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Bachelor of Arts (B.A) Honours in Economics is a 3-year full time graduation course. The eligibility for which is a Higher Secondary Certificate qualification from a recognized board with a minimum aggregate marks of 45% .The entire course program is spread across 3 years which is divided into 6 semesters of 6 months each. Some universities also follow the yearly program of examination. The cut-off marks for application in this course varies from institute to institute. In various recognized universities, there are entrance tests held followed by an interview to judge the eligibility of the candidate seeking admission.

Note: Students who wish to pursue their education in Management field or get a career boost, can check MBA course.

The course is best-suited for students who are seeking to build a career in the economics field. This will be helpful in prospective career programs such as MBA and the likes to build oneself as an entrepreneur with the detailed knowledge of the economy and how it runs. It is the social science which analyses the economy as a whole and its production, consumption, distribution of different goods and services. A BA honours in Economics takes into consideration the detailed study of both the macro and micro aspects of economics.

The course covers the definition, scope, limitations, concepts, utility, production, market, and other major/minor aspects of economics. It teaches them to not only learn in detail but to also scrutinize and analyse the different aspects based on which an economy runs. The course is not limited to the Indian economy and covers international economies as well, providing it a global scope when it comes to career opportunities.

Top Institutes offering this course are:

Such graduates may be hired Sales Analyst, Economics Researcher, Economist, Customer Profit Analyst, Investment Analyst, Investment Administrator, etc. in areas such as Analysis/Forecasting Firms, Stock Exchanges, Manufacturing Firms, Agricultural Companies, Financial Information Firms, Banks/Credit Unions, International Trade Companies etc.

The average full time fee charged for the course in India ranges between INR 25,000 to 3 lakhs per academic year, and the average salary offered to such professionals’ ranges between INR 2 lakhs to INR 18 lakhs per annum, increasing with experience and expertise.

B.A. in Economics: Course highlights

Course Level Graduation
Duration 3 year
Examination Type Semester System
Eligibility A Higher Secondary Certificate qualification from a recognized board with a minimum aggregate marks of 45%
Admission Process In various recognized universities, there are entrance tests held followed by an interview to judge the eligibility of the candidate seeking admission.
Course Fee INR 25,000 to 3 lakhs
Average Starting Salary INR 2lakhs to 18 lakhs
Top Recruiting Areas Analysis/Forecasting Firms, Stock Exchanges, Manufacturing Firms, Agricultural Companies, Financial Information Firms, Banks/Credit Unions, International Trade Companies etc.
Job Positions Sales Analyst, Economics Researcher, Economist, Customer Profit Analyst, Investment Analyst, Investment Administrator, etc

B.A Honours in Economics: What is it about?

The program has been designed to offer the eligible candidates a comprehensive course which delves into the nuances of the Indian as well as the other economics around the world. B.A. honours in Economics studies the definitions, scope, limitations, markets, consumers, producers, and distribution of goods and services within an economy. Along with macro, the micro aspects of an economy are also taken into consideration. The students develop analytical and problem-solving skills. As a result, it prepares them for different commerce and banking-related jobs. They may also become entrepreneurs running their business with the knowledge of production, consumption, and distribution in the economy.

The candidates are required to possess a few qualities such as numeracy, problem solving, analytical, communication, computing, and time management, among others. These qualities will help the candidate to build himself/herself as a successful economist after the completion of the course. B.A.  Honours in Economics is both an inclusive as a well-round up program which starts off with the basic definition and understanding of economics as a whole. Following which is the study of the evolution, nature, and scope of economics along with methods of economic analysis. Through a comprehensive study of the market forces of demand and supply, utility, consumption, production, and other important but basic aspects of economics, the course gives a very detailed introduction to economics to the students.

A very important aspect of the course is the inclusion of the environmental aspects of economics and its impacts on the environment, which is extremely crucial in the present times. Since the course concentrates on the foundations of economics, it is extremely helpful in building the perfect base for future studies of the subject.

The course requires an analytical bend of mind in the students and also a sharp capability to solve problems quickly. Logical and numerical ability and an interest in the current social and political activities are also very appreciated in the field. After the successful completion of the course, the candidates can seek a career in the prestigious Reserve Bank of India, Planning Commission, Planning Board, Ministry of Economic Affairs, and The Indian Economic Service.

The students can also seek further studies in the field and can pursue M.A. in Economics

Top Institutes Offering B.A in Economics

Name of Institute City Average Fees in INR
Lady Shri Ram College for Women New Delhi 16,390
Loyola College Chennai 4,614
Quantum University Roorkee 53,000
Christ University Bangalore 56,667
Miranda House College Chennai 12,160
Presidency College Chennai 4,617
Madras Christian College Chennai 18,179
Hindu College New Delhi 14,333
Hansraj College New Delhi 14,333
Fergusson College Pune 3,037
K J Somaiya College of Arts and Science Mumbai 8,345
Ramjas College New Delhi 10,573
Jesus and Mary College New Delhi 12,997
Presidency University Kolkata 3,700
Jai Hind College Mumbai 4,262
Sri Venkateswara College New Delhi 9,590
Delhi College of Arts and Commerce New Delhi 9,120
St. Xavier’s College Ahmedabad 4,740
Shri Ram College of Commerce New Delhi 29,273
St Andrew’s College of Arts and Commerce Mumbai 5,263
St. Mira’s College for Girls Pune 1,400

Eligibility for B.A. Honours in Economics

Candidates wishing to apply for the course need to have a Higher Secondary Certificate qualification from a recognized board with a minimum aggregate marks of 45%. The cut-off marks for application in this course varies from institute to institute.

Admission Process for B.A. Honours in Economics

In various recognized universities, there are entrance tests held followed by an interview to judge the eligibility of the candidate seeking admission. While some institutes offer admission on the candidates’ performance in boards, while some institutes may also hold an entrance test followed by an interview to judge the eligibility of the candidate for the course.

Some such entrance tests and counselling held in the country for admission are:

B.A. Honours in Economics: Syllabus and Course Description

Semester I Semester II
Economics Core Course 1 : Introductory Microeconomics Economics Core Course 3 : Introductory Macroeconomics
Economics Core Course 2 : Mathematical Methods for Economics-I -
Ability Enhancement Compulsory Course (AECC)-I Economics Core Course 4 : Mathematical Methods for Economics-II
Generic Elective (GE) Course-I Ability Enhancement Compulsory Course (AECC)-II
Semester-III Semester IV
Economics Core Course 5 : Intermediate Microeconomics-I Economics Core Course 8 : Intermediate Microeconomics-II
Economics Core Course 6 : Intermediate Macroeconomics-I Economics Core Course 9 : Intermediate Macroeconomics-II
Economics Core Course 7 : Statistical Methods for Economics Economics Core Course 10 : Introductory Econometrics
Skill Enhancement Course (SEC)-I Skill Enhancement Course (SEC)-II
Generic Elective (GE) Course-III Generic Elective (GE) Course-IV
Semester V Semester VI
Economics Core Course 11 : Indian Economy-I Economics Core Course 13 : Indian Economy-II
Economics Core Course 12 : Development Economics-I Economics Core Course 14 : Development Economics-II
Discipline Specific Elective (DSE) Course-I Discipline Specific Elective (DSE) Course-III (From List of Group-II)
Discipline Specific Elective (DSE) Course-II Discipline Specific Elective (DSE) Course-IV (From List of Group-II)

B.A. Honours in Economics: Career Prospects

This course caters to the students who seek a career in the trade and commerce and banking sectors of the economy as it offers them a highly detailed and comprehensive study of the basics of economics. The program helps the students develop a highly keen and analytical attitude which further helps in their academic and professional careers. The 3 year long course offers a well-round up study of the Indian economy, agricultural economy, and industrial economy. It also takes into account the environmental aspects of the growth and development of different economic plans in the country, as it includes a specialized study of the Indian economy in particular.

A B.A. honours in economics requires the candidates to have analytical, logical, and problem-solving capabilities in order to survive and prosper in the field. Along with communication, computing, numeracy and time-management, hard-work and dedication is also appreciated in the field of economics.  It will, as a result, not only provide theoretical knowledge to the students but also hone their skills which are required to sustain oneself in the industry, along with the theoretical knowledge.

Such professionals are assets to companies such as the Ministry of Economic Affairs, the Reserve Bank of India, The Planning Commission of India, National Sample Survey, The Indian Economic Service, etc in job positions such as Sales Analyst, Economics Researcher, Economist, Customer Profit Analyst, Investment Analyst, and Investment Administrator. They may also be hired in areas such as Analysis/Forecasting Firms, Stock Exchanges, Manufacturing Firms, Agricultural Companies, Financial Information Firms, Banks/Credit Unions, International Trade Companies etc.

One can also opt to pursue further studies in the field, like M.A. honours in Economics to further hone their knowledge of the subject. Doing so helps the students to be eligible for more lucrative jobs in The Planning Commission of India, the Reverse Bank of India, Ministry of Economic Affairs, etc. B.A. honours degree itself will bring you to a position where you can find employment in prestigious companies and acquire better job positions with increase in expertise and experience.

Some of the popular professional avenues open to successful graduates of the course are listed below with the corresponding salaries offered for the respective positions.

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) Honours in Economics Annual Salary
Job Position Job Description Average Annual Salary Per Year
Investment Analyst Responsible for providing insights on economic trends and evaluate investment potential for firms/companies. 4.5 lakhs
Sales Analyst Responsible for making sales forecasts, collects, and analyses data in order to evaluate present sales goals for the company. 4.5 lakhs
Economist Responsible for the research, organization, and evaluation of economic data pertaining to current economic status of the country. 6.87 lakhs

Bachelor of Arts [BA] {Hons.} (Economics) : 7 answered questions


Ques. How is the BA economics course at St. Xavier's University, Kolkata? What is the cutt-off for candidates who took commerce stream in 12? Is Mathematics subject compulsory for admissions?

● Top Answer By Rishabh Chandel on 09 Jun 21

Ans. If you are considering pursuing a degree in Economics, it is recommended that you do not prioritize Xavier's Kolkata.  You'd be better off starting at one of the top ten colleges in Delhi or one of the top five in Mumbai.  Kolkata lacks the atmosphere and opportunities that economics graduates require both during and after graduation. In contrast, Delhi has a great environment (coaching and guidance for higher studies in eco) and opportunities (training and internships) for eco graduates.  The Finance Industry in Mumbai will be very helpful (and much needed) in obtaining internships, part-time jobs, or any other type of practical training.  Calcutta is devoid of all of these. Also, Mathematics is mandatory in order to be admitted to B.A. (Eco) at St. Xavier's Kolkata. If you are not applying through any quotas (such as Christian, SC/ST, or from schools affiliated with Xavier's), you will need at least 96 percent in class 12th. Despite the fact that it appears in subsequent lists, it goes down by 1%–2%.Read more
1 Answer

Ques. Should I do a BBE from Delhi University or bachelors in economics from Delhi School of Economics?

● Top Answer By Paromita Chatterjee on 21 Jan 21

Ans. The point which needs to be addressed at first is that Delhi School of Economics doesn't provide any BA Economics course as of now. Though, many of the other colleges under Delhi University offer this course. The admission procedure starts with the evaluation of the performance in 12th standard boards. Both BA Economics and Bachelors in Business Economics (BBE) indeed provide great career opportunities. Though, few factors need to be considered before making a choice. Here are some of the factors mentioned below. Firstly, the question arises in the mind is about the enjoyment one gets while practicing maths. If the answer is no, then it is highly recommended to go for BBE as BA Economics includes a lot of maths. Secondly, it is regarding the interest in learning about the working of economy or functioning of a business. Students keen to learn about the working of economy should opt for BA Economics while students interested to know about the functioning of business may opt for BBE. Then it is about the future aspirations. If you are interested in research, teaching, and academics then opt for BA Economics. Though, both BBE and BA Economics are suitable options for those who are heading towards the corporate sector. Finally it is your decision to shape the future. You need to be certain about your future goals. If you are opting to pursue MBA, you can go for any of the two courses available. Though, students who are willing to pursue MA in economics, should definitely pursue BA Economics without any doubts.Read more
1 Answer

Ques. Which is better for a BA in economics, Shaheed Bhagat Singh, DCAC or Symbiosis School of Economics?

● Top Answer By Deepika Kunwar on 07 Oct 20

Ans. Shaheed Bhagat Singh and DCAC offer a BA in Economics. Whereas, Symbiosis School of Economics offers a BSc (Hons.) in Economics. SBSC is ranked 151 out of 200 top colleges in India by NIRF. DCAC is ranked 31 out of 120 in Arts by India Today. NIRF has ranked SSE in the 20th position in India.  Admission:  All the colleges take admission based on merit however, the major difference lies between their cut-offs, which vary every year. For the year 2019, the cut off for Shaheed Bhagat Singh and DCAC went as high as 96% for BA Economics.  Institute SBSC DCAC SSE Course Fee 20,155/- 27,285/- 2.02 lakhs Placements: SBSC- Around 40% of students get placed at SBSC, with an average package of 5-7 LPA.  The highest salary package received by the students is 16 LPA.  Top recruiters at the institute are Deloitte, Mc Kinsey, TresVista, DE Shaw, etc. DCAC- The placement rate at DCAC is 35%.  Students get placed in companies like Google, Ernst, and Young, Barclays, Capital-IQ, Genpact, IBM, ICICI Prudential, etc.  The average CTC is 3 LPA. SSE- The average package received by the students of SSE is 3.5 LPA. The top recruiters at the institute are Ernst and Young, Deloitte, Honeywell, Deutsche Bank, Wipro, Hudl, Tresvista, Teach for India, FRR Forex.  All the colleges provide various scholarships to their students mainly based on their economic status as well as their academic performance. All the above-mentioned institutes are well-reputed and offer decent academics for BA Economics. The course fee for SSE is higher than the others as it is a private establishment.Read more
1 Answer

Ques. Which is better for a BA in economics, Shaheed Bhagat Singh, DCAC or Symbiosis School of Economics?

● Top Answer By Shivani Parasrampuria on 28 Aug 20

Ans. A Bachelor’s course in Economics which is intellectually stimulating and professionally relevant. It explores their skills and knowledge through various mediums which helps in growth and development. The course prepares students with basic principles of economic theory and puts emphasis on economic concepts and their application in real life.  The table given below gives a brief overview of the institutes: Categories Shaheed Bhagat Singh Delhi College of Arts and Commerce  Symbiosis School of Economics Cut Off 96% 96.75% 96% Course Fee INR 19,425 INR 10,015 INR 2,10,000 Highest Salary Package 16 LPA <5 LPA 10 LPA Average Salary Package 5-7 LPA 3 LPA 6-7 LPA Recruiting Companies Deloitte, Mc kinsey, TresVista, DE Shaw, etc. Google, Ernst and Young, Barclays, Capital-IQ, Genpact, IBM, ICICI Prudential, etc. RangSutra, IBM, Jindal Steel, Panasonic India and others Placement Percentage 40% 35% 10% Shaheed Bhagat Singh College: Shaheed Bhagat Singh College provides honours courses in two subjects - Commerce and Economics.  The students graduating from here gained admission for Master’s in institutes like Delhi School of Economics, Indian Institute of Management, South Asian University, Indian Institute of Foreign Trade, etc.  40% of students were placed in the batch 2019, whereas 50% of students received internship opportunities. Symbiosis School of Economics: Symbiosis School of Economics has a 3-year undergraduate program in Economics.  One can get admission through the entrance exam conducted by the institute namely SNAP. Students receive job offers from reputed banks, financial institutions, business institutions, business media, government agencies, etc.  Though they have recruiters from top companies coming over, the placement percentage is 10%, which is quite low.  Summer Internships by Bharat Forge Ltd., QED Baton, HDFC Bank, Zephyr Financial Publishers Ltd., WTC, ICICI Prudential, etc. are also conducted to provide students with practical training. Shaheed Bhagat Singh College and DCAC is much more affordable than Symbiosis School of Economics. According to affordability Shaheed Bhagat Singh College and DCAC is always preferred by students. They also have better placement percentages than Symbiosis School of Economics.Read more
1 Answer

Ques. Which college is better for economics hons., Maitreyi or Atma Ram Sanatan Dharma?

● Top Answer By Mohit Sarohi on 14 Aug 20

Ans. ATMA RAM SANATAN DHARMA MAITREYI COLLEGE ESTABLISHED 1959 1967 NAAC ACCREDITATION GRADE A GRADE A NIRF RANKING  13TH 35TH   TOTAL COURSES 21 ACROSS 3 STREAMS 25 ACROSS 5 STREAMS MEDIAN SALARY PACKAGE 3.5 LPA 4.1 LPA CATEGORY CO-ED GIRLS Table: A brief comparison Atma Ram Sanatan Dharma is a very prestigious college under the Delhi University, constantly being in the top 15. It has a strong alumni network and a distinguished and scholarly faculty staff under whose guidance and mentorship, students excel in their respective fields and learn all the necessary skills. The college provides a lot of exposure for students to learn leadership and management skills via the elaborate socio-cultural fests organised round the year. Key highlights of the placement statistics of this institution are: Top recruiters are Concentrix, Clairvolex, Indigo, Ernst & Young amongst many other notable companies. The internship fair witnessed over 30 organizations offering respectable roles in the domain of finance, digital marketing, sales, HR to about 200+ students who participated. Highest salary package offered in the last academic session was 9 LPA. Average salary offered was 3.5 LPA Maitreyi college is one of the best colleges under the DU to pursue Economics honours. It has a well renowned faculty contingency that helps become the students outstanding scholars, researchers and educators. The college provides hands on experience by organising many seminars, workshops etc. Over the years it has a decent placement rate of over 65% and some of the key features of the previous placement season are: Top recruiters being Urbanclap, Tresvista, Jamboree, E&Y amongst many others. For economics hons. the highest package offered was 9.6LPA Average package offered was 4.4LPA. Internships were also offered by organisations like The Oberoi Group, Ken Research, 9changes and others The college saw almost 60% increase in average packages offered  It is very difficult to prefer one college over the other as all have different teaching patterns, a dedicated faculty and aim to bring the best out of the students. So, it is on the individual to infer which would be the best option.Read more
1 Answer

Bachelor of Arts [BA] {Hons.} (Economics) Fee Structure in India

1.09 K (Minimum Fee)PUBLIC COLLEGES21.17 L  (Maximum Fee)
58.60 K (Average Fee)
1.26 K (Minimum Fee)Private COLLEGES25.75 L (Maximum Fee)
1.51 L (Average Fee)

Bachelor of Arts [BA] {Hons.} (Economics) Fee Structure By state

West Bengal

14.31 K
3.95 KPrivate COLLEGES2.72 L
38.75 K

Delhi NCR

93.27 K
45 KPrivate COLLEGES25.75 L
3.63 L
6.99 K
1.54 KPrivate COLLEGES93.45 K
26.90 K


2.54 L
23.50 KPrivate COLLEGES25.75 L
4.49 L


53.93 K
5.77 KPrivate COLLEGES3 L
47.29 K


14.63 K
2.05 KPrivate COLLEGES2.11 L
58.11 K


33.79 K
20 KPrivate COLLEGES3.50 L
1.24 L


18.90 K
1.26 KPrivate COLLEGES4.44 L
1.37 L
15.38 K
14.91 KPrivate COLLEGES2.48 L
77.69 K

Madhya Pradesh

1.08 L
25.50 KPrivate COLLEGES1.55 L
1.07 L


33.46 K
36 KPrivate COLLEGES1.26 L
75.99 K


21.17 L
7.88 KPrivate COLLEGES3.54 L
1.32 L


1.29 L
17.49 KPrivate COLLEGES6.97 L
3.45 L


5.80 L
11.73 KPrivate COLLEGES7.60 L
4.90 L


5.24 L
2.11 KPrivate COLLEGES5.24 L
2.21 L


52.20 K
23.50 KPrivate COLLEGES61.70 K
42.60 K


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371 Reviews found out of 213738

8.2 /10

Campus Life :

The annual fest of the college is called 'Manjari'. It's really fun and you must attend it. Mostly, it is conducted in the month of Feb or March. Apart from it, there are a number of society fests too. The library is fine, though it can be improved. Some of the classrooms have AC. Sports facilities are good, it has a sports complex too.

Course Curriculum Overview :

The faculty: student ratio depends on the number of admissions. For some classes, it was 30:1, while for some, it was 45:1. Most of the Teachers are either having a master's or a Ph.D. Exams are held twice a year. It isn't difficult to pass the exam.

Loan/ Scholarship Provisions :

Fees are affordable. It's around 45,000 for 3 years. For those who can't afford to pay, a scholarship is available. You will have to provide proof of the same and then you will get it. The average CTC offered for jobs is around 5-6 lakh per annum.

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9.3 /10

Campus Life :

Sankaran, Spandan, and many other fests are organized every year by every department on its own. Sankaran is being organized every year by the students VSE in the month of January or February. There is a huge library on our campus with all the books that are needed. All the facilities are available in the classroom like sitting, whiteboard, a/c, projector, wifi on each floor, etc.. I didn't know much about sports activities but there are some indoor games like table tennis, chess, etc. There are around 15 societies in my college. All the societies are run by the students like Aflatoon, 3.14 Crew, NSS, and many others.

Course Curriculum Overview :

Economics is the best-scored subject of mine that is why I choose this course for my graduation. I think there are around 10-12 teachers for all the semester's students of ba economics Hons. The faculty are well trained, experienced, and well-educated. All the faculty members have done their studies from the best colleges with a good percentage. Even in this epidemic time, they teach us in very interesting manners. They don't let us feel that we are studying online from our homes. The methods are very good and unique. The examination is held after every semester and is easy to clear.

Loan/ Scholarship Provisions :

The fees that we need to pay include Tuition fees Rs. 83,800 ; University charges Rs. 12,000 and Student activity fees Rs. 1000. The cost of the study is high and expensive as compared to Delhi university. They also provide scholarships or financial assistance to needy students. During the epidemic times, we were given an option to pay the fees partially.

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9.3 /10

Campus Life :

Sankaran is the annual fest of VSE, being organized every year by the students under the guidance of faculty and dean in January or February. There are different kinds of societies you can join according to your interests such as dance, music, art, social work, yoga, and many others. There are many sports in our college like cricket, basketball, football, table tennis, chess, etc. Our classroom is big enough with a proper sitting arrangement, whiteboard, projector, inbuilt air conditioner, wifi with a password, etc. There is a huge library with all the books needed also.

Course Curriculum Overview :

I choose this course because I like economics as a subject and want to study more and more about economics and our economy. There are around 12-13 faculty members for all the conomics hons students. The faculty members have complete knowledge about the subjects they teach and have done their Masters and Ph.D. from the best colleges. They teach every concept with a unique method which is very helpful for us. Every semester the examination takes place and the question paper is easy with choices in almost all the questions.

Placement Experience :

When the student reaches their last semester which is the final year then he/she is eligible for the campus placement. The most visited companies are Oracle, ICICI bank, hdfc bank, and many other finance and corporate companies. The average package they offer is 5 lakh per annum. The selection is on the basis of interviews and the few tests they conduct. Most students who want campus placement get placed and others may go for their further studies. I am planning to complete my master's after graduation is done.

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8.2 /10

Campus Life :

I am very much satisfied with the social life at college. The crowd and peers are really amazing and enthusiastic. We also have our Annual Fest named Rhapsody and other societal fests that are conducted during January, February, and March where various well-reputed artists perform live. There are all types of books available from a different field in the library and a common area where you can read the newspapers in peace as the proper decorum is maintained in there. To encourage extracurricular activities amongst students, there are many societies like singing, dancing, modeling, art, sports club, NCC and NSS, etc. Societies like Riyaaz, Artisto, Apollonia, Meraki (entrepreneurship cell), and many other societies are run by students for students.

Course Curriculum Overview :

I chose this course because, since 11th Standard, I had an immense interest in Economics and wanted to pursue it. My batch surprisingly got a lot of admissions especially in my course and hence the student-teacher ratio stands around 65:1 but it didn't prove to be much of a hindrance as the faculty is unexplainably good and experienced. Their way of teaching instantly got us connected and was really helpful in solving our doubts. Our exams are conducted twice a year and there were pretty moderate on the scale of difficulty level. Basically, exams are based on your understanding of concepts instead of cramming.

Loan/ Scholarship Provisions :

I would say that fees is really minimal in a way that most of us can afford. It is just around 6,000 per year which is pretty less as compared to the demand of course. I didn't apply for any financial assistance. There are societies/cells available that provide on-campus jobs and internships and if one want to get one they can easily contact them.

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7.8 /10

Campus Life :

Mecca is the annual fest which is held in the month of February. There are also many other fests which are held throughout the year like Suruchi, Internship fair etc. Books are easily available for almost every course. The library is very huge and all the important books are kept in the reserve section. There is a well-equipped reading room that subscribes to a large number of dailies, weeklies and journals. There is an endless number of societies in Hindu College. And students can join any of them. There are many pages on Instagram like the Friend's club which is for students run by the students only. People are very helpful here.

Course Curriculum Overview :

Since school, economics has been my favourite subject and I was sure about building my career in this field. The student-faculty ratio is 70:10. The faculty is amazing. Teachers are very well educated, knowledgeable and helpful as well. They are always open to discussions and solving your doubts. Term exams are held in December and May. The difficulty level is average. Students need to be thorough with their concepts in order to pass with good marks.

Placement Experience :

Students from the 3rd year become eligible for campus placements. Usually, companies like BCG, EY, Accenture recruit students every year. The highest salary package offered was 21 LPA and the lowest offered was 3 LPA. 55-60% of students are placed every year. After graduation, I will go for post-graduation in the field of economics only.

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9.3 /10

Campus Life :

Our department organizes Sankaran - The Academic Fest every year in the month of January or February. There is a huge library and all the books and journals are available there. There are a no. of sports activities in my college like cricket, basketball, chess, table tennis, badminton, etc.. All the societies in the college are being run by the students of the college under the guidance of faculty members. Some of the societies are Kalaa, Arthvidya, Vyom, 3.14 Crew, Aflatoon, and many other societies.

Course Curriculum Overview :

I choose this course because I want to study economics in depth. There are around 10 faculty members for 360 students. All the faculty members have completed their master's and some of the teachers also have done their phd from the best colleges. The teaching methods are innovative which makes things interesting and easy to understand. The examination takes place after every semester and the question paper is quite easy and easy to clear.

Loan/ Scholarship Provisions :

I paid a total of Rs. 96,800 for a year which includes tution fees, university charges, and student activity charges. I find the cost of study a bit high for me to pay but the facilities that my college provides are very good so I think that fees is nominal from the side of college. They provide scholarships and financial assistance to the students who are in need and also at the times of epidemic they accept part payment.

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9.3 /10

Campus Life :

Sankaran is the annual fest which is being organised by VSE in the month of January or February. There are 2 huge libraries in my college and have a no. of books, novels and many other kinds of books. Also, the newspaper is available in the library which we can read. There are all amenities in the classroom like a projector, comfortable sitting arrangement, lecture stand, white board, air conditioner etc. There are no. of sports in my college like football, basketball, cricket, table tennis, chess and many other sports. There are many societies in my college i.e. Arthvidya, Kalaa, Vyom, 3.14 crew, Aflatoon, NSS, and other various kinds of society.

Course Curriculum Overview :

I choose this course because from the 10th standard I was Interested in economics subject. There are around 10-12 faculty members for all the semester students. The faculty members are excellent in their subjects. They have different teaching methods for each concept which help us gain more knowledge. After every semester examination takes place. The exam paper is set to moderate that even weak students can solve and gain good marks.

Placement Experience :

Final year students are eligible for the campus placement. There are a no. of companies that visit our college for placement like Oracle, ICICI bank, IDFC bank, and other reputed companies. The highest package they offer is 7-8 Lakh per annum and the average pack they offer is 5 Lakh per annum. Most all the students get placed under the placement process. I am planning to do my Master's in Economics after my graduation.

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9.5 /10

Campus Life :

Sankaran - The Academic Fest takes place every year in the month of February or March. Yes, there is 2 huge library in our college which has all kinds of books that we need. There are all the facilities in the classroom like air conditioner, wifi with a password, smart class, good sitting arrangements, etc.. Yes, there are a lot of sports on our campus like football, cricket, basketball, table tennis, chess, etc.. There is a no of societies in my college like Kalaa, Arthvidya, Vyom, Aflatoon, Elysian, NSS, and many more that are being operated by the students of our college.

Course Curriculum Overview :

I choose this course because I always wished to gain more and more knowledge about economics. In my college, there are around 10-12 faculty members for all the three-year students. The faculty members are well educated and have completed their studies at the best colleges. All the faculty knows every concept clearly. They teach us in a very innovative and unique manner which helps us a lot to understand. Every semester we have an examination. The exam paper is moderate and easy to clear.

Loan/ Scholarship Provisions :

I pay Rs. 96800 as fees every year which is little high but I am happy with the facilities that college provide us. So, if we compare the fees with the facility provided it is nominal. Yes, the cost of the study is high but it worths it. Our college provides scholarshipss and financial assistance to poor children who cannot afford to pay the amount. No, I didn't get any job yet.

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9.0 /10

Campus Life :

Sankaran: The Academic fest of VSE takes place every year in the month of January or February. There are two libraries in our college one for all the courses and another for law students. Both the library have all the books that we need to study and other stuff also like newspapers, magazines,s, etc. There are many indoor and outdoor games in our college like football, badminton, table tennis, chess, etc. There are many societies in our college i.e. Vyom - The Cultural society, Kalaa - The fine art society, Arthvidya: The academic society and much different society which are being managed by students.

Course Curriculum Overview :

I choose this course because from the 11th class I was interested in Economics and want to study it in deep. There are around 10 faculty for 3-year students ( 360 students or 6 classrooms of 60 students). All the faculty members are excellent in their subjects and have qualified from renowned colleges. The teaching members are very impressive and different which helps us understand better. The examination takes place after every semester. There are only 4 questions with choices which we have to attempt in 3 hours. The question paper is moderate but quite tricky.

Loan/ Scholarship Provisions :

The fee structure is as follows : Tuition fees: Rs. 83,800 Student Charges: Rs. 12,000 Student Activity fees: Rs. 1000 So, we have to pay a total amount of Rs. 96,800 every year. The fee hike takes place after a certain period of time. The cost of the study is quite high. Yes, the college provides scholarships and financial assistance to needy students who cannot afford to pay high fees, that is a plus point. Yes, there are on-campus placement offers given to students.

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8.8 /10

Course Curriculum Overview :

My course is BA economics Hons. This course is only available in only 4 colleges in ipu and believes me, VIPS is the best college for this course. The dean here is Dr. Anuradha Jain who is a highly qualified teacher. He also teaches. All faculty members are the best version of themselves. They make great efforts for their students to get educated. Regular mentor sessions are also conducted there to know the difficulties students are facing ( if any). All the faculty members are well educated and qualified in their specific subjects. There are only two terms of exams I.e. mid sem or internal exams and end sem or final exams in a semester. Internal exams held in the mid of the semester and others at the end. The marking scheme is as per the IPU guidelines. Also passing is not difficult because the teachers put their best version in front of us so that the student also thinks before getting failed in the exams.

Campus Life :

As there are almost 10 courses provided by the college so you can get a chance to attend as many fests as you can. All departments have their own fests. In a year on average, you can have a glimpse of almost 8-9 fests and events. There are 3 libraries in the campus, one is common for all, one is for law students, and one is for only for the students pursuing masters. And books are always available there. They never get out of stock. A football, basketball, chess, TT, volleyball team is there who participate in the annual sports event of the University. There is also an amazing society for social workers I.e. NSS. Each department has it own society (more than one)

Loan/ Scholarship Provisions :

As this college is semi govt. College so obviously govt. Decide the limit of the fees and the college decide the amount. And VIPS is charging the upper limit or the fees mentioned by the govt. It is almost 1 lakh INR for eco Hons. Every year. And in the first year, it is about 1.05Lakhs. Also, the campus placement is good. Highly reputed companies visit the college for placement. Highest package till now in eco. Hons is 10lakh per annum.

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8.5 /10

Campus Life :

Sankaran is conducted every year in January or February. The facility of a book bank is provided by the college and also there is a huge library where we find all kinds of books. There are a no. of sports activities like football, basketball. cricket. badminton etc. . There are three societies in our department i.e Kalaa - The fine art society. Vyom- The cultural society and Arthvidya- The Academic society.

Course Curriculum Overview :

I choose this course because I want to study economics in deep and understand the Indian Economy. There are around 10 faculty members for 3 years. All the faculty members are qualified from known and reputed colleges and have complete knowledge about their subjects. The teaching methods are innovative which help me understand the subject well.

Loan/ Scholarship Provisions :

Yes, the fees are increased after a certain period and the cost of study is really very high. It's really very difficult for someone to pay this big amount. It's absolutely correct that they provide scholarships and financial assistance to children who cannot afford to pay the fees.

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6.6 /10

Course Curriculum Overview :

I chose this course as I always had a keen interest in Economics. I want to further pursue Economics in master's as well. The curriculum is quite rigorous and well structured. The ones opting for Economics Hons in JMI and who want to pursue Economics further must choose mathematics as their subsidiary subject. JMI also provides choice-based subjects wherein one is free to choose any subject from all the departments of the university. The professors in JMI are very well qualified and dedicated. Exams were conducted in the Open Book mode due to covid

Campus Life :

Well, we haven't been to the university yet due to covid but our seniors tell us that JMI campus is extremely vibrant and lively. The library is incredibly huge and amazing. We have received credentials for online access of the library as well. The classrooms are decent. Pretty nice infrastructure for sports. Many societies and other global organizations are very active. Enactus, The Jamia Review, 180DC, CDF are some of them.

Loan/ Scholarship Provisions :

The annual fees stand at Rs 7,200. This includes the tuition fees, examination fees, library charges and other related costs. The cost of accommodation is not included. That has to be managed by the students themselves. Multiple scholarships are available that one can apply for given the fact that he/she fulfills the criteria.

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6.3 /10

Course Curriculum Overview :

Along with ba economics, it also offers bsc economics which is quite unheard of in Odisha. The faculty student ratio is low. We barely have 4-5 permanent faculty for a student strength of 400 including postgraduate students but the quality of lecturers are top-notch. The Head of the department explains in le man's terms. Micro and macroeconomics faculty are also highly qualified. Exams are more subjective and theoretical when it comes to macro but for micro it's maths. So unless you like maths you will find it a bit difficult or else it fine.

Campus Life :

The college doesn't hold any annual fest though it is planning to start something from next year. The famous Kanika library is the biggest library in Odisha so that answers almost everything about the library. Inter University games and tournaments are held every year. Almost every sport is included. Also, intra- hostel matches are quite fun. There aren't many official groups but there are many unofficial groups that lead the way to gigs and all of that stuff. It includes music, dance, cinematography etc.

Loan/ Scholarship Provisions :

The fees at Ravenshaw University is absolutely negligible. For girls and students with a quota, you can pay your fees from the scholarship itself. The 3 years course will only demand a mere 6k rupees from you. I didn't apply for any scholarship but the environment helped me finding internships.

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8.0 /10

Course Curriculum Overview :

The course is extremely well built and the assignments given are up to date with current affairs and also take care of the important aspects of critical thinking. The faculty are extremely and good and there are almost 1 faculty per 10 students. Exams are based on understanding of the course.

Placement Experience :

Large companies that work in various sectors come to pick extraordinary students. Companies like DeShaw, JP Morgan, Zomato, Ernst and Young, ICICI Banks, and many other large companies come with exciting packages. Packages range from 23 Lakhs per annum, to 5 Lakhs per annum.

Campus Life :

The campus life at Christ is excellent. Students have a great chance of networking and self development through the always thriving and booming campus. There are multiple fests that are going on round the year and extracurricular activities which make it great campus life.

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8.3 /10

Campus Life :

The college has a very well maintained infrastructure equipped with good wifi connectivity. Also, the environment of the library is very calm. One can go anytime to study, it has all the journals of writers and there can be easily issued. The campus life is really good as there as many societies like Enso, Enactus, Resonance- music society, Roots- Dance society, Rotaract club etc. Besides college societies, there are individual department societies as well. One can never get bored. The is NCC, shooting training is also given at the college. Although there are various department Fests are organised. The best fest is organised for Commerce society. But when it comes to college fest I can vouch for the fact that Dyal Singh really lacks in the as fest are not much of great fun here, no big personality or star night is invited.

Course Curriculum Overview :

Economics Honors is one of the highly reputed courses in Du and one can have various opportunities in career if opted for this course. The scope is very wide in this course. But one really has to score very high to get into this course. Noe coming to the teaching faculty, it's excellent. The teachers are highly qualified and very helpful. They took their classes very seriously. They are very helpful and help even at odd hours. One really has to work hard to score well in the examination. You cannot rely on the last minute preparation, notes should be prepared beforehand. The level of exam is fairly difficult. If one doesn't take the course seriously he can even fail the exam.

Internships Opportunities :

There are wide internships offered in the college. The Placement Society is very good as it provides excellent internship opportunity ranging from unpaid to paid work. I have done 4-5 internships since last year. Once can earn 6000-7000 per month from internships. I have done an internship as a content writer and research analyst. Most of the opportunities offered are part-time but some are offered for full-time work as well. Most of the opportunities are offered for the role of Social. Media Marketing, Content Writing, Policy Research, Campus Ambassador etc. The internships are of great help in college life as they help in personality development.

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10.0 /10

Placement Experience :

Placement season is typically the 5th semester, and premium companies - the Big 4, IT, CSR, Non-profits, startups, etc alike come together to recruit from LSR. The students are usually given a presentation about the company (and if lucky, they get served dinner too) prior to the placement session. Average salaries go up to 8-10 LPA.

Campus Life :

A total of 23 clubs are there in LSR. Tarang, the annual fest is an infamous event for the whole of DU. Apart from clubs, there is NSS, NSO and NCC at LSR which enables students to choose what they'd like to dedicate their after hours to. DramSoc is the best.

Course Curriculum Overview :

It is the best Economics degree you can have in India, complete with a good balance of macro and micro study, including welfare economics. Teachers have the highest of qualifications and the humblest souls.

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7.9 /10

Placement Experience :

There are placements in the college for most of the departments. However most of the students like me, from the undergraduate courses, choose to go into further education. Prominent companies come for recruitment in our campus, the salary packages however vary greatly by the course. Some of our seniors actually got placed at a well-known financial firm with a package of about 7 LPA last year.

Course Curriculum Overview :

I am extremely interested in Economics as a subject which is why I chose this course over all others. My sister being an Alumni here had told me of the merits this course curriculum. There is case based learning and we also work in small groups thus getting a good guidance from our professors. A lot of the focus is on practical learning.

Campus Life :

Life in campus is amazing! I absolutely love it. In fact it is better than how my sister described it. There are mixers and social nights where all the students from all departments. We also have a great number of clubs and societies ranging from debating clubs to nature clubs. There are also annual fests and competitions.

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8.2 /10

Internships Opportunities :

There many lesser-known companies which provide internships but I have heard from juniors that McKinsey offered an internship for 45k per month. There are live projects. You can ask your teachers for live projects or being in some social service clubs, you can have many projects. Enactus and NSS provide many projects.

Campus Life :

North campus is a famous one. You can attend all fests of Delhi University's colleges. The College library has almost all the books. Classroom size differs according to benches. Teachers decide to take class according to class strength. Sports facilities are available. There are many clubs and committee.

Course Curriculum Overview :

This course has a wide spectrum of career options. You can even sit for placements in 3rd year. The only course which gives high placements. Most of the faculty are JNU or DU pass outs. You need to study for this course if you want to score how. You can imagine by its high cut-offs.

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8.3 /10

Loan/ Scholarship Provisions :

Fees structure is based on yearly payments which are approx 1 lakh rupees and 3 lakh for the whole course, scholarship is available based on your merit and financial status, tho it's still a new course introduced in the college, therefore, placements are average but best when compared to other colleges in IP university

Placement Experience :

From 6-semester students become eligible for campus placements Numerous companies visited our campus and no of offers made was also good The highest package Is 5-6 lakhs and the average is 3 lakhs My plan after getting the degree is to go for MBA in finance

Campus Life :

Life at the campus is good, the crowd is good and very happening people are easy to talk to and comes from good families, there's a lot of society you can take part into and they're active in all activities and extracurricular

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8.8 /10

Course Curriculum Overview :

I chose Economics Hons. because I have a deep interest in Economics. I want to work for the country and be the Finance minister. I'm working very hard to achieve my goal. Taking up Economics Hons. at this stage will surely help me understand our economy in a better way and will help me achieve my ultimate target. The faculty is great and most of the teachers are a holder of Ph.D. degree. Talking about the exams, the exams were online and we didn't have any difficulty in giving the exams because we were so well trained by the faculty beforehand. Also, the online exams weren't very hectic.

Campus Life :

Harmony is the annual cultural fest organized by St. Stephen's College. Although I haven't been to college yet. But I know this for a fact that it's a 3-day college festival. It hosts a variety of events such as treasure hunts, music shows, concerts, and dance performances. The different societies and clubs help us to build our personality and give us many opportunities to work and help us to know about our interest areas.

Loan/ Scholarship Provisions :

The fee of my college is not very high because it's a government college and the whole of the fundings is received by the government. The fee for 1 semester is around 18,000 and the fee for the whole year is around 35,000. The fees for the whole course are around 1,00,000. There is some reduction in the fees for the weaker section of the society. The reserved category of students enjoys some of the benefits.

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