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B.A. (Hons.) History is a 3-year undergraduate course, the minimum eligibility for which is a 10+2 qualification. The program aims to build in eligible students basic and advanced lessons in the discipline of History, and skills in research, analysis, and quantitative reasoning that are essential for a firm base in the Liberal Arts. History covers the study of the evolution of human civilizations from down the ages i.e. from the pre-historic to the present time. The course covers a comprehensive study of the major historical events that have occurred both in India and across the world.

Top Institutes offering this course are:

The average tuition fees charged for the course in India ranges between INR 8,000 and 1.8 Lacs for the span of three years.

Admission to B.A. (Hons.) History course is based on the candidate’s performance in a relevant entrance test, such as UGC-NET, and the subsequent round of counselling, however, the admission process may vary across institutes.

Such graduates are hired in capacities such as Museum Curator, History Teacher, Broadcast Journalist, Charity Officer, Chartered Certified Accountant, Corporate Investment Banker, Early Years Teacher, Editorial Assistant, and Exhibition Designer etc. They are hired in areas such as museum curation, genealogy, museum education and archeology, marketing, advertising and public relations, law, business, commerce, and media.

The average annual salary offered to B.A. (Hons.) History graduates ranges between INR 2 and 10 Lacs, based on the candidate’s experience and skill set.

B.A. (Hons.) History: Course Highlights

Listed below are some of the major highlights of the course.

Course Level Graduate
Duration 3 years
Examination Type Semester System
Eligibility 10+2 with Science subjects
Admission Process Based on counselling after qualification of entrance tests such as UGC-NET for different colleges.
Course Fee INR 8,000 to 1.8 Lacs
Average Starting Salary INR 2 to 10 lacs per annum
Top Recruiting Companies Museum Curation, Genealogy, Museum Education and Archeology, Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations, Law, Business And Commerce, Media, etc.
Job Positions Museum Curators, History Teachers, Broadcast Journalist, Charity Officer, Chartered Certified Accountant, Corporate Investment Banker, Early Years Teacher, Editorial Assistant, Exhibition Designer, and such.

B.A. (Hons.) History: What is it about?

B.A. (Hons.) History course involves a mode of study replete with historiographical approaches oriented towards research in the discipline. Seminar-style formats and regular tutorials form part of the curriculum which includes a wide range of courses in both Indian and global history, and ancient and contemporary archaeological methods that represent the disciplinary practices today.

The course offers to eligible candidates the opportunity to explore History on an advanced level as an academic discipline, with insight on how the human civilization developed from the ancient times and how advancements happened over time. The curriculum includes a detailed study of the kings who ruled different countries of the world at different times.

The course is also often offered in the distance learning mode at some institutes across the country. B.A. (Hons.) History syllabus essentially covers subjects of study such as History of India, Social Formations and Cultural Patterns of the Ancient World, Medieval World, History of Modern West, and the History of Modern Europe.

B.A. (Hons.) History: Top Institutes 

Name of Institute City  Average Fees (in INR)
Loyola College, Chennai Chennai 13,430 
Christ University Bangalore  61,000 
Fergusson College Pune 8,000 
Madras Christian College Chennai 59,500 
Indraprastha College for Women Delhi 19,000 
LSR Delhi 16,400
Miranda House Delhi 12,200
Hindu College Delhi 14,300
Hans Raj College Delhi 19,200
Ramjas College Delhi 10,600

Eligibility for B.A. (Hons.) History

As a minimum criterion of eligibility, aspiring candidates need to have completed the Higher and Senior Secondary levels of education (classes X and XII) from a recognized educational Board, with a minimum aggregate score of 50%.

B.A. (Hons.) History: Admission Process

The admission process for B.A. (Hons.) History course is varied, as various institutes have their very own criteria and processes of admission. Admission to the course is often based on the candidate’s performance at the 10+2 level, and other times, on the candidate’s performance in a relevant entrance test. Some such entrance tests conducted in India are listed here.

  • UGC-NET exam in History
  • Punjab University entrance exam
  • Kerala University Entrance exam
  • Delhi University entrance exam
  • Nehru Arts and Science College entrance exam
  • Mahatma Gandhi University entrance exam

B.A. (Hons.) History: Syllabus and Course Description

A semester-wise breakup of the course syllabus is tabulated here.

Semester I Semester II
Paper I – History of India-I Paper IV – History of India-II
Paper-II- Social Formations and Cultural Patterns of the Ancient World Paper V – Social Formations and Cultural Patterns of the Medieval World
Paper III - Concurrent – Qualifying Language Paper VI - Concurrent – Credit Language
Semester III Semester IV
Paper VII – History of India-III (c. 750-1206) Paper XI- History of India-IV (c. 1206-1550)
Paper VIII – Rise of Modern West-I Paper XII- Rise of Modern West-II
Paper IX (a) I: History of United States of America (C. 1776 – 1945) Paper XIII (a) II: History of the United States of America (C. 1776 – 1945)
Paper IX (b) I: History of the USSR (c. 1917- 1964) Paper XIII (b) II: History of the USSR (c. 1917 – 1964s)
Paper IX (c) I: History of Africa (c. 1500 – 1960s) Paper XIII (c) II: History of Latin America (c. 1500 – 1960s)
Paper IX (d) I: History of Southeast Asia – The 19th Century Paper XIII (d) II: History of Southeast Asia - The 20th Century
Paper X - Concurrent – Interdisciplinary Paper XIV - Concurrent – Discipline Centered I
Semester V Semester VI
Paper XV- History of Modern Europe I (c. 1780-1939) Paper XIX – History of India-VII (c. 1605-1750)
Paper XVI –History of India-V (c. 1550-1605) Paper XX- History of India-VIII (c. 1857-1950)
Paper XVII – History of China & Japan – I (c. 1840-1949) Paper XXI- History of China & Japan – II (c. 1840-1949)
Paper XVIII – History of India-VI (c. 1750-1857) Paper XXII - History of Modern Europe –II (1780-1939)
- Paper XXIII - Concurrent – Discipline Centered II.

B.A. (Hons.) History: Career Prospects

Successful graduates of B.A. (Hons.) History course are equipped with a broad range of skills, including critical thinking and writing that can be harnessed in many different careers. Such graduates can serve as teachers, museum curators, and advertising executives to journalists. Popular areas of employment would include Archaeology & Archives, Genealogy, Historical Fiction, Historical Parks, Public Relations, Radio, Research and Restoration, and such.

Graduates interested in pursuing higher studies in the discipline may go for pursuing M.A., and later, Ph.D. in History, and B.Ed. if they are interested in teaching.

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Some of the popular professional avenues open to such graduates are listed below with the corresponding salaries offered for the respective positions.

Bachelor of Arts [B.A.] {Hons.} in History
Job Position Job Description Average Annual Pay Scale in INR
Archivists Archivists help acquire, catalog, and maintain historical documents and records intended for display or storage in a museum or other facilities. These items can come in the form of audio, video, pictorial records, or paper documents. Some Archivists choose to specialize in one of these specific records formats. The goal of an Archivist is to preserve such original records. 2,95,493
Information Managers They communicate job expectations, plan, monitor, and appraise job results, coaching, counsel, and discipline employees, initiate, coordinate, and enforce systems, policies, and procedures. 4,47,559
Librarians The main responsibilities of a Librarian include selecting, developing, classifying, and cataloguing the resources of a library. Also, they answer the queries of readers. As staff managers, they also recruit, supervise, and train personnel in the library. 2,55,347
Politician They represent the financial, economic, administrative, and educational interests of particular communities, and also attempt to elect to represent those interests at the legislative level. They have responsibilities of the scale of municipal, regional or national level. 9,00,900
Public Relations Officer Public Relations (PR) is about managing reputation. PR Officers provide support and understanding to clients and try to influence public’ opinions and behavior. All means of media and communication are used to manage the reputation of the client. 2,40,790
Records Managers These managers are hired to perform duties such as organizing, protecting and maintaining records related to business-related documents, and are vital components of successful business practices. Also, these database are maintained in both paper and electronic forms. 4,87,745

Bachelor of Arts [BA] {Hons.} (History) Fee Structure in India

966 (Minimum Fee)PUBLIC COLLEGES7.60 L  (Maximum Fee)
22.30 K (Average Fee)
1.26 K (Minimum Fee)Private COLLEGES25.75 L (Maximum Fee)
1 L (Average Fee)

Bachelor of Arts [BA] {Hons.} (History) Fee Structure By state

West Bengal

11.18 K
3.02 KPrivate COLLEGES1.98 L
23.29 K

Delhi NCR

39.48 K
55.95 KPrivate COLLEGES25.75 L
5.34 L
6.39 K
1.54 KPrivate COLLEGES93.45 K
15.93 K


17.62 K
3.27 KPrivate COLLEGES15.10 K
9.04 K


14.76 K
2.05 KPrivate COLLEGES72 K
19.73 K
15.38 K
17.49 KPrivate COLLEGES2.48 L
63.93 K


60.84 K
23.50 KPrivate COLLEGES25.75 L
5.64 L


33.46 K
36 KPrivate COLLEGES1.26 L
75.99 K


32.52 K
20 KPrivate COLLEGES2.23 L
1.07 L


16.53 K
1.26 KPrivate COLLEGES2.30 L
81.50 K


3.18 K
2.91 KPrivate COLLEGES2.91 K
2.91 K

Madhya Pradesh

77.59 K
56.65 KPrivate COLLEGES90 K
73.32 K


3.92 L
5.40 LPrivate COLLEGES7.60 L
6.04 L


32.10 K
23.50 KPrivate COLLEGES61.70 K
42.60 K

Arunachal Pradesh

6.25 K
61.80 KPrivate COLLEGES99 K
80.40 K


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8.2 /10

Campus Life :

Right now everything is online but still, all the societies and departments of the college are active. Major is the annual fest of the college mostly conducted in April. Excogitatia is the annual fest of finance and investment cell mostly organized in February. Each society has its own annual fests. The College Library possesses an excellent collection of books, journals, and periodicals. The college has laboratories for all science courses and there is a well-equipped computer lab, seminar hall, and amphitheatre also called Rangshala in DRC, Auditorium (Sadbhavna Bhawan), medical room with the attendant nurse, college canteen. College also has a bank for students on its premises. All the departments, socities, unions, and cells of college have their own social media handle run by the students and for the students only. The college has NCC, NSS, and NSO. The selection process in NCC and NSO is quite difficult because of limited no. of seats and eligibility criteria.

Internships Opportunities :

Placement cell offers internships to work with AIS, Bajaj Capitals, Internshala, Decathlon, Oyo, Sharekhan, Collegedunia, Unacdemy, Joshtalks, Dubeats, Urban company, , bookmypg, cash karo, unschool, URIS, infotech, teach for India, spread smile foundation, girl up wings, global arcus, eatmynewsss, mash, World youth council, ED times, Peacock solar, TTW, etc. 46.2 % of the internship opportunities are with private companies, 12.3 % with NGOs, 33.8 % with startups, and 7.7 % with others, etc. Profiles offered are content writing, marketing, campus ambassador, digital marketing, sales, operations, graphic designing, human resource management, and research, etc. This is my first internship as of now and I'm quite enjoying it also the team head is very good in nature and is patient. Placement cell also organizes annual internship and career fair - incrementum and speakers' conclave.

Course Curriculum Overview :

I chose history honors because I love to know about the past. I also love to visit historical places and for me, history is not at all boring. There are around 18 departments in DRC and approx. 3500 students and faculty of 200. It offers 55 courses in total across arts, commerce, and science at UG and PG level. There diploma and certificate courses also. Teachers are really qualified. The history faculty of DRC is known as the best faculty of history in DU. Teaching methods differ from teacher to teacher, some lectures are really interesting while others can be boring. Well, teachers can change their pattern of teaching as things are online. Sometimes teaching is not at all interactive. Exams took 15 days and as of now they are online (OBE). For obe you need to be aware of all topics from course and writing speed should be fast. Even if it is obe it is not easy and you will not get time to cheat much.

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8.2 /10

Course Curriculum Overview :

The BA Hons History faculty is amazing, you'll not lack good quality education at any moment in this college, teachers are ready to help you, you can call or text them. Well, make sure you ask your teacher first before calling. They will surely help you. I am studying in this college and yes, I completely agree with the fact that teaches are very helpful whether you want a suggestion for accommodation in hostel, studies, career, etc. Teachers are very cool too. I'll not mention their name but my teachers are very cool and friendly.

Campus Life :

Khalsa's fest is best, well all the students say that their college fest is best, and that's true, fests are best. You'll eat, dance, enjoy, participate in different activities and whatnot. As far as extracurricular activities are concerned, sports is very famous at Khalsa college, there is a stadium on the college campus only. There are a number of societies operating in college, debating, poetry, dancing, singing, etc. NSS and NCC are also there. You'll never face monotonous life. you'll always have many things to explore.

Internships Opportunities :

You'll get a lot of internship opportunities, the placement cell of SGTB Khalsa College, Ignite, is very active, they never fail to bring the best companies. You can start doing internships from 1st year only, there are both paid and unpaid internships. It will help you enhance your CV and you'll get become confidential too. Go ahead!!

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7.8 /10

Placement Experience :

The placement cell of LSR works relentlessly in the pursuit of providing placement offers and internships to the students. Reputed companies like Bank Of America, Citi Bank, EY Parthenon, FTI Consulting visit LSR for placements. Besides enriching workshops on a range of topics like consulting, CV preparation, Group discussion preparation are conducted periodically. New companies recruiting interns include HUL and Puma. Fellowship opportunities like Teach for India fellowship, Gandhi fellowship, EY fellowship are also available. Even though the covid-19 pandemic impacted placements, the highest package offered was INR 30LPA while the average package was INR 9.4 LPA. Students across all streams including psychology, journalism, history were placed and it was not restricted to commerce and economics departments.

Course Curriculum Overview :

The course curriculum encompasses a wide range of historical periods and perspectives including ancient, medieval and modern history, Asia and Europe. The student-teacher ratio is about 1:7. All the faculty members are highly qualified with either a post-graduate or doctoral degree. They are cooperative and use an interactive pedagogy for better understanding. Lectures, open house discussions, feedback sessions and class presentations are encouraged and adopted. It follows the DU academic calendar and term exams were also conducted in accordance with that. It had mainly subjective long answers based on conceptual understanding and opinion of the subject matter. The level of difficulty of the paper ranges from medium to hard.

Campus Life :

The campus life of LSR is one of the most vibrant and energetic ones amidst the entire DU. The annual fest is Tarang which is generally conducted in January-February. Apart from that, the History department has its own departmental fest Maazi-o-Mustaqbil which hosts numerous enriching sessions by eminent and learned personalities. A range of clubs and societies function in the college catering to hone the talents and interests of every individual like REACH, fine arts, creative writing, debating, dramatics, dancing, singing, entrepreneurship among many others. Many NGOs are also self-run by students apart from NSS, NCC and NSO. Participation in inter-college fests and competitions is highly encouraged.

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8.3 /10

Campus Life :

The annual fest of LSR is Tarang and it is held at the end of every year. Regarding the books and journals in the library of LSR I have no clue as I have never been to my college due to restrictions owing to the corona pandemic but as my seniors and teachers have told books are available in a vast amount in the college library. Even in online mode all the important books, reading material, and other related stuff have been provided to us by our teachers. Students can participate in various extracurricular activities here and in sports as well such as NSS, NSO, and NCC. Besides these there are many societies here diverse in nature ranging from dance and singing to MUN and Prakriti etc. and everyone can join these societies. There are Instagram handles and discord accounts of all the departments of LSR run by the students themselves.

Course Curriculum Overview :

I chose the History honors course. The reason behind choosing it was that I want to do civil services in the future so this course is supposed to be very helpful in my Aim. The availability of faculty is sufficient for the no. of students and all the teachers are well qualified. They teach in a very systemic manner listening to the doubts of students and providing all the readings related to the syllabus. They do their best for helping the students in every possible way. The exams were held a little bit earlier than every year but students managed to complete the exams, not with much difficulty.

Placement Experience :

Students are eligible for campus placements from their first semester only. Many companies provide offers and opportunities for internships for the students such as IGNOU, My Captain, etc. The companies provide a stipend to the students according to their or it may be fixed. Wages can range from 500-20000 or above it as well according to performance. Students of any percentage can get the placement unless specified. After getting the degree I will be attempting the UPSC exam and other civil services exams.

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7.8 /10

Course Curriculum Overview :

I'm a student of BA honours history. I have a keen interest in this subject since earlier. The faculty are really good and cooperative. They are Well trained and knowledgeable. They tried their best to make us understand our subject. We have a semester wise exam twice a year. The exam difficulty level is not high.

Loan/ Scholarship Provisions :

My course fee is less than 9 k per year which is completely affordable for anyone, receiving such a quality education at this cost is worth it. I'm totally satisfied with my college fees structure. The scholarship is not given by our college but yes there are some scholarships that are provided to SC and ST.

Campus Life :

Campus life is perfect and amazing. We have many college activities from freshers party to cultural fest. We have many societies like debating society, NCC, Ateet which you can get engaged. We have the biggest Library in du, all books are available for every background. Classrooms are well maintained.

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6.6 /10

Campus Life :

Yes, the availability of books in the library is the best thing I would appreciate also they provided laptops too for students. This saves students time to go cyber cafe. Wide variety of books. The classroom had basic amenities there was always the lack of chalk.

Loan/ Scholarship Provisions :

Fees are very sufficient, according to fees they are providing the best facility to us. But job placement is very less on this campus, rarely anyone come for the interview and campus placement. Would recommend that there should be more placement.

Placement Experience :

Final year students were eligible to get placements, fewer companies use to visit, I only saw Wipro, offering salary packages of 3 lacs rupees, my plans were very different as it wasn't related to college placements.

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8.3 /10

Loan/ Scholarship Provisions :

I'm a third-year student of history Hons. My course costs Rs 4 k in 1 st year, 7 k in 2 nd year and 9 k for 3 rd year so it is completely affordable for anyone. Mlnc is one of the cheapest colleges in terms of fees at Delhi University. Receiving quality education at such a low price makes it worthy to study here. The college didn't offer any scholarships. I think scholarships are only offered for sc and st.

Course Curriculum Overview :

The course curriculum is very informative and up to the mark. History has of this college is one the best department, teachers give us detailed knowledge about everything think, teachers are well trained, knowledgeable and educated. Our college conducted semester exams twice a year, exams are happening in December and May. The level of difficulty of exams depends upon different courses.

Placement Experience :

The placement cell of this college is best. The Placement is good, with reputed companies offering packages ranging between 3-6 LPA. The highest package is only offered to Hons students and economics Hons students. Companies like kpmg, Google, Wipro come every year to giving opportunities to the students. Almost 60% of students got placed every year

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7.8 /10

Course Curriculum Overview :

I am in BA History Hons. I always wanted to learn history as a vast subject and when I took admission in this college. I felt very happy because all the professors are well qualified and supportive as well. They all have very vast knowledge regarding their subjects. There are about 55 students in my class. The rooms alloted to us are big and spacious. We also visit the museums, historical sites and archives for subject-related works. The way professors teach us, I guess is fantastic and everyone has their own style of teaching. There are semester type exams and we have to give practicals and tests from time to time. The level of exams is moderate. Students have to work hard to get good marks.

Campus Life :

The campus life is fantastic and the environment studies friendly. The ground is very big where students can sit and talk and study. The Library provides a calm place to read. The name of the annual fest is Chetna. There are also NCC NSS and cultural fests. There are lots of books related to every subject and course. There are all Basic amenities in the classrooms. Classrooms are clean and spacious and comfortable too. There are several groups like the NSS group, North East students group and cultural group. Lots of sports are provided for the students.

Loan/ Scholarship Provisions :

The yearly fee of my college is around ten thousand. There are lots of opportunities to get the scholarship from time to time. We got to know about the IAS scholarship as well for IAS aspirants. Several competitions held every month. There are seminars, small talks and presentation and many more. There was never a fees hike related issue. The college also provides financial assistance to economically weaker students. Students also join internships and stipend jobs.

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7.3 /10

Course Curriculum Overview :

I chose B.A Hons ( history). I had a great faculty as Malavika Binny is an assistant professor of the history department in SRM Amravati. She was awarded her doctorate in May 2019 from the Centre for Historical Studies at Jawaharlal Nehru University. She was the recipient of the prestigious Elamkulam Kunjan Pillai Young Historian Prize instituted by the Kerala History Congress in 2017. Another professor is our Maanvendra sir who was a public policy scholar at the Hindu. He completed his Ph.D. from the Department of History at the Central University of Sikkim, Gangtok in 2018. SRM AP has a ratio of 1:4 as of Teacher and student. There will be a total 2semester in a year before each semester you will have 2more exam and some assignment which will be considered as CLA sometimes. Exam level can be a little tricky. You need to study extra apart from lectures.

Campus Life :

Recently SRM AP has organized a hackathon as a tech fest and if you want to join any club at SRM you are a good place. SRM provides a variety of of opportunities to students for joining the clubs. Graduate students, postdocs, and faculty are eligible for 24-hour access to the Science Library. There will be a variety of books in the SRM Library. When it comes to classroom learning happens everywhere in the classroom out of the classroom. SRM AP provides a cutting-edge research facility. When it comes to sports in SRM AP they provide basketball volleyball badminton and even an Athletic Ground they also have a football playground soccer ground cricket ground ever have yoga rooms. Students will be encouraged to participate in national international level games. The class will be totally Air conditioning.

Loan/ Scholarship Provisions :

Currently, I have got a 100% scholarship in SRM AP. For tuition fees and hostel to scholarship is given on various basis. If you are a state topper of any state exam for the CBSE Board will be given a hundred percent scholarship. If you are economically weak then you will be given upto 75% scholarship in maximum. As I got 93% in my boards so as per scholarship norms 100% tuition fee waiver is awarded for the candidate who scored 90% and above in the relevant subjects. Brilliant students of SRM AP have landed up with excellent jobs. Amazon and PayPal are the most famous among them. Infosys, Health rx, sabre corporation, barclays , coviam technology, Walmart labs, standard chartered are few famous companies who hire young talents of our nation. 6.35LPA. Average Salary Offered in SRM Amravati.

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8.3 /10

Campus Life :

The campus of our college is not quite large but yes it is very good. The annual fest was organized by the students union members every year. Last year at our college fest, famous singer Akhil came. Various extracurricular societies are also there like Dance and singing, art, and much more.

Loan/ Scholarship Provisions :

Fees of our college are quite affordable and sc, st, students get some off in the total fees. The scholarship is also given to the students, especially to Economically weaker sections students. Students get student aid funds also in which they get money for stationery and books.

Course Curriculum Overview :

The faculty of our course is very good. I chose this course because my very fond of history and from starting I wanna do history Honours. All teachers were Ph.D. holders and net qualified. All teachers use modern methods to teach us like projectors and all.

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8.2 /10

Course Curriculum Overview :

I chose to study History honours because I want to pursue Archaeology in the future. Many student take this course for civil service exams, and others take it simply because they enjoy studying history. However, one has to be aware that this course requires a lot of reading and writing- it covers a vast expanse and thus we have to study accordingly. For those who are interested in history, the curriculum is very interesting and will definitely catch your attention. KMC conducts classes both in English and Hindi, so language will possibly not be an issue. While we have about 40 people in our class, it is divided in smaller groups of about 7 people, and we have separate tutorials every week where we can personally interact with the teacher and clear our doubts. We haven't had any exams yet, but our assignments are assessed and discussed personally, and the teachers are very helpful with solving doubts and the student's problems.

Remarks :

Kirorimal College is a very reputed institution, located in the North Campus of Delhi University. This provides the student great exposure and opportunities for their future. It is also known for its experienced and helpful faculty. I have already seen that the professors are really resourceful and reliable. Apart from that, its societies and fests are among the best in DU. Initially I had reservations regarding its infrastructure, because I had heard from seniors that it was a problem in the college. But the nourishing environment here makes up for it. The departments are very close knit, and you'll find that the seniors are really helpful. Delhi University released various cutoffs this year, many of which were quite high. KMC had a cutoff of 97.25%. As soon as I found that I qualified for it, KMC had come on my list of most preferred colleges, and I know that my decision to come here was not wrong.

College Events :

KMC has an annual fest which is known throughout DU as one of the best. Apart from that, every society in KMC is very active, many of them really reputed and hard to get into. We have been attending classes online so far, but our seniors tell us that while sometimes the class infrastructure can be not up to standards, the campus is equipped with all sorts of amenities, Wi-Fi, etc. The labs and libraries are also very well equipped. There are open lawns and greenery for students to relax and socialise as well.

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9.5 /10

Remarks :

St. Stephens is one of the most prestigious college in the country. The eminent faculty as well the exposure that the college offers to its students was the reason I chose the college. The different opportunities to explore different areas of learning other than class room studies. Most importantly the crowd of students from all over our country. There is freedom in choosing the discipline for my course in the beginning and you will be exposed to all the major discipline subject before you make a choice. There is a lot of companies come for placement. Major companies like Mckincy, Bain & Co, EY comes every year with a package of 14 to 24 lakes per annum. Also multiple other companies and startups too. Also there are a good number of internship opportunities available too.

College Events :

An important aspect of life at Stephens is the aesthetics of the college campus. Replete with lush green lawns and gazebos to sit and chill at, the campus life is indeed the best part of college life. The library is well maintained and has a good collection of books of all genres. Classrooms are air-conditioned and we'll ventilated and have enough space as well. As part of sports infrastructure we have a basketball court, a gym, a badminton court and a Table tennis court accessible to all students. We also have a wall for rock climbing. The college has more than 70 societies offering opportunities for students with any kind of talent.

Course Curriculum Overview :

I had an avid interest in history since my school days and it was precisely because of this that I decided to pursue an undergraduate in history. The faculty for history is extremely good and qualified, with a zest for the subject. A majority of the faculty has done their higher studies from eminent foreign universities such as Oxford and Cambridge. The strength of one batch is 60 students and the gender ratio is often equal. Teaching methods involve a combination of lectures, paper presentations and timely tutorials to assess an entire week of learning.

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8.0 /10

Course Curriculum Overview :

I like the History course to know more about the past, Delhi University History department is very Strong. There are about 160 students in my class alone. The faculty is good enough and very friendly. Teachers help the students in any way they can, Some of the professors also have written books on the history of India and the world. The term exams are held once every Six Months and it is fairly easy for the time given for us to prepare.

Placement Experience :

The students become eligible for campus placement from the fifth sem onwards. Companies like Google, Facebook, Amazon, etc offers tons of job placements. The highest package offered maybe around 30-40 lakh per annum My plan after getting the degree is to study abroad in Egypt maybe.

Campus Life :

Some annual fest of DU of different colleges are:- Nexus organized by the Student union of Venkateswara college on activities like karaoke, drawing, singing, duets, quiz, debate, etc.Mosiac in Ramjas College which is an annual fest

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10.0 /10

Course Curriculum Overview :

I have choose history because I love historical places so I can read it more, history faculty us good teacher and my classmates. The teacher method is great to learn new and more thought full things a lot.

Placement Experience :

Many placements company is coming in my college campus placement. Like google, wipro, genpact, honda, microsoft etc. They gives 6to 9 lac per annum. They provides best facilities to the become employees.

Remarks :

The college is good and faculty teacher is very helpful and the canteen is great. The playground is very big and clean. College has many societies. Admission process is merit based and first cum basis.

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9.0 /10

Remarks :

Delhi university is a reputed university in india. And always tops the ranking list. Other factors such as cluster of colleges in north campus provides student friendly environment and exposure to grow and learn. Sharing culture and ideas expose us to composite culture and diversity of india. Professors are well qualified and pay proper attention to the needs of students. Plenty of extra curricular activities and society help us to develop interest in fields apart from studies.

Course Curriculum Overview :

Last year curriculum has been changed to meet the requirements of present scenario, also the syllabus has been designed keeping in mind the need of competitive examination. Faculty is par excellence, most of them have been familiar with syllabus as they themselves were part of university as a student

College Events :

It's whole new experience, different from school. You yourself has to interact with people and try to learn as much as possible. Campus infrastructure is quite good, all the arrangement have been made for sports so that you can enjoy.

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9.0 /10

Campus Life :

The college offers an activity centre where all sorts of sports and other co-curricular activities take place, which includes a gym, a ground, multi-purpose room, basketball/volleyball/badminton court, etc. The college also has a boys hostel, a canteen, a library, stage and two concrete open area, a lawn, parking, auditorium, classrooms, each department has its own separate department room, IT cell/computer room for JStore access, etc. labs, stationary store, Girls Common Room and Boys Common Room, sanitary vending machine, staff room, toilets for male, female and for the ones with special need and committees that take care of any complaints/issues and all the other facilities that a college should have.

Course Curriculum Overview :

The course I am enrolled in provides a great depth in terms of the understanding that one needs to deal with analytical skills in the present day. Though to some, the subject History might seem like an in irrelevant one given that it talks about the past, but that is not the case as the syllabus is designed in an application based manner so whatever we learn about the past we also observe its relevance even in the today's modern-day nation-building and politics. The faculty is well educated and well versed with what they teach, apart from the class room learning we also go on field trips to understand things better practically.

College Events :

The campus life in a nutshell is AMAZING. Like I mentioned before, not only does the college offer a great academic aura, but also the overall development. The societies here offer some of the best opportunities, for instance workshops, business models and most importantly gender sensitisation. The college also has its own fest called the Renaissance which is one of the best in the North Campus apart from that every department and society has its own annual fest and academic sessions throughout the year.

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9.7 /10

College Events :

Campus life was very good and experienceful. Zero percent tolerance ragging and every students which is junior or senior is very helpful and help each other. Many cultural events also held in our college and many extracurricular activities also held which is organised by different societies of different colleges.

Placement Experience :

Campus placement or campus recruiting is a program conducted within universities or other educational institutions to provide jobs to students nearing completion of their studies. In this type of program, the educational institutions partner with corporations who wish to recruit from the student population.

Remarks :

I like kirorimal college and in this college study level is helpful in upsc exam, so I choose to Delhi university college. Near my college, we got an excellent coaching. Every teacher studied very well. No ragging in Delhi university and many benefits of kirorimal college of Delhi university.

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6.0 /10

Course Curriculum Overview :

History is one of my favourite subject that's why I took it. Department of history had great faculty members. Teaching methodology they use was quite good.Debate , discussion etc was common in our classes. Assignment and tests are not at all easy it was quite difficult to get good score. Every assignment and presentation was critically reviewed by our lecturers. Term exams wasn't that difficult if you analyse last year's papers u ll get to know the pattern of the exam and you can prepare it accordingly.

Campus Life :

We usually had 6 major fests 1) Departmental freshers party 2) College freshers party 3) Departmental farewell party 4) college farewell party 5) Annual departmental fest Heuristics 6) Annual college fest Apart from these societies also have fests like environmental, dramatics, and cultural societies etc Class had good chairs and tables plus white board There were sports club also

Placement Experience :

Around 20% Students get placement but not from my department in last semester students get eligible for placement interview

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8.3 /10

Remarks :

Quality of institution, qualifications of the various professors, Exposure outside, infrastructure, student societies in the institution and also the infrastructure of the college. Also history hons is pretty good in the college.

College Events :

Pretty cool. Festivals and events involve bulk participation as well as audiences which proves the fact that everything here takes place with a lot of enthusiasm, with various teams volunteering to pull out the event.

Campus Life :

Sports facilities are good. Library definitely is one of the best places in the college. Wifi isn't. The classrooms feels heavenly with a great view outside. Everything in infrastructure is genuine great apart

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8.3 /10

Campus Life :

The campus is good in fact it is improving more now, we have a big playground in front of our college campus where sports are held every year. Wi-Fi connection is not very good. The campus is surrounded with big trees and beautiful flower pots which enhances the campus beauty to a greater extent. The college consist of a big library and a large auditorium and both are full air - conditioned. The most important factor of this college is that it is absolutely free from ragging and politics.

Course Curriculum Overview :

All faculties are quite good according to me. But i think science departments are the best compared to arts because it provides very big labs and good instruments for conducting various experiments. Arts department teachers are really very talented they not only refer good books but also provide the best study materials for us, which helped me a lot.

College Events :

The campus life is excellent, teachers are very friendly and helpful and are very active in organising any kind of events in our college. Every year our college celebrates all the cultural events and festivals of bengal. For eg- rabindra jayanti, bhasa diwas etc. This campus also ensures career counselling and psychological counselling every year.

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