and Cash Balance Approaches.

- Inflation, Deflation, and Recession
- Demand-Pull and Cost-Push Inflation
- Bank- Meaning and Types
- Objectives and Limitations of Monetary Policy.

BA in Economics Colleges in India

India is home to a total number of 3027 economics colleges, out of which few are private colleges and few are government colleges. Some of the top colleges in India offering BA in Economics courses are Lady Shri Ram College Delhi, Presidency College Chennai, Chandigarh University etc. 

Below mentioned table will discuss the top colleges that are spread across 5 cities in India

BA in Economics Colleges in Delhi

Some of the top colleges in Delhi offering BA in Economics courses are tabulated below

Name of the Colleges Average Fees (INR)
Lady Shri Ram College for Women 15,870
Miranda House 14,160
Hindu College 17,560
Hansraj College 20,945
GD Goenka University 2,10,000

BA in Economics Colleges in Mumbai

The top colleges in Mumbai offering BA in Economics courses are tabulated below,

BA in Economics Colleges in Bangalore

The list of top colleges offering BA in Economics in Bangalore are as follows,

Name of the Colleges Average Fees (INR)
Christ University 50,000
Kristu Jayanti College 50,000
Jyoti Nivas College 20,492
NMKRV College for Women 2,40,000
St. Joseph’s College 28,800

BA in Economics Colleges in Chennai

The list of top colleges in Chennai offering BA in Economics courses are as follows,

Name of the Colleges Average Fees (INR)
Loyola College 11,400
Presidency College 1,250
Guru Nanak College 9,500
Ethiraj College for Women 9,456
Queen Mary’s College 1,512

BA in Economics Colleges in Kolkata

The top colleges in Kolkata offering BA in Economics courses are as follows,

Name of the Colleges Average Fees (INR)
Jadavpur University 2,400
Loreto College 21,940
Shivnath Sastri College 7,720
Shri Shikshayatan College 35,360
Vidyasagar College 4,195

BA in Economics Distance Colleges in India

Apart from all the regular full time courses that are available for BA in Economics, there are also distance courses available for the course. Distance education for BA in Economics courses can be pursued by students who cannot attend regular classes or colleges due to any constraints. 

Below mentioned are few of the details one should be aware of before applying for any BA in Economics Distance courses,

  • The minimum eligibility criteria required for pursuing BA in Economics courses is,students have to clear their class 12th board exam in any stream from any recognised University
  • The average fees for pursuing BA in Economics distance courses ranges from INR 6000 - 20,000
  • Some of the top colleges offering BA in economics Distance courses are IGNOU, Rabindrabharati University, Netaji Subhas Open University etc.

Below mentioned table will discuss the top colleges offering BA in Economics Distance courses,

What after BA in Economics Courses?

Post completing BA in Economics students can opt for further studies such as MA in Economics and PhD in Economics. The eligibility criteria for both the courses are different in terms of their level and course structure. 

Below discussed is the prerequisites for both MA in Economics and PhD in Economics,

Courses after BA in Economics

The first course that we will discuss and which can be pursued right after completing BA in Economics is MA in Economics. 

MA in economics

The basic requirements for pursuing MA in Economics are listed below for your reference,

  • The eligibility for for pursuing MA in Economics is, students have to clear their graduation or BA in Economics courses from a recognised university with minimum 50% aggregate marks or equivalent CGPA
  • Admissions to MA in Economics are generally done on the basis of both entrance exams conducted by various Universities as well as on the basis of merit
  • The average course fees for pursuing MA in Economics ranges between INR 10,000 - 60,000
  • The average placements after completing MA in Economics ranges from INR 3 - 7 LPA 

Some of the top colleges offering MA in economics courses are tabulated below for your reference,

Name of the Colleges Average Fees (INR)
Lady Shri Ram College for Women, Delhi 17,796
Loyola College, Chennai 10,200
Miranda House, Delhi 19,030
Fergusson College, Pune 9,680

PhD in Economics

Students can opt for research studies or PhD in Economics courses after completing their Bachelor degree as well as Post Graduation degree. Some of the important prerequisites for pursuing PhD in Economics are mentioned below,

  • The minimum eligibility for pursuing PhD in Economics courses is students have to clear their Post Graduation of Masters in Economics from a recognised university with minimum 50% - 55% aggregate marks or equivalent CGPA
  • The admission to PhD in Economics courses are done on the basis of Entrance exams such as UGC NET, GATE, GRE etc
  • The average course fees for pursuing PhD in Economics ranges from INR 80,000 - 6,00,000 whose duration ranges from 3 - 5 years

Some of the top Universities offering PhD in economics are tabulated below for your reference,

BA in Economics Jobs

After completing BA in Economics courses students are offered jobs in various financial sectors such as Banks, Trade Markets and other Government and private sectors. The average salary of a BA in Economics graduate ranges from INR 3 - 5 LPA.

Top Recruiters

BA in Economics is one of the most sought after courses and it promises lucrative job offers by top global corporations, post it’s completion. Some of the top recruiters for BA in Economics courses are tabulated below,

Berkshire Hathaway Allianz AXA
JP Morgan Chase ICBC Bank of America
Wells Fargo HSBC Citigroup

Top Job Profiles

The most interesting part of pursuing a BA in Economics course are the job profiles that come along with it. Some of the job profiles offered post completing the course are tabulated below for your reference 

Job Profiles Job Description
Investment Banker Investment Bankers are financial advisors to big corporations and in certain cases work as government advisors as well. They help their clients raise money. They are responsible for issuing stock, floating of a bond, negotiating the acquisition of a rival company etc.
Financial Analyst A Financial Analyst is responsible for gathering information, assemble spreadsheets and write reports and review on all non-legal pertinent information about prospective deals
Stock Broker A Stock broker is a professional trader who buys and sells shares on behalf of clients. A stock broker is also known as a registered representative or an investment advisor
AuditorI An Auditor is responsible for reviewing accounts of companies and organizations to ensure the validity and legality of their financial records

BA in Economics Salary

The average salary post completing a BA in Economics courses ranges from 3.5 - 5 LPA, however there might be cases where salaries can vary depending on the position and the job roles. 

Below mentioned are few of the job profiles along with their average salary for an BA in Economics graduate 

Job Profiles Average Salary (INR)
Investment Banker 6 - 8 LPA
Financial Analyst 5.5 - 9 LPA
Stock Broker 6 - 9 LPA
Auditor 4 - 8 LPA
Systems Analyst 4 - 6 LPA

BA in Economics FAQs

Ques. Is a BA in economics good?

Ans. An economics degree is a good foundation to build on for any finance-related career. An economics graduate's typical career path is in data analysis, such as as an actuary or an investment analyst. Further study is recommended for those who want a job directly related to economics.

Ques. What are the subjects in BA economics?

Ans. The Bachelor of Economics, also known as the BA Economics, is a three-year undergraduate degree that focuses on both qualitative and quantitative aspects of economics. Microeconomics and macroeconomics, econometrics, statistics, economic history, political economy, and other courses are available.

Ques. What jobs can you get with a BA in economics?

Ans.Economist is a common career path for economics graduates.

  • Analyst of financial risks.
  • Analyst of data.
  • Financial advisor.
  • Accountant is a professional in the field of accounting.
  • Economic analyst.
  • Financial advisor.
  • Analyst of investments.

Ques. Which is better BCOM or BA economics 

Ans. When deciding between B.Com and B.A. Economics, make sure to choose the one that best suits your interests. Students interested in banking and business should pursue a B.Com degree, whereas those interested in demand and supply and the behaviour of goods should pursue a B.A. in Economics.

Ques. Do economists make good money? 

Ans. According to the BLS, the national average annual wage for an economist is $116,020, which is more than double the average annual wage for all occupations, which is $51,960. The average economist salary, however, varies greatly depending on where you live.

Ques. Are economists in demand?

Ans. Economist employment is expected to grow 14 percent between 2019 and 2029, much faster than the average for all occupations. The growing complexity of the global economy, as well as a more competitive business environment, are expected to boost demand for economists.

Ques. What skills do you need to be an economist?

Ans. Economists should also have the following characteristics:

Analytical abilities Economists must be able to analyse data, identify patterns, and reach logical conclusions, Communication abilities, Critical-thinking abilities, Attention to detail,Math abilities,Writing abilities.

Ques. Can I do CA with BA economics?

Ans. Yes, it is possible to pursue a BA in economics (hons) alongside a CA because the CA is a professional course that allows you to pursue another course at the same time. Accounting, auditing, taxation, costing, law, and other subjects are covered in both courses.

Ques. Can a CA become an Economist? 

Ans.CAs are the nation's auditors, and they are much more than economists. As a result, a mathematician, cost accountant, engineer, or even a doctor can be an economist. If Vishwamitra can become a Brahmin from a Khatriya, then anyone can be an Economist. However, the main impediment is that most CAs are conceited about their qualifications.

Ques. Is economics a tough subject? 

Ans. Despite the fact that economics is a social science, it can be as difficult and demanding as any of the more difficult academic subjects, such as math, chemistry, and so on. To do well in economics, you must devote time, effort, and develop good study habits.

Bachelor of Arts [BA] (Economics) : 7 answered questions


Ques. How is the BA economics course at St. Xavier's University, Kolkata? What is the cutt-off for candidates who took commerce stream in 12? Is Mathematics subject compulsory for admissions?

● Top Answer By Rishabh Chandel on 09 Jun 21

Ans. If you are considering pursuing a degree in Economics, it is recommended that you do not prioritize Xavier's Kolkata.  You'd be better off starting at one of the top ten colleges in Delhi or one of the top five in Mumbai.  Kolkata lacks the atmosphere and opportunities that economics graduates require both during and after graduation. In contrast, Delhi has a great environment (coaching and guidance for higher studies in eco) and opportunities (training and internships) for eco graduates.  The Finance Industry in Mumbai will be very helpful (and much needed) in obtaining internships, part-time jobs, or any other type of practical training.  Calcutta is devoid of all of these. Also, Mathematics is mandatory in order to be admitted to B.A. (Eco) at St. Xavier's Kolkata. If you are not applying through any quotas (such as Christian, SC/ST, or from schools affiliated with Xavier's), you will need at least 96 percent in class 12th. Despite the fact that it appears in subsequent lists, it goes down by 1%–2%.Read more
1 Answer

Ques. Should I do a BBE from Delhi University or bachelors in economics from Delhi School of Economics?

● Top Answer By Paromita Chatterjee on 21 Jan 21

Ans. The point which needs to be addressed at first is that Delhi School of Economics doesn't provide any BA Economics course as of now. Though, many of the other colleges under Delhi University offer this course. The admission procedure starts with the evaluation of the performance in 12th standard boards. Both BA Economics and Bachelors in Business Economics (BBE) indeed provide great career opportunities. Though, few factors need to be considered before making a choice. Here are some of the factors mentioned below. Firstly, the question arises in the mind is about the enjoyment one gets while practicing maths. If the answer is no, then it is highly recommended to go for BBE as BA Economics includes a lot of maths. Secondly, it is regarding the interest in learning about the working of economy or functioning of a business. Students keen to learn about the working of economy should opt for BA Economics while students interested to know about the functioning of business may opt for BBE. Then it is about the future aspirations. If you are interested in research, teaching, and academics then opt for BA Economics. Though, both BBE and BA Economics are suitable options for those who are heading towards the corporate sector. Finally it is your decision to shape the future. You need to be certain about your future goals. If you are opting to pursue MBA, you can go for any of the two courses available. Though, students who are willing to pursue MA in economics, should definitely pursue BA Economics without any doubts.Read more
1 Answer

Ques. Which is better for a BA in economics, Shaheed Bhagat Singh, DCAC or Symbiosis School of Economics?

● Top Answer By Deepika Kunwar on 07 Oct 20

Ans. Shaheed Bhagat Singh and DCAC offer a BA in Economics. Whereas, Symbiosis School of Economics offers a BSc (Hons.) in Economics. SBSC is ranked 151 out of 200 top colleges in India by NIRF. DCAC is ranked 31 out of 120 in Arts by India Today. NIRF has ranked SSE in the 20th position in India.  Admission:  All the colleges take admission based on merit however, the major difference lies between their cut-offs, which vary every year. For the year 2019, the cut off for Shaheed Bhagat Singh and DCAC went as high as 96% for BA Economics.  Institute SBSC DCAC SSE Course Fee 20,155/- 27,285/- 2.02 lakhs Placements: SBSC- Around 40% of students get placed at SBSC, with an average package of 5-7 LPA.  The highest salary package received by the students is 16 LPA.  Top recruiters at the institute are Deloitte, Mc Kinsey, TresVista, DE Shaw, etc. DCAC- The placement rate at DCAC is 35%.  Students get placed in companies like Google, Ernst, and Young, Barclays, Capital-IQ, Genpact, IBM, ICICI Prudential, etc.  The average CTC is 3 LPA. SSE- The average package received by the students of SSE is 3.5 LPA. The top recruiters at the institute are Ernst and Young, Deloitte, Honeywell, Deutsche Bank, Wipro, Hudl, Tresvista, Teach for India, FRR Forex.  All the colleges provide various scholarships to their students mainly based on their economic status as well as their academic performance. All the above-mentioned institutes are well-reputed and offer decent academics for BA Economics. The course fee for SSE is higher than the others as it is a private establishment.Read more
1 Answer

Ques. Which is better for a BA in economics, Shaheed Bhagat Singh, DCAC or Symbiosis School of Economics?

● Top Answer By Shivani Parasrampuria on 28 Aug 20

Ans. A Bachelor’s course in Economics which is intellectually stimulating and professionally relevant. It explores their skills and knowledge through various mediums which helps in growth and development. The course prepares students with basic principles of economic theory and puts emphasis on economic concepts and their application in real life.  The table given below gives a brief overview of the institutes: Categories Shaheed Bhagat Singh Delhi College of Arts and Commerce  Symbiosis School of Economics Cut Off 96% 96.75% 96% Course Fee INR 19,425 INR 10,015 INR 2,10,000 Highest Salary Package 16 LPA <5 LPA 10 LPA Average Salary Package 5-7 LPA 3 LPA 6-7 LPA Recruiting Companies Deloitte, Mc kinsey, TresVista, DE Shaw, etc. Google, Ernst and Young, Barclays, Capital-IQ, Genpact, IBM, ICICI Prudential, etc. RangSutra, IBM, Jindal Steel, Panasonic India and others Placement Percentage 40% 35% 10% Shaheed Bhagat Singh College: Shaheed Bhagat Singh College provides honours courses in two subjects - Commerce and Economics.  The students graduating from here gained admission for Master’s in institutes like Delhi School of Economics, Indian Institute of Management, South Asian University, Indian Institute of Foreign Trade, etc.  40% of students were placed in the batch 2019, whereas 50% of students received internship opportunities. Symbiosis School of Economics: Symbiosis School of Economics has a 3-year undergraduate program in Economics.  One can get admission through the entrance exam conducted by the institute namely SNAP. Students receive job offers from reputed banks, financial institutions, business institutions, business media, government agencies, etc.  Though they have recruiters from top companies coming over, the placement percentage is 10%, which is quite low.  Summer Internships by Bharat Forge Ltd., QED Baton, HDFC Bank, Zephyr Financial Publishers Ltd., WTC, ICICI Prudential, etc. are also conducted to provide students with practical training. Shaheed Bhagat Singh College and DCAC is much more affordable than Symbiosis School of Economics. According to affordability Shaheed Bhagat Singh College and DCAC is always preferred by students. They also have better placement percentages than Symbiosis School of Economics.Read more
1 Answer

Ques. Which college is better for economics hons., Maitreyi or Atma Ram Sanatan Dharma?

● Top Answer By Mohit Sarohi on 14 Aug 20

Ans. ATMA RAM SANATAN DHARMA MAITREYI COLLEGE ESTABLISHED 1959 1967 NAAC ACCREDITATION GRADE A GRADE A NIRF RANKING  13TH 35TH   TOTAL COURSES 21 ACROSS 3 STREAMS 25 ACROSS 5 STREAMS MEDIAN SALARY PACKAGE 3.5 LPA 4.1 LPA CATEGORY CO-ED GIRLS Table: A brief comparison Atma Ram Sanatan Dharma is a very prestigious college under the Delhi University, constantly being in the top 15. It has a strong alumni network and a distinguished and scholarly faculty staff under whose guidance and mentorship, students excel in their respective fields and learn all the necessary skills. The college provides a lot of exposure for students to learn leadership and management skills via the elaborate socio-cultural fests organised round the year. Key highlights of the placement statistics of this institution are: Top recruiters are Concentrix, Clairvolex, Indigo, Ernst & Young amongst many other notable companies. The internship fair witnessed over 30 organizations offering respectable roles in the domain of finance, digital marketing, sales, HR to about 200+ students who participated. Highest salary package offered in the last academic session was 9 LPA. Average salary offered was 3.5 LPA Maitreyi college is one of the best colleges under the DU to pursue Economics honours. It has a well renowned faculty contingency that helps become the students outstanding scholars, researchers and educators. The college provides hands on experience by organising many seminars, workshops etc. Over the years it has a decent placement rate of over 65% and some of the key features of the previous placement season are: Top recruiters being Urbanclap, Tresvista, Jamboree, E&Y amongst many others. For economics hons. the highest package offered was 9.6LPA Average package offered was 4.4LPA. Internships were also offered by organisations like The Oberoi Group, Ken Research, 9changes and others The college saw almost 60% increase in average packages offered  It is very difficult to prefer one college over the other as all have different teaching patterns, a dedicated faculty and aim to bring the best out of the students. So, it is on the individual to infer which would be the best option.Read more
1 Answer

Bachelor of Arts [BA] (Economics) Fee Structure in India

807 (Minimum Fee)PUBLIC COLLEGES21.17 L  (Maximum Fee)
24.42 K (Average Fee)
648 (Minimum Fee)Private COLLEGES8.71 L (Maximum Fee)
34.90 K (Average Fee)

Bachelor of Arts [BA] (Economics) Fee Structure By state

Uttar Pradesh

9.93 K
2.98 KPrivate COLLEGES2.50 L
22.28 K


88.69 K
2.10 KPrivate COLLEGES2.25 L
20.89 K


42.22 K
3.18 KPrivate COLLEGES1.92 L
64.04 K


17.05 K
792Private COLLEGES8.71 L
38.44 K

Tamil Nadu

19.92 K
648Private COLLEGES3.60 L
31.98 K

West Bengal

11.54 K
3.35 KPrivate COLLEGES99 K
13.53 K
17.71 K
2.40 KPrivate COLLEGES89.80 K
22.25 K


79.80 K
3.25 KPrivate COLLEGES1.35 L
24.61 K

Andhra Pradesh

11.35 K
5.52 KPrivate COLLEGES45 K
14.71 K


20.70 K
3 KPrivate COLLEGES2.30 L
59.52 K

Madhya Pradesh

8.31 K
1.50 KPrivate COLLEGES63.01 K
31.24 K

Delhi NCR

24.13 K
4.17 KPrivate COLLEGES2.51 L
77.22 K
8.02 K
3.59 KPrivate COLLEGES26 K
14.68 K


14.56 K
7.80 KPrivate COLLEGES3.30 L
76.41 K


18.15 K
10.66 KPrivate COLLEGES1.73 L
40.99 K


15.82 K
3.27 KPrivate COLLEGES12.47 K
7.48 K


55.80 K
23.46 KPrivate COLLEGES1.15 L
56.08 K


22.06 K
13.05 KPrivate COLLEGES1.22 L
32.37 K


11.95 K
3.87 KPrivate COLLEGES84 K
27.40 K


13.14 K
3.13 KPrivate COLLEGES90 K
33.86 K

Himachal Pradesh

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7.6 /10

Campus Life :

The campus life is really awesome. I mean you get to stay in-between nature and many shopping complexes around and very easy access to metro and bus stations. Food shops and cafes are all nearby. Our college has conducted many fests and events in the past many years. So our college's main fest/event name is MEHAK. That was literally the best event and there were so many students who had participated in it. All fests/events took place in the month of April. Talking about the college library. So it is really well maintained I must say. As such we do not face any unavailability or shortage of books. When it comes to amenities that we get to experience in our classrooms. So I would say those are on an average scale. But we do not have any issues with that. This means, we get to experience and use all the basic things in good condition. The infrastructure of our college is not that good as I was expecting when I entered the college for the first time. But, yes all infrastructure in DU is on an average scale

Course Curriculum Overview :

So, I choose this course because I have decided and explored what I want to do in my pursuing career and in what field so I decided to pursue in the marketing field. As I have marketing and economics as my main subjects. Talking about the faculty, so our college faculty is really good. Students' ratio or strength in every class/lecture is around 35-45. So, the faculty's teaching method is very good, all teachers are highly qualified in their respective fields. When it comes to exam patterns or passing exams in our college. So, it's actually not as easy as you might think. If you work hard and you k ow what you have to do and how you can actually excel in it.

Placement Experience :

The placements in our college are good when you complete your degree. Many companies visit here for providing placements to students. For instance, EY, infotech, Wipro, etc. I don't know about the exact packages students would get but yes the packages they provide are really good for the students who have done their graduation recently. If you want to get good placements or your dream placements ao you need to score at least 80% or above. So, I'm planning to do masters

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10.0 /10

Internships Opportunities :

The Training & Placement Cell of Loyola College, is to provide students with various career advancement avenues and to train the students with all the required skills that would enable them to excel in the corporate world. At Loyola College, we foster an environment where collaboration with industry thrives, generating breakthrough discoveries, science, and technology that can support continuous innovation and growth. With a perfect record of accomplishment of very productive relationships with corporations of all sizes, from start-ups to established Multi-National Companies. The training and Placement Cell of the Institute centrally handles campus placements of the graduating students of the college. The Cell provides complete support to the visiting companies at every stage of the placement process. The College is well equipped with ample infrastructure in terms of halls for Presentations, Pre-Placement Talks, Written Tests, and labs for Online Test, Rooms for Mock Interviews etc.

Course Curriculum Overview :

The only reason behind choosing economics is that I love the subject. It's well said '' do what you like and that will create into a complete man. The faculties are very cooperative, competitive, Helping, understanding, and knowledgeable. Strength in the class -82, Passing ratio -98%, Faculties' info. Education - Doctorate degree holders. Master degree Holders. Teaching method- Because the pandamic I was unfortunate to have offline classes. My first year of the course I had complete in an online mode with regard to online classes, I would say all the facilities are eligible and able to render the classes in an online mode, with enough classes (online) and assignments (offline), MCQ tests, snap tests, unit tests. Exams are conducted very often with units tests, snap tests, MCQ tests, mock exams, and finals. All the exams are conducted very frequently and timely that a student is well understood and helped out if any problem.

Campus Life :

Infrastructure: The infrastructure of our college is very good. I am highly satisfied with the infrastructure and also other facilities in this college. I would recommend this college to anyone as it is good for career and life. It is an excellent college. Our college has a good infrastructure, faculty members and campus. We can get placements easily if we score marks as they give more importance to marks and the skills of students. Most of the students studying here got internships from our course in great companies.

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9.0 /10

Campus Life :

Life on the campus is a very good one of my golden days the campus all the students and staff were so social and giving equal opportunity to all and the infrastructure of the college is very good and there are more than 20 clubs In the college and I am in press club. The pre club is very useful the two news channels office and it's very useful and we get more information and helps in our life. There are on lakh fifty thousand books in the college library and these books so useful and students can use it for free there is an E-library also. There are more fest in the college mainly the fest called ovations it's a grand cultural fest between departments and it conducted in September month and another Fest for Individual Departments and it will conducted in the month of February. Andheria more sports activities like cricket football basketball and there are given special attentions to the students who are excellence in the sports and sponsoring them and there are many cultural activities in the college.

Loan/ Scholarship Provisions :

Fees structure for BA economics in Loyola College 20000 per semester and other courses like BCom and Viscom the fees structure divorce and the fees hike in the college is a rare thing in the college and most of the time college helps out the needy student who can't afford the fee structure college is helping out them by giving several scholarships in some situations college giving full scholarship for the student so the student can study freely in the college and they don't have any financial problems from college. And there are several companies have come to our college for campus interview and most of the students have selected in campus interview so students don't need to worry about the financial issue in future because college gives several options for them and many companies have coming to the college and give jobs to students.

Course Curriculum Overview :

I have chosen BA economics for my UG course to know about Indian economics and World economics I have chosen BA economics as my UG course. Faculties well trained and their teaching is very good and the faculties are always ready to clear the student's doubts and the student ratio of my classes 20:1. Most of the faculties have to get a doctorate and there will train Android teaching method is so good and they're using modern technology like there using projectors and playing videos today's students related to the subject so it is so easy to understand the subject by these methods. There are mainly 3 exams new semester do internals and semester exams and these three exams have a time period of 2 to 3 months the exams will be not too tough nor too easy so we study will you get very good marks.

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9.0 /10

Placement Experience :

Our college gives us a lot of opportunities for example Campus placements and recruitments. Only the merit students get the opportunities. Above 85-90 percentage students get an internship. You can go for various opportunities

Course Curriculum Overview :

I like the BA economics course because I want to take economics in my future studies. For each class there consist of 2 teachers and 65 students. The teachers are very qualified and understandable. Almost everyone can pass.

Loan/ Scholarship Provisions :

For my course, it cost about 35000 a year and it's worth it too. They give a lot of scholarship to merit students and gives you a lot of campus placements which gives a lot of opportunities. .

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9.0 /10

Course Curriculum Overview :

The course which I had chosen in this college was BA economics as it was new to the steam and lot of government jobs are available for people doing this course. The students present in each class are 100. The faculty present are very knowledgeable and proficient in their courses. We had two semesters each year and as long as you put effort into studying you can pass them with good results

Loan/ Scholarship Provisions :

The fees structure for every course depends upon the courses you take. As for the course which I have chosen the fees rate is very nominal and no donations are accepted which is a positive thing about our college. As for now, I haven't begun my final year to get a placement or a job.

Campus Life :

Our college usually takes a lot of initiatives when it comes to hosting cultural fest and other programs usually conducted in the month of September. The availability of books and journals are enormous thanks to the huge library.

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8.8 /10

Course Curriculum Overview :

I choose BA ECONOMICS because I need to do further studies based on economics and do my civil services examination. So, for each class, there were 2 subject teachers and about 70 students. The teachers are qualified well.

Loan/ Scholarship Provisions :

My course cost about 35000 rupees per year and it was worth it too. My college campus gives us lots of internships, help the poor by giving them concessions and I have done an internship with 5000 per month ad stipend

Campus Life :

We have an annual fest known as ovations. Library provides us huge opportunities to know new things. Good facilities in the classroom. Different kinds of sports activities. Ncc, NSS, Rotaract club, are the clubs.

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8.4 /10

Campus Life :

The best experience you get when you study at Loyola is the campus experience. It is a huge campus with a huge library and classrooms. The annual fest which the college hosts is known as the Ovations. it is a big fest where teachers and students from different colleges attended. All types of books and journals are available in the library, it is one of the biggest libraries I have ever gone to. The classrooms have all basic amenities including a smart classroom, laptops, etc which enhances the teaching method for the teachers and also helps the students to understand the topic more. The college gives importance not only to studies but also to sports and all other extracurricular activities. All types of sports including basketball, cricket, tennis, football, hockey etc are there in the college. And also the college helps you to excel in each of these and takes you to a higher level in the sports you are opting. The college has all kinds of clubs and social groups.

Course Curriculum Overview :

I choose Economics because Economics was easy for me and I was interested in economics. Loyola gives us a good opportunity for ba economics. There is more than enough professors to teach each class. Approximately 60 students will be there in a class. The faculty is well qualified, and their teaching method is excellent. Most of the faculty teaching in Loyola has studied in Loyola itself hence they know what the students require and help them in all ways. The semester exams are conducted by Madras University and in a timely manner. It is not so difficult to pass the exams as the teachers help the students by giving them individual attention.

Loan/ Scholarship Provisions :

One of the main advantages of Loyola college is that they understand their student's needs. They help the poor students by reducing the fee and helping them in all ways. They give special concessions to the studio that are facing difficulty with the fees. Their main intention is that all students should reach a good position. For 1 year the fees come around 30000 or less. They give financial assistance to those in need, also they give travel concessions to children. The jobs offered are mainly from IT companies like Wipro, TCS, Cognizant etc and the salary ranges from 25000 per month.

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7.2 /10

Course Curriculum Overview :

The reason why I chose Economics is it is one of the easiest subject to understand. Basically, college is divided as shift 1 and shift 2 and both the shift consist of 10 to 15 stocks that are 32 to 35 staff in total for a department. I think in a college if a person wants to teach the students he or she would finish there masters(minimum) in the relevant course. Teachers also present PPT to the students so that the students can easily understand the topics. The exams which are conducted by the institutions or not that easy to pass but the one who was attentive in the classes can easily get pass marks without any difficulty.

Campus Life :

In Loyola, there are two main Cultural events the the first one is Inter College cultural was held in September month and the other in which the other students can also participate which will be held during February. My college has one of the best libraries in the whole city itself. It has the best books and journals. There will be a drinking water facility on every floor and in every block. Loyola also gives equal importance the sports and other activities. Loyola also has special social groups clubs like NCC, photography Rotaract club, environment club, Navy etc.

Placement Experience :

Loyola has its own placement cell called Loyola placement cell which is the only platform by which a student can apply to go or selected for a campus interview. Even during these hard pandemic times, the Loyola placement cell helps many students to get placement in big companies. A student should acquire a minimum of 70 percentage to get into placements. My plan is also to get Placement in a well reputed company.

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8.4 /10

Campus Life :

Campus life is more celebrative. It is a social science course thus will get more free hours, those free hours can be used to do any activities, can go to the library, the canteen can use the computer, etc.. and the ambiance is very pleasant, peaceful and calm. New students or the freshers will get a fresher's day in the first or second week of their first year. The annual youth fest will be conducted before the university youth festival mainly in September or October month. Any department can conduct a fest at any time. The economic fest is mainly in November or December. The library has 10, 000+ books and a total of 80-90 students can access the facility at a time. Girls have a special amenity center for their easiness. The most approachable thing in the college is the large ground. It is a big football ground and can also play cricket. The physical education department is very active in the college and promotes facilities for wrestling students and has a training session for those students.

Course Curriculum Overview :

I firstly applied for b. Com course in this college, but I couldn't get it because I had only a 90% mark in 12th, and the cutoff was 96%. Then I applied for Ba. Economics and I easily got that, because it has only a cutoff of 86%. The Economics department has both UG and PG degree courses, and it has a total of 7 teaching staff. And the faculty: student ratio is merely 1: 25. The faculties are highly qualified and the HOD is a Research Guide. Several faculties have a doctorate in economics. The semester exams will be conducted by the announcement of the university. Project, assignment, other activities have a greater role in the analysis of a student.

Placement Experience :

When the students enter into the final year the college will offer many career guidance courses for students. There is a campus recruitment every year by the famous IT Companies Infosys, Vipro, TCS, MRF, etc. The MRF has posted a no. Of 9 students this year. Infosys has recruited 3 students. More than 20-30% of students will directly be placed by recruiters every year. The department facilities will help to find the apt career course for the students. I plan to pursue my post-graduation from a central university in India.

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6.8 /10

Campus Life :

Our annual fest is named Srijan and it's really too much fun in the month of March there are many activities like Dace, games, amplitude. Etc. Books are not always in the college some time some books are unavailable and the shortage of books. The classroom is really simple just many windows are in class they make fully airy rooms. Sports are limited in college not too many choices are there but there are many extra facilities for sports student like gym and fresh juices for students. But on this campus, there is many social, clubs, or website for students. Mostly they use WhatsApp and provide all the details.

Course Curriculum Overview :

I choose that because I have previous knowledge and I want to explore it more. All faculties are good and very supportive and in my class, there are 40 to 50 students. Faculties are well qualified with PhD, BEd etc, and their teaching methods are easy p understand. Term exam was always on time and it easy to pass if you study well.

Placement Experience :

I don't know about the placement. After completing a masters degree to get any placement. Companies are offered base upon the syllabus. The minimum package will be 20K at least. Profitable offer includes incentive value and other things. It will be above 80 percent. I am pursuing 3rd year after this I am clear the entrance of MA.

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8.5 /10

Campus Life :

Average infrastructure but the campus is small. The classes are decent sized with a holding capacity of 60 students. All classes are equipped with screens for digital teaching. Classes are not air-conditioned but have fans.The college provides Wi-Fi for a laptop for students. The college has a large library with vast variety of books of different genres which students can issue using the card. Has a vast reading room with a daily newspaper available. The computer lab is well equipped with internet connectivity and has around 50 computers. The canteen is good and served decent food at affordable price. The campus also has a gym which is paid (minimal cost). The students are also insured for any mishap on campus.Being in the heart of the city it attracts a mixed crowd from locals to foreigners. There are various extracurricular activities in college like dreams club, dance club many more and also paid activities like stock market classes etc.

Course Curriculum Overview :

I want to pursue law so I chose this college and wanted a major in economics which this college provides. The student ratio is very well balanced with around 49:51 in favour of boys. The teaching faculty is well qualified with all the teachers having experience of a minimum of 5 years. Most of them have PhD in subjects that they teach. They know their job and definitely fulfil the expectations of students. I would rate them 5 stars. The exams mostly take place in October and March with internals happening in August and January. The exams are tough but one can easily pass if he/she attends college regularly.

Placement Experience :

1.65% of students who went for an interview were hired. 2. Top recruiters are Delloite, Mahindra, ICICI, Northern Trust and other banking sectors. 3. 3. Around 35 % got an internship with huge companies like red bull, monster energy, tinder etc. 4. 4.Top roles offered were sales and marketing associate 5. average annual package was 2.5 lakhs 6. The students start getting offers from the 6th semester.

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7.4 /10

Course Curriculum Overview :

I chose this course because the economics teacher was very helpful and they know each and every thing regarding this or regarding any other subjects. They are multitasking and multi-talented also. In the economics faculty, there were only 19 students. It was awesome and the review about teaching is amazing. There is no difficulty to pass the exams if we concentrate in the class then it is very easy to tackle the exam

Campus Life :

Talentia is one of the big events of ves college. There were many events in the college Like every department has its know event and every department can participate in that event by registering on the counter. Sports events were also there. All the facilities can play the sport and get good support from the sport management

Placement Experience :

In Semester 5 there was company placement and in that, the students have to fill the form online, and then they got the timing and date when the interview is going to happen and then they got the opportunity to tackle the interview. My plans after Getting the degree is I'm trying to get admission in M.A

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7.7 /10

Course Curriculum Overview :

I have completed BA (Economics) from st. Xavier's College Ahmedabad in Gujarati medium. There were not more students we were just 18 when I was in the third year. Due to fewer members in class faculties were able to pay attention to us individually. St.xavier's won't mention in your degree certificate that you have done your degree in regional language and so it won't impact your job profile or admission. They were very supportive of Gujarati medium students and even English medium is also available but for that, you should have completed your schooling in CBSE board and State board (English medium). I personally feel that you should study in the English medium for your higher studies because it makes your journey easy it will helps you a lot.

Loan/ Scholarship Provisions :

I had approx fees of around 21600 for my bachelor degree in economics. St.xavier's college Ahmedabad is very affordable. In these fees, they have provided sports ground, Library and classes. The scholarship is available for Only ST (scheduled tribe) students as I know. If I mention hostel fess here it charges 5000per semester and 1800 mess fees per month separately. But its difficult fo gets admission in the hostel. Taking admission in a hostel you need to contact for hostel reactor as soon as you get admission in college be early for that.

Placement Experience :

They don't provide Placements much to bachelors degree but will make you capable for placements. Placements programme only for selfiannce degrees like BCA and BDA Big data analytics. Most Placements Done by Tcs Tata consultancy service. TCS recruit maximum people from Xavier.

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8.3 /10

Campus Life :

Being a public university it is often misunderstood that the class amenities will be poor. But the reality is not this since our department got air-conditioned rooms. We have a central library which is used by the students of the entire university and a departmental library for each department. There are plenty of clubs and societies: Painting club, Debating Society, Music club, Dancing club, Drama club, Photography club, Mountaineering club and many more. Events like MUN, Woman's Conclave, Youth Parliament and many more took place every year and you can get a lot of exposure by participating in the events.

Course Curriculum Overview :

I chose to pursue Economics Hons from Jadavpur University due to its extensive mathematical approach towards the subject. The course is well defined and one gets to know a lot beyond the scope of an undergraduate book. The faculty members are extremely knowledgeable and there are nearly 17-18 faculty members, each teaching a particular course. Weekly internals takes place in our department and thus there is a huge pressure to comprehend the subject and solve complex problems during the examination.

Placement Experience :

There is campus placement after completion of Masters degree. Companies like HSBC, Citi, Genpact and many more come every year to select the best minds of our city. The highest package is usually Rs 11 LPA and the average package comes to be Rs5lpa with almost 60% of the students been placed.

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6.4 /10

Course Curriculum Overview :

Curriculum - up-to-date with all India syllabus well-developed, thoughtfully designed, quite rigorous. Faculty - there are 15-17 full time professors and associate professors. Their teaching assistants also take tutorial classes. The quality of profesors are mostly average, with few amazing and few below average ones. Student ratio - 1:80 Teaching method is mostly dependent on classroom training with periodic hw and exams. A few professors tend to complete the syllabus late or ask questions too difficult for undergraduate students. The term exams were timely but the schedule for the same were distributed late, around 1 week before the exam starts. It also takes around 8 months to declare the results. The exams were moderately difficult. Passing won't be too hard for an average student, but scoring high is definitely a challenge.

College Events :

Annual Fest - Sanskriti (November) Departmental fresher's (August) There is a central library along with departmental libraries. Each library is well-equipped with books, journals, research papers, etc. Many of the classrooms are air-conditioned and spacious. Use of smart-boards for teaching are also supported in most. There are a number of groups, clubs, activities and events available in the campus. They are quite inclusive and have produced nationally-renowned members. It's certain that everyone will find something they like to do a a community of people with common interests in JU.

Remarks :

Jadavpur University is popular as one of the most elite institutions of India. It is well-eqipped with all kinds of facilities such as libraries, digital modes of classroom, wifi, seminars, exchange programs, extracurricular activities etc. The economics department boasts of a fucultu of around 15 full-time teaching professionals. The fee structure is also quite suitable. Jadavpur University suited all the criteria I was looking for in a college, and I got the subject of my choice, so there was no looking at any other college.

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8.5 /10

Campus Life :

Spandan is known as annual fest of the college generally it's organised in the month of November December Availability of books in a library is sufficient to study there but you face problem that you can't issue two books on one card at thesame time Football volleyball badminton are the the major games which facilities are available college have indoor hall of badminton and to you have tour court of badminton 1 volleyball court 1 lawn tennis court Satpal ground cricket facility College also have women cell girls common room etc

Course Curriculum Overview :

Economics department is a very precious department of this college All the teacher of this department is qualified need jrf and all teachers have more than 30 years of teaching experience some teachers have more than 40 -45 years of teaching experience generally two sections is run each section have 70 students approximately In terms of exam department of Economics is not gives you marks easily you must do deepest day tu to reach 80% to 90% of marks and if you not write the point answer and not do study well you will be fail

Placement Experience :

Generally hotel management course is gives you college placement percentage of placement in hotel management is approximately 6270 and the companies which hire the student of college is generally from India but foreign companies also comes to hire the the students as employee other than that in ba bsc college is not gives you placement Because of this college syllabus focus on civil syllabus I will go for UPSC after getting degree

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7.0 /10

Course Curriculum Overview :

The course in which I was enrolled had a closed syllabus(restrictive in the sense that some core subjects were not taught properly like concepts were not explained especially analytical subjects like statistics/quantitative methods) in its course of three years. A few members of the faculty was not upto the mark with regards to their communication even though they have good knowledge but others (Eg: Prof. Sarita in the morning shift) are very good in the Field. But all the professors are helpful and can guide one through their studies and vast number of books are available in the library. So all in all if one takes proper initiative with the professor it can turn out to be a beneficial programme in the future even considering the drawbacks due to its opportunities in the job market as well as for higher studies like Masters or Doctorates. But the problem is the administration staff, they are rude most of the time and not accommodating or helpful.

College Events :

Ovations are held every year which is an inter department (intra-college) cultural event which is held by the college authorities. Initiative is really important to take part in these events. But they are not as exciting as other colleges holding inter-college fests. But here are inter-college department festivals where each department invites the same department from different colleges for events with significance to the subject (Eg: Economics Dept. invites other colleges (Ecomonis Dept.)) But participantion takes a huge chunk of your time.

Placement Experience :

There are many reputed companies who visit the college for placements. Many notable ones are Deloitte, ICICI Bank, Accenture, KPMG, EY, TCS, etc. There is a separate placement cell available in the college where a student can check out the updated placement opportunities. Also a separate corner has been made for placements on the website which can be accessed to check out placements and new opportunities. Every company has similar steps but different approach for their placement.

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9.0 /10

Course Curriculum Overview :

The course and syllabus are very much updated. They change the syllabus according to the updates around the world. They provide the best education. You can learn in and around the world easily. Not only they care about academics but also they give training for our Personality development. You will have various conferences in and around the colleges where you can get exposure to different people and their knowledge. My department conducts various conferences and also they take us to budget planning to learn about the subject. You can learn practically as well as easily.

Remarks :

It has the best learning experience and helps the student to follow their passion. And also this college is especially for Women so it gives separate women empowerment for those who feel insecure. The teaching faculty is also amazing and they give you various knowledge. The cultural and extra curricular activities are many that we can participate in every competition. The college gives more freedom for us to be ourselves. The aluminites list are so fascinating. Many of the successful women have studied in this college.

Placement Experience :

Placement and job opportunities are available in our college. But since it is a arts and science college only some are going for jobs after completing ug. Many students are studying furthermore degree. But we have good companies for placement and also entrepreneurship club in our college supports us to start new businesses. To talk about aluminites we have many notable aluminites like Actor Trisha Krishnan and Politician Kanimozhi, Singer Sudha raghunathan, Dhivya suryadevara etc.

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10.0 /10

College Events :

Events are the best part of my college as it conducts more than 30 events in a year and about the culture it is updated with new ciltures. In a part of extra curricular activities my college always tries to satisfy our needs in sports like indoor and outdoor, then debate, quiz, cooking competition, photography competition, and also tournaments between Each departments.

Placement Experience :

I my veiw it has the best placement cells as it provides 100% placement in the campus by the college which is a great step taken by my college and this also helps many of the students with there academic year. If I say every college must have 100%placement cell.

Remarks :

The culture of the college and the discipline of the college which made to take the admission in the college. Yes B. A. Economics is my favorite subject to study as it keeps me updated about the economy situation of the country or any other marketing purposes.

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9.0 /10

Course Curriculum Overview :

I had completed my 12th class in arts stream.I loved economics in 2 years of my 11th and 12th class.So i took admission in BA(economics).There are near about 480 seats in BA for students. The student faculty ratio is 60:1 for each subject.The teachers are highly qualified and their teaching method is too good.I am missing the college campus and teachers.They all are very good ,helpful and co-operative.All the teachers helped me a lot. In a semester, a mid term exams are taken and 1 final exams.So,4 exams are to be given by students in one year.

Placement Experience :

Students become eligible for placements in the 6th semester of their graduation. Students are placed according to their knowledge level .Brilliant students will definitely get placed according to their knowledge. Students have so much options to get placed. I have planned to study MA (economics) now. I want to be a master of economics.I will get job after completing my MA.

Campus Life :

There some functions are organised by college management each year.College management give equal importance to sports and some other extra curricular activities.The college have a clean library where each book is available for students. Collectively,i want to tell that this college is the best.

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