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BA Hons, full form, bachelor of arts honors is the most pursued undergraduate course in India in various specializations such as Political Science, History, Hindi, English, Psychology, Sanskrit after class 12.

BA Hons Admission 2021 in top BA Hons colleges such as St. Stephen’s College commences during the month of June 2021 for which an aspirant is required to score more than 95% marks in class 12. The minimum set eligibility for BA Hons admissions is 50% marks in class 12. 

BA Hons is different from BA Regular program as it offers a more extensive curriculum and more papers for each BA Hons specialization in a 3-year duration. When it comes to BA Hons vs BA, students prefer BA Hons as it offers a variety of subject knowledge than any regular BA program.

BA Hons Political Science is among the popular BA Hons specializations from top BA Hons Colleges like Delhi University and is the preferred choice for students aspiring to join civil services after BA Hons. The average salary offered to aspirants after BA Hons ranges between INR 4 to 9 LPA.

Table of Contents
  1. BA Hons Quick facts
  2. About BA Hons

2.1 Why BA Hons

2.1.1 BA Hons vs BA

2.2 Who Should do BA Hons

2.3 When to do a BA Hons

  1. BA Hons Admission Process

3.1 BA Hons Admission 2021

3.1.1 BA Hons Application Deadlines 2021

3.2 BA Hons Eligibility

3.3 BA Hons Entrance Exams

3.3.1 BA Hons Entrance Exam Dates

3.3.2 BA Hons Entrance Exam Preparation

  1. Types of BA Hons

4.1 Full-Time BA Hons

4.2 Distance BA Hons

4.3 Online BA Hons

  1. Distance BA Hons

5.1 Distance BA Hons Admission 2021

5.2 IGNOU BA Hons

5.3 BA Hons From DU

  1. BA Hons Syllabus

6.1 BA Hons Elective Subjects

  1. Top BA Hons Specializations

7.1 BA Hons Political Science

7.2 BA Hons English

7.3 BA Hons Economics

7.4 BA Hons Psychology

7.5 Other BA Hons Specializations

  1. Top BA Hons Colleges in India

8.1 Delhi

8.2 Chandigarh

8.3 Bangalore

8.4 Pune

8.5 Dehradun

  1. BA Hons Scope

9.1 Courses After BA Hons

  1. BA Hons Jobs
  1. BA Hons FAQs

BA Hons Quick Facts

  • BA Hons full form Bachelor of Arts [B.A.] Honours. It is an Undergraduate course that belongs to the fields of arts. The duration of this course is 3 years.
  • BA Hons can be pursued full-time, distance, or online mode, easily working professional/students who want to pursue BA Hons from the comfort of their native places can choose the distance -learning mode.
  • To opt for BA Hons, the candidate must have a Higher secondary passing certificate from any recognized board.
  • The average fees of BA Hons is INR 20,000 to 80,000 (varied from college to college) 
  • After BA Hons students choose Teacher, Content Writer, Banker, Lawyer, Political Analyst, Journalist, Communicator, Human Resource Manager, etc. and many more fields as their career profession.
  • BA Hons Syllabus has many specialized subjects like English, history, Sanskrit, philosophy, Urdu, sociology, etc.
  • The average salary after choosing BA Hons is INR 4,0,000-9,00,000 lakhs per annum.
  • The top companies which hire students are Byju’s, Toppr, ICICI Bank, Accenture, HDFC Bank, Deloitte, ITC Hotels, etc.
  • BA Hons Jobs are available in Banks, Business Houses, Law Firms, Lobbying Firms, Media Houses, Export Companies, etc. 

About BA Hons

BA Hons is an undergraduate course which is of 3 years. The admission criteria is either based on a merit list (which is generated by the college) or an entrance examination. Top colleges like BHU generally take the Entrance exam. The candidate must have a 10+2 degree with 55% with any recognized board.

The aim of BA Hons is to help students to built high skills, versatility, independent thinkers with research experience, communication skills. Further, candidates can also opt Masters’s or Ph.D.

Why BA Hons?

  • BA Hons degree is a basis for higher education like MA, M.Sc., M.Phil., Ph.D
  • Successful completion of BA Hons degree makes one eligible for the post of a lecturer in any university/college and better career opportunities. 
  • BA Hons degree being one among the best and efficient degrees is extremely useful to achieve specializations in particular subjects. 
  • After finishing BA Hons one can do post-graduation in a number of alternative fields.

BA Hons vs BA

After 12th most of us choose commerce field. But students are a little confused between BA & BA [Hons.]. So, let us differentiate them with certain parameters to clarify each point:

Parameters  Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) Hons.  Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)
Duration  3 years  3 years 
Eligibility  Higher secondary passing certificate from any recognised board. Higher secondary passing certificate from any recognised board
Specializations offered Yes  Yes
Mode of study Can be regular or any mode Can be regular or any mode
Admission process  Merit-based + entrance based Merit based
Eligible for govt. jobs Yes  Yes 
Average salary INR 3,00,000- 8,00,000 INR 2,50,000-4,50,000

Who Should do BA Hons?

  • The candidates who are looking forward to a bright future in the field of teaching, novelist, technical writer, journalist, advisor & guide, tutor, etc. can choose BA Hons. 
  • It provides a fine base for the specialization in their particular subject with a master degree.
  • The BA Hons. Course involves a lot of practice experience as well as interdisciplinary theoretical practice.

When to do a BA Hons

  • Students after completing higher secondary education can pursue BA Hons program. 
  • Top BA Hons Colleges consider students with more than 95% marks in class XII for admissions in their BA Hons courses.
  • Hence, a candidate should aim to score good marks in class XII itself to get admission to the best BA Hons colleges in India.
  • There is no need to take a drop year, or pursue any other course, to get admission to BA Hons course. 

BA Hons Admission Process

Admission to BA Hons may be obtained through any of the following mechanisms:

  • Merit-Based: Most of the colleges like Hindu College, St. Stephens College, etc. admit students to their BA Hons program via merit-based admission procedure.
  • Entrance Exams: In cases of a few Universities like Banaras Hindu University and a few more, admission to the course is made on the basis of marks obtained in the entrance tests conducted by the universities.
  • Shortlisted applicants after qualifying the BA hons entrance tests are asked to appear for counseling, interview, and finalizing BA hons admission process.

BA Hons Admission 2021

BA Hons Application Dates 2021

College Admission Process Registration Date
Miranda House Merit-based (Cut off – 98%) June 2021
Lady Shri Ram College for Women Merit-based (Cut Off – 99%) June 2021
Hindu College Merit-based (Cut Off – 94%) June 2021
St. Stephen’s College Merit-based; Aptitude Test and Personal Interview June 2021
Presidency College Merit-based June 2021

BA Hons Eligibility

BA Hons eligibility criteria is either via entrance tests or merit basis, however, the basic requirements to be observed by the scholars willing to pursue BA Hons are listed below: 

  • A high secondary level of degree with a minimal percentage of 45% is needed.
  • In order to get entry to elite colleges like Delhi University, Mumbai University, or different prestigious universities, one needs to have more than 90%.
  • Students may also need to go through entrance tests conducted by few universities like Banaras Hindu University, Dayanand Sagar University, etc

BA Hons Entrance Exams

BA Hons Entrance Exams are BHU UET, DUET, PUBDET, IPU CET, JNUEE, etc. The criteria of examination may vary from college to college. Generally, the entrance examination for BA Hons asks class 12th question and general knowledge question during an interview.

BA Hons Entrance Exam Dates

Entrance exam Registration date Exam date
JNUEE June 2021 September 2021
DUET Canceled Canceled
NPAT February 16, 2021- June 17, 2021 (Closed) June 27, July 2, and July 3, 2021
BHU UET To be announced To be announced

BA Hons Entrance Exam Preparation

If a candidate wants to get admission into their dream college, then they must prepare for the exam thoroughly. They have to focus on certain points. Below are the tips for preparation:

  • Go through the syllabus and exam pattern thoroughly.
  • Prepare the notes
  • Always attend the mock test as it is the sample of the actual examination.
  • Solve previous year question paper
  • Practice regularly

Types of BA Hons

Other than a regular BA Hons course of 3 years duration, the candidate can choose BA Hons. in distance mode or online mode, designed as per the demands of individuals who want to pursue BA Hons from their homes, or along with their full-time jobs.

Type of course Eligibility criteria Duration
Full-Time 10+2 with 50% aggregate marks 3 years
Distance Education Pass 10+2 3 to 6 years
Online mode Pass 10+2 3 years

Full-Time BA Hons

  • Full-time BA Hons is offered by top colleges like DU, MU, CU, etc.
  • Admission can be based on either the merit list or the entrance examination.
  • The average salary of BA Hons students is INR 3-8 Lakhs per annum.
  • After BA Hons students also opt for higher studies like MBA, MA Hons. etc

Distance BA Hons

  • In order to be eligible for the course, one must have a 10+2 level degree from a recognized board.
  • The admission criteria may differ as per universities either on the basis of merit or entrance exams.
  • BA Hons Distance Learning will take three years to six years for an individual to complete and the average annual course to study a distance program in the same course could cost may vary from INR 9,500 to INR 15,000.

Online BA Hons

  • Colleges like LPU, Jaipur National University, Amity University, Mumbai University, University of Delhi, Annamalai University, etc.
  • Candidates who have cleared the higher secondary education degree from a recognized board are eligible for online BA hons.
  • Students may apply for online BA Hons directly from the college’s official website. 

Distance BA Hons

Candidates willing to take up BA Hons in India should recognize that apart from a full-time undergraduate degree, the course is additionally accessible in the form of a distance degree by the universities like IGNOU, Delhi University, Utkal University, etc.

Distance BA Hons Admission 2021

  • In order to be eligible for the course, one must have a 10+2 level degree from a recognized board.
  • The admission criteria may differ as per universities either on the basis of merit or entrance exams.
  • BA Hons Distance Learning will take three years to six years for an individual to complete and the average annual course to study a distance program in the same course could cost may vary from INR 9,500 to INR 15,000.


IGNOU offers BA Hons for distance education for the candidate who are not able to join the full-time course due to some reasons. This course is of 3 years graduation course. Some of the details are mentioned below:

Course name Specialization Fees
BA Hons. English INR 10,500
Political Science
Public Administration

BA Hons From DU

School of Open Learning, Delhi University offers BA Hons for distance education for the candidate who are not able to join the full-time course due to some reasons. This course is of 3 years graduation course. Some of the details are mentioned below:

Course name Specialization Fees
BA Hons. English INR 10,890
Political Science

BA Hons Syllabus

Semester 1 Semester 2
Foundation Course in English-1 Or Foundation Course in Hindi-2 English for Practical Purposes
Foundation Course in Science and Technology Understanding Prose
Foundation Course in Hindi Understanding Poetry
Foundation Course in Humanities and Social Sciences -
Semester 3 Semester 4
Foundation Course in Assamese Operations Research
Foundation Course in English-1 History of Urdu Language
Office Organization Management History of Urdu Literature
Secretarial Practice Urdu Poetry
Human Environment Urdu Fiction
India: Earliest Times to 8th Century A.D. Elements of Urdu Literature
India From 8th to 15th Century A.D. Urdu Literature
India From 16th to Mid-18th Century A.D. Women in Urdu Literature
Society and Religion Socio-Cultural Forms in Urdu
Entrepreneurship and Marketing Political Ideas and Ideologies
Organizing Child Care Services Government & Politics in India
Administrative Theory Modern Indian Political Thought
Translation Government and Politics in East
Nutrition for the Community Government and Politics in Australia
Semester 5 Semester 6
Modern Europe: Mid 18th to Mid-20th Century The Study of Society
Elementary Mathematical Methods in Economic Development Society in India
Economic Development: Comparative Sociological Thought
Industrial Development in In Society and Stratification
National Income Accounting Social Problems in India
Fundamentals of Economics Indian Philosophy: Part I
Indian Economic Development: Issues and Perspectives Logic: Classical and Symbolic
Elementary Statistical Methods and Survey Techniques Ancient and Medieval Philosophy
Agricultural Development in India Religions of the World
Development Administration Indian Philosophy: Part II
Personnel Administration Metaphysics
Financial Administration Ethics
Public Policy Modern Western Philosophy
Integrated Pest Management Contemporary Western Philosophy
Environmental Chemistry Epistemology
- Philosophy of Human Persons
- Philosophy of Science and Cosmology

BA Hons: Elective Subjects

The generic elective courses are interdisciplinary in nature, distinctive or uncorrelated to the main honors subject. List of the elective subjects are given below:

  • Introduction to marketing management 
  • Microeconomics 
  • Introductory microeconomics
  • Hindi cinema or uska adhyan
  •  Calculus
  • yoga and stress management
  • Feminism
  • Gandhi and the contemporary world
  • Public finance, etc.

Top BA Hons Specializations

Here are some specializations in BA Hons. Popular subjects, which one take respective specialization.

BA Hons Political Science

This specialization course offers a political aspect of Country, that is why students have more interest in this field. Is course may teach student how to frame and analyse the polices of the country, a how-to implement them.

The average salary of students who opt BA Hons Political science is INR 2,00,000 to 5,00,000.

Course Level Graduate
Duration 3 years
Examination Type Semester System
Eligibility 10+2 qualification
Admission Process Based on merit/counseling.
Course Fee INR 8,000 to 1.3 Lacs
Average Starting Salary INR 2 to 10 lacs
Top Recruiting Companies Museum curation, Genealogy, Museum Education and Archeology, Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations, Law, Business and Commerce, Media
Job Positions Budget Analyst, Public Relations and Fundraising Manager, Legislative Assistant, Political Scientist, Political Campaign Manager, Market Researcher, etc.

BA Hons English

This specialization course concentrates on teaching English lit. and the cultures of different countries. The average salary of this course is INR 2,00,000 to 12,00,000. After this, students also chooses the teaching profession as their career.

Know More: BA Hons English

Course Level Graduate
Duration 3 years
Examination Type Semester System
Eligibility 10+2 qualification
Admission Process Based on merit/counseling
Course Fee INR 8,000 to 1.3 Lacs
Average Starting Salary INR 2 to 10 lacs
Top Recruiting Companies Media and Journalism, Publishing industry, Teaching & Research, Translators, Technical Writers, Content Developers.
Job Positions Teacher, Policy Analyst Writer, Editor, Publisher or Researcher, Communicator, Public Relations Officer Speech Writer, Travel Writer, Blogger or Reviewer, Postsecondary English Teacher, Arts Administrator, Content Developer/ Manager, etc.

BA Hons Economics

This specialization course is meant for those who are interested in economics to know the financial/economic functioning. The average salary of this specialization course is INR 2,00,000 to INR 18,00,000

Know More: BA Hons Economics

Course Level Graduation
Duration 3 year
Examination Type Semester System
Eligibility Class 12 from a recognized board with minimum aggregate marks of 45%
Admission Process Entrance tests followed by an interview.
Course Fee INR 25,000 to 3 lakhs
Average Starting Salary INR 2 lakhs to 18 lakhs
Top Recruiting Areas Analysis/Forecasting Firms, Stock Exchanges, Manufacturing Firms, Agricultural Companies, International Trade Companies, etc.
Job Positions Sales Analyst, Economist, Customer Profit Analyst, Investment Analyst, Investment Administrator, etc

BA Hons Psychology

This course focuses on the study of the human mind, the behavior of humans, etc. the average salary of this specialization course is INR 4,00,000.

Know More: BA Hons Psychology

Course Level Undergraduate
Duration 3 years
Examination Type Semester type
Eligibility 10+2
Admission Process IGNOU, LPU-NEST, GPAT, IPU BA
Top recruiters HGS Wellness, Neologic Innovations, Quess Corp, CIPHER healthcare, Imogene Solutions
Top recruiting sectors Hospitals and Clinics, Therapy Centres, Forensic Labs, Colleges and Universities, Police forces
Top job profiles Child psychologist, Psychologist, Clinical psychologist, Instructor Psychology, Teacher
Course Fee INR 2,000 to 25 Lakhs
Average Starting Salary INR 3 to 12 Lakhs

Other BA Hons Specializations

Apart from the above BA hons specializations, the list of other popular BA hons specializations is mentioned below:

Top BA Hons Colleges in India

Top BA Hons. colleges in India are centralized around major cities like Delhi, Chandigarh, Bangalore, Pune, Dehradun, etc. Some of the top universities in India that provide BA Hons. Course are: University of Delhi, Jamia Milia Islamia University, Aligarh Muslim University, Calcutta University, Banaras Hindu University.

BA Hons Colleges in Delhi

BA Hons Colleges in Chandigarh

BA Hons Colleges in Bangalore

College name Fees
Jain University Not Available
Christ University INR 81,000
CMR university INR 75,000
Mount Carmel College Not Available
Garden City University INR 93,100

BA Hons Colleges in Pune

College name Fees
Vishwakarma University INR 35,000

BA Hons Colleges in Dehradun

College name Fees
DIT University INR 80,000
Doon University INR 41,950
University of Petroleum and Energy Studies INR 5,24,000
Uttarakhand University INR 85,200
IMS Unison University INR 95,200

BA Hons Scope

  • BA Hons degree isn't any additional restricted to offer the job role of only a teacher, however, these days one may also be a Journalist, Political Analyst, Banking Official, Content author, Author, Archaeologists and additional by following identical course. 
  • From being a teacher of any subject of arts to exploring as a Media Aspirant, Political Analyst, communicator and additional, one gets ample of professions to choose from. 
  • With a mean annual salary starting from INR three to 7 lakhs, BA Hons passouts get jobs available in sectors like Banking, educational Institutes, anthropology and geological Survey, MNCs, Political groups, etc.

Courses After BA Hons

Candidates can have many choices after BA Hons. Either they can go for the jobs or can continues with there further studies. Some of the courses are given below-

Students can also pursue B.Ed and LLB for becoming teacher and lawyer respectively.

BA Hons Jobs

Job profile Details Average salary (per annum)
Content writing They collaborate closely with acontentmanager and clients to write according to a company's editorial style. INR 2,64,000
Professors/Teacher Aprofessoris someone who instructs students in a wide variety of academic and vocational subjects beyond the high school level. INR 4,77,000
Historian Historians studythe past by interpreting evidence. INR 5,00,000
Author/ writer Anauthoris a person who writes books or articles. INR 4,50,000
Event manager Event managersplan and organise promotional, business and socialevents. INR 3,00,000
Counselor Counselorswork in confidential settings with individuals who are experiencing personal difficulties, to help them overcome their problems and to make appropriate changes to their lives. INR 3,50,000

BA Hons FAQs

Ques. What is the BA Hons full form?

Ans. The BA Hons full form stands for Bachelor of Arts (Honours)

Ques. Which is better ba or ba hons?

Ans. The basic difference between the both is that in BA Hons one studies a particular specialization and in BA one has no specializations to study.

Ques.What is the BA Hons meaning ?

Ans. BA Hons meaning is considered  as a bachelor degree in arts with an honours in any subject of the same.

Ques. What is the eligibility and admission process of a BA Hons degree?

Ans. One needs to have more than 50% from a recognized board to be eligible for the course. Admission to BA Hons degree is offered both on the basis of merit and entrances mechanisms.

Ques.Is BA Hons a good degree?

Ans.Yes, it can be a degree more academically demanding, as it requires a greater level of learning and achievement.

Ques.Which BA Hons degree is best?

Ans.There are various subjects to study BA Hons like English, History, Sociology, Political Science, Philosophy, Hindi, etc.

Ques What are the advantages of a BA Hons degree?

Ans. Post completing this course one can take up further studies like Master degree in any related subject and also get to work in any government or private firm.

Ques. What are some of the BA Hons jobs? What can one do after completing BA Hons?

Ans. Some of the BA Hons jobs are Content Writer, Primary School Teacher, Political Analyst, Graphic Designer, Communicator, etc.

After successfully completing BA Hons degree, one can go with various MA courses for higher studies.

Ques. Is there any delay in admission for BA Hons due to Covid 19 outbreak?

Ans. Few colleges like Loyola College, St. Stephens College, etc have their admission going for the course but there have been changes in application and exam dates of Universities  like Delhi University, Banaras Hindu University, etc.

Ques: What is the latest update of  DUET  due to Covid 19 outbreak?

Ans. Yes, due Covid 19 outbreak the registration process for DUET has been extended till  18, 2020.

Bachelor of Arts [BA] {Hons.} : 4 answered questions


Ques. Can I get a BA (Hons) in Art in BHU with 204 marks in BHU UET?

● Top Answer By Heena Rahaman on 16 Jan 21

Ans. Yes, one can get admitted to BHU for BA (Honors) in Art with this score. The cutoff score for that year, released by the university, should also be kept in mind. The cutoff varies from year to year depending upon the difficulty level of the question paper. Here is the approximate range of cutoff for each category, General category – 150-190 Obc - >135 Sc - >120 ST - >100 The cut-off score for BA (Hons) in Art for the year 2019 was as follows. Category Cutoff-score OBC 965 General 1568 SC 623 ST 296 For the year 2020, the minimum qualifying marks for the different categories are : General category - 35% Sc category - 25% ST category -25% OBC category- 35% Therefore, keeping in mind the above-mentioned percentile 204 marks is a safe mark in UET for BA, especially in the Arts department where the competition is a little less. So, stay motivated and hope for the best.`Read more
1 Answer

Ques. Which course can I take after completing bpp from Indira Gandhi national open university? Can I go to other universities after bpp?

● Top Answer By Rupsha Islam on 12 Jan 21

Ans. The bpp course from IGNOU is a bachelor level preparatory program. IGNOU has introduced this course for those candidates who wish to pursue a higher degree course but do not have a 10 + 2 certificate for various reasons. This introductory course is not equivalent to a 10 + 2 course, but it is valid for admission into IGNOU's non-formal stream of BA/B.Com, etc. BPP Courses: PCO 1 - Preparatory Course in Commerce OMT 101 - Preparatory Course in General Mathematics OSS 101 - Preparatory Course in Social Sciences IGNOU does not issue certificates after the completion of BPP courses. You need to complete your graduation from the university to get the certificate. You can take any course according to the eligibility criteria or percentage.  Only after finishing your graduation course, you can opt for higher education in other universities with your BPP certificate. If you want to pursue a bachelor’s degree from any other university, complete your 10+2 first.Read more
1 Answer

Ques. Is it a good idea to graduate from IGNOU while simultaneously preparing for UPSC CSE? Exactly how tough is it to get a BA degree from IGNOU?

● Top Answer By Harshavardhan Babu on 10 Nov 20

Ans. Indira Gandhi National Open University is a public university approved by NCTE and AICTE. It offers a number of open learning programs and is well known and recognized among a number of different organizations like the Association of Indian Universities, therefore, doing a B.A. degree from here is a good choice. The following points highlight important aspects of obtaining a B.A degree from the institute. Academics: The BA degrees at IGNOU offer a wide variety of core disciplines in subjects like Economics, Sociology, and Public Administration with a lot of the course work overlapping with UPSC preparations. The exams for the coursework are also designed such that they benefit the student if they are appearing for other exams like UPSC. IGNOU is known for its well-founded courses that ensure the best interests of the student. Depending on if one plans to choose a distance learning or open course degree, one can choose to appear for UPSC. BA degree from IGNOU: Obtaining a BA degree from the university depends upon if you are a part-time student at the institute or committed to full-time study. The former situation might be a little tough on the student. Students are continuously evaluated with assignments, marks from which are counted for the final result. Assignments carry a weightage of 30% of the total result. Students are barred from appearing for end term examinations if they miss an assignment. The major evaluation component is the term-end evaluation system which carries a total of 70% weightage. These exams are conducted twice a year. Students are expected to study from the course material provided and answer accordingly to the point. Most importantly, ensure that one is registered for the exam, failing which results are not declared. In conclusion, you can definitely prepare for the UPSC CSE at the same time as your BA degree. While it is not very tough to clear the BA degree, a habit of regular study will definitely help one obtain it with a good result.Read more
1 Answer

Ques. How is the BA Honours (Government and Administration) program different from other BA degree programs in MIT-WPU?

● Top Answer By Apurva Tamhane on 28 Aug 20

Ans. BA(Political Science/Public Administration/Sociology…etc.) is a theoretical course where there is minimal exposure given to students towards practical aspects of functioning of government, active participation in policy making and research or preparation for UPSC competitive examination. The BA Honours (Govt Admn) degree program focuses on the experiential, facilitative and case study method of learning whereby the students are exposed to a participative mode of learning. The highlights are – Interaction with Eminent Bureaucrats, Political Leaders, Social Activists, Academicians, Media persons and Legal Practitioners. Practical inputs will be in the form of a lot of field assignments like - projects on social causes. Field visits to NGOs, Defense Establishment, Model Village, Media House, Co-operative etc.Read more
1 Answer

Bachelor of Arts [BA] {Hons.} Fee Structure in India

300 (Minimum Fee)PUBLIC COLLEGES36 K  (Maximum Fee)
15.88 K (Average Fee)
3.66 K (Minimum Fee)Private COLLEGES21.91 L (Maximum Fee)
1.75 L (Average Fee)

Bachelor of Arts [BA] {Hons.} Fee Structure By state

West Bengal

12.39 K
17.09 KPrivate COLLEGES17.09 K
17.09 K


19.39 K
30 KPrivate COLLEGES2.70 L
1.20 L


33.51 K
15.18 KPrivate COLLEGES20.69 K
18.40 K

Uttar Pradesh

8.96 K
12.50 KPrivate COLLEGES12.50 K
12.50 K


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Loan/ Scholarship Provisions :

For the Bachelor's of Arts Program, this college is best in terms of educational studies and higher skills. The fee structure here is also very affordable. For every semester, the fee is around 9000 which in terms of the annual year costs around 1,08,000. As compared to the other colleges, this college provides much more internship opportunities as well as placements. I have got an internship in the field of Economics Analyst with a stipend of Rs 12,000 per month.

Course Curriculum Overview :

The exams are conducted per semester on regular basis. For the Bachelors of Arts program, there will be a 6 semester in three years. The examination level is not that too difficult if you have well prepared for your exam. The topics for each subject is well explained by the teachers. I choose Economics honours as my major subject in Arts because it provides ample opportunities for the future. The teaching staff here is well educated and holds high qualifications.

Placement Experience :

From the fifth semester, the students become eligible for campus placements. The number of companies visited here is very huge in number. Around 75% of the students get placed every year in this college based on their skills and hard work. My plan after getting a BA in Economics honours is to do M.A in economics. But the saddest thing is that the M.A in economics is not available there in our PGGCG-42 Chandigarh.

Read More
8.2 /10

Loan/ Scholarship Provisions :

First of all this University has come under Central Government. So, there have not taken so many charges for entrance qualifying students who have come on the merit list. But it doesn't mean that those students have not given any charges. They have to give affordable charges by which any meritorious student who is either from a middle class or rich can educate here. But those students who have come in lower merit and want to take admission in main faculty campus then they have to give some higher charges. Those students are named as Paid seat Students which can be affordable only by rich families. Normal charges of Banaras Hindu University can be upto 10000 per year and extreme charges can go to 20,000 per year for paid seat Students. Some scholarships at the state and national level help students to assists his study in an easy and good way. They always try to fill up the form so that some money has come to him so that it becomes easy to read for his future study. This University has good placemen

Course Curriculum Overview :

I preferred Bachelor of Arts (B.A) Hons. due to a lack of my basic knowledge in other branches of courses. I have Ancient Indian History Culture and Archaeology in my Honours subject and geography and English In Core subject. I have French in my Language subject and Spoken Nepali in my Soft skill which we have to choose in the second year which remains to us for one year only i.e. only in the second year or the third and fourth semester. There are approx 20-25 faculties in which 4000 students read in each faculty. Some are serious and some are not serious about his study. Banaras Hindu University came on 3rd position in University rankings all over India. All facilities have an impressive study method. Teachers are also well educated and degree holders. They educate both characters as well as the subject. They are so helpful. Examination levels is moderate. It can be easy for students if they prepare for exams from starting. Exams are conducted in a strict manner.

Campus Life :

There are many functions and fest which are organized every year. In all facilities of this University organized their respective functions. First of all, Seniors organized a fresher party for newcomers or their juniors. They always stand with junior to face any problem as like as parents. Then quiz competition, Painting competition, Dance competition, Annual fest, and other activities as well as organized by individual faculty. There has also many NCC and NSS units in this University so that students can also enhance their discipline and maintain a cordial relation with other students. This can also be beneficial for future reference. Here is some RSS and other community also form which helps always to others in their problems.

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6.8 /10

Course Curriculum Overview :

The reason for choosing this course as I am more attaching toward the arts as I wanted to explore the things in these fields. This college provides greater opportunities and a platform to enhance my skill sets. The ratio between males and females is equally important as they prefer females students is also as par with the male student because this college gives importance to a female student as they brought new cultures. Professor is highly qualified with immense skills and having a vast industrial knowledge which provides greater insight to the student to enhance their skills to understand e industrial working which helps the student in coping with the working style of the industries the exams occur 2 times in a year one is half-yearly and other another is annually and in between few test where happen the exams was much easier as the question is mostly framed in such a way that it is more related with a practical question rather than theoretical questions which helps students.

Loan/ Scholarship Provisions :

College is mostly run by the central government sharab policy is mostly frame by the central government fee structure is very low as it is run by the government so basically, it is managed by the the government to provide so they provide lots of incentives and other benefit so that the cause burden is not taken by the student fee structure for the college is 3000 per year the college provide other incentives like college books all are provided by the university at much lesser fees the government gives a lot of incentives to the university so that they cannot put a lot of burden to student university how to provide grants and assist them for higher studies.

Campus Life :

College is having the annual fest in the month of January where all the students competition each other to win lots of events like dancing singing special act and other lots of various activities happens which increases the self-confidence of the student in the classroom there is a lot of m unities like laptop availability projectors and other various facilities will be provided there is a lot of sports and extracurricular activity happens in after almost one or two months like cricket badminton extra.

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6.8 /10

Course Curriculum Overview :

Yes. Even in the honours courses for foreign language, there are some placements direct from our college. Datamark, amazon like companies come there to hire employees. For other courses, there are also placements available. As for engineering, there are some industrial placements. But for the student like simple honours courses in subjects like English, Bengali etc there is no such industrial grooming and neither direct placement. Although we get the opportunity of some diploma courses and special side degrees.

Admission :

I liked the subject of English. So I decided to go for a bachelor degree. The admission process is easy. You have to attempt the entrance test. Then on the basis of your score, you will be called by the institution for Camping. If your score in the entrance exam is good then you will get the chance to select your favourite subject combination. Afterwards, you have to submit your documents when the institution confirms your admission through their website. That's it. You are done.

Campus Life :

My college is a central university. So students from different countries come there to study. As a result, there is no lack of diversity among the students. Colours, language, behaviour in everything there is diversity. And campus life is very good. Ver ambient environment. The students are good. The number of boys is larger than the number of girls. There is strong support for sports. Every possible sport and extra curriculum activity is available there.

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4.8 /10

Faculty :

Every student have to attend 5 classes daily but it's only formalities. Professors too not come to take class. As i have attended classes for a semester so According to me Classes are not so interesting and helpful. In Faculty of Social Science there is no any attendence restrictions.

College Events :

Janmastmi, Diwali, Spandan (Youth Fest), Saraswati Pooja and many more programs celebrated in Faculty of social sciences. I hope every cultural festival celebrated in the faculty. Spandan is the youth fest of faculty. The winners of this fest make entry in University Youth fest.

Course Curriculum Overview :

The environment of Faculty of social sciences is not as good as i expected but if you want to do self study then you will do it in hostel. Exams are done on semester basis. As a CSE aspirant i preffered to self study from hostel room because professors are not supportive.

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7.5 /10

Campus Life :

In terms of infrastructure, it is one of the best Universities in India, all the hostels have a separate ground for them to play, and they are of good size. Wi-Fi is provided to all the students of BHU regardless of wether they live in hostels, they are given 4gb of data daily. BHU has one Central (for reading and issuing textbooks) and one Cyber (having around 300 computers) apart from the various Faculty and subject library. In terms of equipments in labs they are sufficient.

Remarks :

It is one of the top university in India, doing a bachelors from here is an honour. I also got a lot of recommendation about it. My cousin was Final year student in BA when I took admission, she told me, it is a good University having great faculty and infrastructure. In BA(hons) you get a lot of subject (around 150 combinations) to choose from, ranging from Mathematics to various language subjects (like Urdu), in which you can pursue your honours.

Course Curriculum Overview :

Course was good in BHU. My subjects were Geography (hons), Mathematics, Applied Statistics. Their are few subjects which are taken seriously and regular classes are conducted for them, but the various other subjects in BA are taken very lightly and even attendance is not also given much importance, attendance only affects your sessional marks and nothing else, almost everyone gets the admit card regardless of their attendance.

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9.0 /10

Admission :

The course of foreign languages comes under faculty of arts and there are numerous of languages been taught in different courses.i chosed japanese as my major subjesct along with philosophy and Sanskrit i also have German and English as subsidiary subjects. I chosed japanese because of good interrelationships of japan and india. And also because of high demand of Asian languages in different sectors. Admission procedure is quite simple there is only 1 exam for all art's courses and students gets their favourable subject on merit in the entrance test. For japanese and chinese a student must get around 280 in 450 After tha he has to go under counciling and thats it once the fee payment is done the new session starts after independence day usually.

Fee Structure And Facilities :

Well every student dream is to study in best college where the expense is low talking about bhu we all know that bhu is a central university hence the fees structure is so low that many will not believe like fees of mine course is 1000 a year that means like i have to pay only 3k for my whole course and by low cost i don't mean that there is any sort of compromise in any field like bhu have best facuy and best infrastructure along with lot of possibilities

Campus Life :

Wellbhu has everything a student dream of before going to college from asias biggest library to world class hospital we have everything inside or campus. rather its dj nites or any events we celebrate every day. since bhu is a university we have students coming from all around the world whether its America or Africa we all stay together and enjoy our campus life.

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7.2 /10

Campus Life :

Talking about the gender ratio university is homogeneous except for some courses like engineering,medical and bilogical science where you will find more boys and girls respectively.Students come from throughout the country from every society this makes the university quite diverse. In BHU you can study any subject inside one big campus every subject from fine arts to ayurveda for mba to engineering this makes the place so special once you get the admission you get to see the fusion between an engineer and a shastri which I bet you can't find anywhere else. You will see students going in the kashi vishwanath temple and having the time of their lives.You will see a big row of students in front of the xerox centres. There are lots of annual functions which I have mentioned earlier where students take part and nurture their talents, Labs are well equipped there is always an assistant to help you out, there is a gym an amphitheatre, places for lawn tennis, basket ball, squash, football field, hockey field, running track, indoor badminton court, table tennis. Overall you will get all the facilities that you can think of so that you can't make excuses that you didn't study because of this reason or so.

Placement Experience :

For placements info you can google the placement cell of Bhu.You can get internship either by your personal reach or by the university guidelines based on your willingness it generally held in the last semester of the course i haven't availed any. For courses like statistics they give you the project work in the last semester and based on your performance they give you the credit equivalent to marks as of the subject.Courses such as BA LLB,LLB the students get the chance to work for the legal aid service provided for the citizens by the BHU for free this helps the students getting the experience and applications of the law they learned in their course.Otherwise they can get paid working under the advocate of courts but for that you have to improve your personal contacts. For course like MBBS students generally work for the hospital which is inside the campus of the BHU and get the real experience of treating a patient as a part of their internship.There are many more internship opportunities based on the course you get in.

Course Curriculum Overview :

Courses are well designed and facilities like library and labs are well equipped.Exam are held on time semester system is there also there are mid term exams which are held on 6 months and 3 months respectively.For research the environment is good as you know via the nirf rankings BHU is the 3rd ranked university in India there are lots of researchers already doing research in almost every field you can think of they even get the stipend if qualified NET or CISR exams.See students take admissions throughout the country making the university very diverse after the course is over you will definitely feel that you have learned a lot in whichever the field you choose prior to the admission.After that there is placement cell which takes care of you placement providing you every opportunity to get a better job

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8.2 /10

Campus Life :

My college has a very good environment for studying, The Best thing about my college is that every type of students is studying here, students are from different places, caste, religion, color, ability and still, we are integrated. The Gender Ratio is around 60 female students in every 100 male students. Our college has many societies which organize many extracurricular activities for every student. Different sports competition is also organized time to time. Our college is politically inactive because the college election was banned a few years ago, there are few bad students also who tease the campus environment but the administration takes over them as soon as they got information. Overall our college is suitable for every student who wants to gain knowledge, skills, and success in their life.

Faculty :

Our college runs 6 days in a week, Sunday off and we have to attend 1hour class of each subject and we have 4 subjects in the present semester, my class's average is 20 years. Apart from syllabus, we have to attend some practical class and those who have professional courses they have to complete an internship with the preferred company. Lectures given by professors are very relevant and understanding for us they taught us each and every fact about the topic. Lectures don't hold any relevant industry experience or certifications.

College Events :

In our faculty, Sanskriti is organised every year in February. Sanskriti is our College's annual cultural youth fest. Management of our faculty organize the and few senior students get responsibility to handle administration for the event. We enjoy it very much in each event. Around 40 different events are organized and almost every student participates and gets a participation certificate as well. Top rankers are selected for University level events.

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4.2 /10

Course Curriculum Overview :

BA political science hons is 3 year course, general degree course. With hons each student have to take 2 elective subject aka pass subject. Whole cours is divided in 6 semester system. Each semester having one internal/mid sem and one external/final sem. Aim of this pattern is to make a student aware about political science. It is to be noted it is not at all a research driven subject. It is purely traditional studies. Where student are expected to acquire themselves to a fix traditional structure. Now regarding curriculum. Curriculum is very vast and cover all the aspects of political science, to name few western though, indian thought, IR public administration, public management, comparative politics, indian democracy, indian politics and few more in other words it cover all the area of polity. With hons a student need to take 2 elective. There are 9 subjects available. Since it changes every academic year I am not going to mention it. But during my time we had odiya,english,sociology psychology, education, history and economics. I had history and economics. The syllabus of elective is quite basic which helps a student to have a basic idea about these subjects. Polity is a subject which can finds its leaf in almost every subject. So one can say all the above mentione elective are quite related to polity. This been said. One should be absolutely clear that this course will not help you at all in any way to get job Immidetily after completion of it. Rather it work as a foundation stone which helps you build your career. Our college does not have any facility for placement or internship. Which is now a days quite common. But faculty in my dept. was extremely talented all our JNU pass out. Extremely knowledges and talented. But truth to be told they lake certain fineness.

Campus Life :

Speaking about gender ratio,every year girls outnumbered boys in almost every department. Same was with our senior and junior both. Since its a government college diversity is very much Noticible, very hard to ignore. Few our very rich from high class other are just opposite, a big chunk of students are underprivileged. So no chance of show off. Not like DU, amity ir any privat college. We have labs for the department Biology chemistry physics geology IT and language lab Also. Labs are quite good. Since I am not a science student can't go in detail. College lacks in extracurricular activities. Students are not very keen in taking part in debate or any other competition per say. Yes we have competition but it more like formality very few students are looking forward to it.

Faculty :

Faculty of my college more specifically my department is very fine. All our JNU pass out. They are mine of knowledge you can ask any theory any article or anything they have the answer. But the down side is they are govt employe so they do act that way. Lethargy, lacking finess, not very updated with technology. Dont want any changes. Once the college hour is over they wont really entertain you. But as said they are full of knowledge having done MPhil and research which has change the concept and knowledge of our stream one of our faculty had done extremely detail research on the pokhran nuclear test. Another had been to moscow for IR work. So they guide students very well.

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9.8 /10

Campus Life :

Chandigarh University is one of the universities which promotes cultural events like a feast, festivals, etc. for the active participation of students. The university has more than 14 libraries, each department has one library and the required books and journals are available in the library. The classrooms have a modern layout, modern teaching aids are using for interesting and active classroom and have world-class facilities. The campus life at Chandigarh University is full of joy and fun.

Course Curriculum Overview :

Faculties are well experienced and skilled, in both academics and industry. Most of the teachers are having a Ph.D. in their subjects. Chandigarh University provides various learning opportunities for learners. Moreover that here we get a chance to interact with international faculties and experts. University gives importance to the overall development of individuals and conducts various competitions and interviews for their improvement also.

Admission :

Chandigarh University follows the normal procedure of admission. Firstly, individuals can get admission on merit basis. Secondly, the university conducts entrance exams for some professional courses. The university also conducts an entrance exam CUCET for all course. And one should have a minimum of 55% in boards for admission.

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7.2 /10

Course Curriculum Overview :

JMC follows the course curriculum and exam structure of Delhi University. It is wholesome. The subjects and content taught in the classroom are comprehensive. 2 semesters in 1 year have made exam structure easier than the universities that follow the year system. The one thing different about giving exams in JMC than other DU colleges is the strictness and surveillance. Two and sometimes even three invigilators in one exam hall is a sight not found in other colleges.

College Events :

JMC is not as active with events as other DU colleges. Different departments hold their own events and cultural fests that are open to students of other departments as well as other colleges. The annual fest of JMC called, 'Montage' is usually a 2-3 days affair and you can expect big Bollywood music artists and personalities to perform.

Admission :

Candidates who have completed 10+2 from a relevant stream with 45% marks are eligible to apply for the respective UG courses. To apply for the PG courses, the candidates must possess a Bachelor's degree in a relevant stream. Admission to JMC is granted on the basis of merit in the qualifying examination.

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9.7 /10

Placement Experience :

The placements are generally good. The highest for the year 2018 was in Lacs. The average package of the college is around 6 Lacs. Around 300+ students were placed. All big auditing firms, consultancy firms and investment banks come for the placements. Internships are also provided by the college.

Admission :

Present the documents along with photocopies after scoring the qualifying marks and post that the college authorities will give you an acknowledgement slip which confirms your admission in the college and can also be used as the College ID until you receive the actual college ID.

Faculty :

Teachers are highly qualified and they possess great knowledge. The best thing about SRCC is that you study from those teachers whose book is being followed. That helps a lot and improves teaching. Students get a lot of practical exposure through various societies.

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8.7 /10

Placement Experience :

As I have just completed my 6 months in college. So I don't about job placement. I hope I will get to know all about this things quite soon. But i heard about the vocational students and students of computer applications. Who are called for interview befor their final exam by many companies

Course Curriculum Overview :

Yeah,the course was quite good enough to focus on research.yeah,the exams are perfect here.each year contains two semesters. As it is a three year course so there are total 6 semesters. Each semester has a project work which carry marks and a theoretical exam which is from the University.

College Events :

There are many cultural and sports events celebrated in our college. Like - udaan, where all competitions like singing, dancing,quiz,beat boxing, fashion show ( it is a inter College event of Kolkata). Sports events like- ASL ( Asutosh soccer league),APL( Asutosh premiere league)

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9.2 /10

College Events :

Talent Hunt - for judging the various talents of students in different fields and the unique talents are presented in the magazine and students are further promoted to high level competitions. Youth festival - The students are selected here for the big inter college and then inter University competitions . This Youth Festival is very famous in the Panjab University as it give special weightage to the prize holders in this festival. Our college is awarded with the all round best trophy in youth festival in the year 2016,2017,2018,2019 continuosly. Literatis - This is the same as I give details above about the literature festival organised by English department. Joy of giving - Many small small activities are organised by the students with teachers and various stalls are placed there . The funds raised in this event is given to the charity. Annual sports day Independence day Republic day Departments like English, commerce, science has organised many festivals under different names and themes every year.

Course Curriculum Overview :

There are many industrial visits almost every week organised for the students. The interested one can attend those and can groom themselves to the fullest as there is no lack of facilities by the institution. As college is affiliated to Panjab University which is one of the oldest University, the syllabus is quite vast and full of interesting subjects. The college provides approximate 350 combination of courses with the variety of new subjects and one can choose according to his interest any of them . For instance, I had the subject combination of Human Rights and Duties, History and Elective english with two more compulsory subjects. Many international conferences and seminars are held in the college by time to time. So overall it is the very grooming experience for every student to be the part of such a prestigious institution.

Faculty :

During my time, there were 15 to 20 teachers in the Department of English. All were well qualified and experienced teachers with doctorate degrees from well known national or international universities. Most of them were in the age group of 35 to 55. They taught particular area of the subject in which they have their specialisation. So in this way the learning become so easy and helpful for the student. ' Literatis', a literature festival is organised every year by the department where many contests like short story writing, novella writing, poem recitation, slam poetry , poster making etc are organised which see the hidden talents of students in the field of literature and groom their talents accordingly by taking them further to inter college festivals.

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8.5 /10

Course Curriculum Overview :

I recommend only -:) 1 ) BHU Entrance book 2) Previous year Entrance papers 3) Lucent books for UG Admission Bhu has its own book named as BHU ENTRANCE BOOK you can buy it and this will help you in clearing your entrance exams. You can download Previous years Entrance Exam Question paper from the official website of BHU. Lucent book is the best way of preparing for General Knowledge and other UG Entrance like BA.

College Events :

Events Events and just events, there are too many events like once in every single day you can join any event some are for everyone and some are for only particular faculty and. Department but there are some cultural events LIKE - KASHIYATRA, DJ NIGHT, SPANDAN ETC. ( SPANDAN )Which is Yearly organised by every Faculty and institute it is one of the famous events of BHU.

Campus Life :

Banaras Hindu university is one of the largest university in Asia as well as in india , it has more then 30 k students strength and theri Hostel management too. BHU has its on Swimming pool , Police station and Too many play ground and stadium .. you will get such a wonderful surrounding there which help you in progressing towards your career ..

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8.2 /10

Course Curriculum Overview :

Course curriculum is quite well what happens that the courses which has been designed over here very good and the structure of the examination is quite well for the courses of BA you need not study much to pass and if you want to score more and become a brilliant student then you have to study for long hours and should focuses on all other social activities and cultural involvements.

Loan/ Scholarship Provisions :

Sorry I don't know anything much about scholarship offers by university specially coz the university itself charges a very nominal fee from the students. Some students go for state scholarship and and even students apply for scholarship from some organisation.

Admission :

You need to fill up an online form, then you have to appear in entrance exam then you have to appear at interview for some of the courses and then you have will have to go for counseling and at last check your merit list for admission confirmation.

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7.5 /10

Course Curriculum Overview :

Curriculum is very good. Exam structure of our university is semester wise there are actually 6 semester. And there are 7 papers based on the subject you are having. The structure of the curriculum is really good for the students and very interesting to learn new things. But some practical knowledge should be included in the literature part. The syllabus of the subjects are meant for the future requirements of the students. Then best thing of the curriculum is that it also tries to explain everything in a very straight way neither very twisted nor in a tough language. And coming to the exam we have 7 paper and with the end of each semester I mean 6 months exams are held. And in this we have two papers for philosophy, two for hindi, two for hindi and one compulsory language paper sanskrit. And each paper carries 70 marks and other 30 marks are from sessional. It depends on teacher whether he gives assignments or takes test. And we are having SGPA system.

Remarks :

The university tries to develop the students and make them stand in the world of competition and the university is having a good infrastructure they provide students with English labs. And in sports the international level of hockey stadium is there, lawn tennis, badminton, basketball and many more are there. And this helps to make a successful personality. Negative is that placement is very bad.

Faculty :

The faculty members of the college are really very helpful and versatile. They are the accumulated pond of knowledge which means such a waste knowledge. They are even punctual in there work and if I didn't get anything while his teaching for sure he's gonna help me out with the problem. Even the faculty members are friendly with us.

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8.0 /10

Alumni/Alumna :

Almuni network for the various courses are not as active as IIT BHU and IMS BHU have. I dont know any alumni of my gradution - BA Hons. During my masters I got to know the importance of alumni network, and my master course MPMIR have alumni network and we have profited by inviting them for professional lectures and learn a lot from them by sharing their experience on corporate as well as personal lifes.

Loan/ Scholarship Provisions :

Govt. scholarship are available for all the student both central govt. and state govt. Students belongs to backward classes are exempted from the academic fees as well as hostel charges. There various schemes are provided from University to help the economically weaker student. One of the program ,I remember named as 'EARN WHILE LEARN'.

College Events :

In the time of beggining of all the courses induction programmes are held , then after our seniors gave the fresher party. As a student we can participates all the fest organised by different dept. Inyer faculty tournaments for sports and NCC, NSS are most recongible.

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9.3 /10

Campus Life :

Activities related to sports in which university cricket playing in the team and in the athlete team for track and field some of the indoor sports like chess and carrom and some other activities are dance and singing songs in cultural and educational programmes

College Events :

There is many events and program are organised in BHU like spandan is wholly University and aankhsa arth are individually faculty which Is gives more satisfaction and relaxation among students there is organised in every one year

Remarks :

Yes it's preety good university gives lots of knowledge and gives higher study scope and good infrastructure and sanyajirao gaekwad library gives more knowledge in every aspects and information of any knoweldege university

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