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Bachelor of Education in Hindi or BEd Hindi is a three-year undergraduate course that aims to study fundamental aspects of the Hindi language and literature.

The minimum eligibility for BEd Hindi course is completion of 10+2 level of education. Although some colleges will require an entrance test to further evaluate the student.

Dakshina Bharat Hindi Prachar Sabha, Chennai and Krishna Bora B.ED. College, Assam are some of the top colleges offering BEd in Hindi course, the average course fee in all of the colleges ranges from INR 8,000 to 1.3 Lacs for 3 years.

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Students who have studied BEd Hindi course can go for teaching, media, advertisement, writing, and publishing in the Hindi language. The average salary ranges from INR 2-10 lakhs.

BEd Hindi: Course Highlights 

Course Level Graduate
Full-Form Bachelor of Education in Hindi
Duration 3 years
Examination type Semester System
Eligibility Graduation from a recognized university
Admission Process Merit-based/ Based on counselling after qualification of entrance test.
Course Fee INR 8,000 to 1.3 Lacs for 3 years
Average Salary INR 2 to 10 lacs per annum
Top Recruiting Areas Media and Journalism, Publishing, Teaching & Research, Advertising & Marketing, HR/ Administration jobs in public and private sectors, Hospitality, Translation/ Technical Writing/ Content Development, and such.
Job Positions Teacher, Policy Analyst Writer, Editor, Publisher or Researcher, Communicator, Public Relations Officer Speech Writer, Travel Writer, Blogger r Reviewer, Postsecondary Hindi Teacher, Arts Administrator, Developer or Manager, among others.
Admission Process

BEd Hindi: Admission Process 

Below are the requirements for the admission process for B.Ed. in Hindi:

  • Candidates who have scored a minimum of 50% in graduation (45% for SC/ST), preferably arts are eligible to apply.
  • Admissions in a majority of the colleges are based on the marks obtained in the previous exams.
  • Candidates can apply both online and offline
  • The admission process varies from college to college. Some require an entrance exam, while others base theirs solely on the previous exam marks.

BEd Hindi: Eligibility Criteria 

Below are the factors required for application for B.Ed. in Hindi:

  • Aspiring candidates can apply for this course based on their graduation marks.
  • Arts students are preferred over other streams.
  • Candidates must have a minimum aggregate score of 50% (45% for SC/ST candidates) at the level of graduation.

How to get admission to a good college? 

For students, applying and gaining acceptance to a college is an experience unlike any other. The process requires hard work and determination.

Here are some of the top tips to keep in mind to get admission to a good college:

  • Start planning early: The best thing you can do is to start researching the best colleges for you. Visit their website, or better, the college itself, and find out more about their requirements. Some colleges require an entrance exam and prior knowledge can help in the process. Also, you can cross-check their other programs and see which one best fits your interests.
  • Choose the location: Location plays a major role when choosing a college. You will be spending a huge chunk of your life there and if you are uncomfortable with the travel, then check out colleges near to your hometown. If you are interested in shifting to a hostel, then check out their hostel facilities.
  • Talk to teachers and other B.Ed. students: This may not be something that everyone is comfortable with but just talking to the B.Ed. faculty or its existing students can help answer a lot of pending questions. You can also find out deeper information about the college and the program from your seniors and then make a wise choice.
  • Score well: This goes without saying, but if your scores are lower than 50% then your chances of getting into any good college are impossible. If you aspire to get into some of the top colleges in India, then score high.
  • Be precise and clear: Answer all questions in the application form in a precise manner. Don’t add long essay answers stating how qualified you are when the questions specifically ask for a one-sentence answer. Even if you think you are helping your case by doing so, you are not. The person in charge is responsible for thousands of applications and will only end up rejecting all those who do not abide by the guidelines.
  • Mention extra-curricular activities: When applying don’t forget to mention all your extra-curricular activities in your application. Any additions will only help boost your chances of getting into a good college.
  • Meet deadlines when applying: Check out the application details and admission deadlines before applying. A timely application submittal helps show the college your punctuality than a delayed one. If possible, apply at the earliest. Also, make sure you have all the necessary documentation ready whenever asked for.
  • Be honest: Finally, no matter what happens, always be honest. The college admissions department will cross-check any claims, references, or documents you provide them with. So, make sure any information you provide them with is true.

B.Ed Hindi: Syllabus 

Semester I Semester II
Philosophical and Sociological Basis of Education The Learner – Nature and Development
Semester III Semester IV
Teaching-Learning Process School Management
- Computer Education
Semester V
Guidance and Counselling
Semester VI
Hindi Social Science
Punjabi Fine Arts
History Sanskrit
Physical Education -
School Experience Program Health & Sports Program
Simple Expressional Competencies Work Experience Program
- Co-curricular, Culture & Community Activities
Top Colleges

B.Ed Hindi: Top Colleges 

B.ED Hindi: College Comparison

Parameters Diksha Bharti Hindi Prachar Sabha Anand College of Education
Overview Diksha Bharti Hindi Prachar Sabha is located in Chennai. The college offers undergraduate, graduate and doctorate courses. Anand College of Education was established in 2003. The college is accredited by NAAC.
Location Chennai Gujarat
Average Fee INR 25,000 INR 60,500
Admission Process Merit-Based Merit-Based
Top recruiting companies Media and Journalism, Publishing, Teaching & Research, Advertising & Marketing etc. Hospitality, Translation/ Technical Writing/ Content Development etc.
What is it about?

What is it about? 

Bachelor of Education in Hindi (B.Ed. in Hindi) is a three-year course that aims to study fundamental aspects of the Hindi language and literature and how to impart this knowledge to students.

The primary aim of this program is to expose learners to a wide variety of Hindi literature. The program aims to offer students the opportunity to learn, read, and critically respond to a large spectrum of poetry, plays, and novels.

Why study?

Why study B.Ed in Hindi? 

  • After completion of graduation, students can go on to find employment in education, media, foreign embassies, and more with an average salary ranging from INR 20,000 to INR 35,000.
  • B.Ed. in Hindi helps strengthen the linguistic capabilities of students through theoretical and practical sessions. Moreover, it helps broaden the outlook of the students and raises in them a sense of confidence and responsibility.
  • Hindi is the official language of India and the areas of its requirements are more in the country, thus increasing the options of employment.
  • As per the previous point, students who have mastered Hindi, also have the opportunity to gain employment in other countries where this language is required.
Course Comparison

B.Ed Hindi vs B.Ed General: Course Comparison

Parameters B.Ed Hindi B.Ed General
Course Level Graduate Graduate
Full-Form Bachelor of Education in Hindi Bachelor of Education
Duration 3 years 2-5 Years
Examination type Semester System Semester System
Eligibility Graduation from a recognized university Graduation is must
Admission Process Merit-based Merit-Based/Entrance exam
Course Fee INR 8,000 to 1.3 Lacs INR 1 Lakh
Average Salary INR 2 to 10 lacs per annum INR 4 Lakhs
Job Positions Teacher, Policy Analyst Writer, Editor, Publisher or Researcher, Communicator, Public Relations Officer Speech Writer etc. Counsellor, Teacher, Consultant, Education researcher, Content writer, and others

B.Ed Hindi Distance Education 

Teaching is considered one of the noblest professions in the world. It is also one of the most highly respected professions amongst others. The Bachelor of Education (B.Ed) in Hindi program is designed to help aspiring students turn into wonderful teachers. The B.Ed. In Hindi, the distance learning program is for a period of two-years.

Distance Education is best suited for those who are unable to relocate to their desired college or are currently working. With more and more options opening up every day, Distance Education is proving to be far more valuable and easier to access.

Job Prospects

B.Ed Hindi: Job Prospects and Career Options 

Bachelors of Education (B.Ed.) is a growing field of study with aspiring students taking admissions every year. One of the reasons being, teaching is a field that is always open. Teachers are required in various schools across the country. And with many new openings, the opportunities are endless.

Although teaching is the option a majority of B.Ed. students take up, it the not only one. Below listed are some of the top areas to choose from after completing your B.Ed. in Hindi.

  • Coaching Centers
  • Education Consultancies
  • Education Department
  • Home Tuitions
  • Museums
  • Private Tuitions
  • Publishing House
  • Research and Development Agencies

Now that you are aware of the top career areas to choose from, below are some of the top job positions available for B.Ed. students.

Job Position Job Description Average Annual Pay
Teacher One of the most popular job options after B.Ed. in Hindi is teaching. Candidates can go for teaching jobs in public or private schools, coaching institutions, or even carry out their private tuitions. INR 3-4 Lacs
Policy Analyst A policy analyst works towards studying social problems and then developing policies to solve them. These professionals are involved in one or more of the four general stages of policy analysis. INR 6 - 9 Lacs
Writer / Editor / Publisher / Researcher Those with a spark of creativity can opt for writing, editing, publishing, or research-based jobs. These can either be at a firm or work from home. Copywriting and content writing are both equally important and in demand in this era of technology. INR 3 – 4 Lacs
Communicator Communicators are responsible for creating, implementing, and overseeing communications programs, internal or external, that effectively describe and promote the organization and its products. They have a mid-level, management role. INR 6 – 7 Lacs
Speech writer / Travel writer / Blogger / Reviewer These jobs are for creatives who wish to enter the field of journalism and public relations. They are high in demand as their skills help shape the public image of a person/company. A bachelor’s degree in public relations, Hindi, journalism, or communication is typically required for this job. INR 6 – 9 Lacs
Postsecondary Hindi Teacher Postsecondary Hindi teachers teach students beyond their high school level. They work with adults to instruct them in language as well as career and technical areas. They may also publish scholarly books and papers and conduct research. INR 3 – 4 Lacs
Arts Administrator / Developer / Manager Arts Administration is the field that concerns business operations around an arts organization. Arts Administrators may have various responsibilities such as staff management, marketing, public relations, budget management, fundraising, board relations, and more. INR 5 – 6 Lacs

Average annual pay graph 

Average Annual Salary
Future Scope

B.Ed. Hindi: Future Scope 

If an immediate job after graduation is not on the list, then candidates can opt for higher education. Below is a list of some of the higher education options that candidates can choose from.

Name of the Course Eligibility Description
Master of Education (M.Ed.) Hindi The candidate must have pursued a UG degree in B.Ed. M.Ed. or Master of Education in Hindi is a two-year course designed for potential educators. It provides in-depth knowledge in the field of education and teaching.
MA Hindi The candidate must have pursued a UG degree in B.Ed. or an equivalent MA Hindi is a two-year postgraduate program that focuses on exposing learners to a wide variety of Hindi literature. The course involves the study of literature, linguistics, and philosophies of the Hindi language.
M. Phil Hindi The candidate must have pursued a UG degree in any stream from a recognized institute M.Phil. in Hindi or Master of Philosophy in Hindi is an advanced postgraduate research degree that offers students an opportunity to research the Hindi language and literature. It provides students with a thorough study of linguistics, literature, and philosophy of the Hindi language.
PhD Hindi The candidate must have pursued a UG degree in any stream from a recognized institute PhD in Hindi is a doctorate level degree program that requires one to perform extensive research about the various aspects of the language. The course explores the dynamics of Hindi languages and deals with the study of its origin, philosophy, linguistics, literature, and how it has evolved to date.

Duration of course graph 


B.Ed Hindi: FAQs 

Ques. What is the course duration of B.Ed Hindi?

Ans. B.Ed. or Bachelor of Education in Hindi has a course duration of three years which is further divided into six semesters.

Ques. Is there any entrance exam involved to apply for B.Ed. Hindi?

Ans. Yes. To secure admission for this course, some colleges have an entrance exam. One has to check with the college they wish to apply to and find out their process.

Ques. How do I become a strong contender to be selected for this course?

Ans. To be a strong contender for the course, one has to have a good score in their previous exam, an average of 50% along with a good percentage in any entrance exam the college decides to hold.

Ques. What is the admission process for B.Ed. Hindi?

Ans. Most colleges admit students based on merit, but certain renowned colleges require an entrance exam. Candidates are advised to check the college website to learn about a particular college’s admission process.

Ques. What should one do after B.Ed. Hindi?

Ans. Upon completion of B.Ed. Hindi, students can either opt to study further, which is M.Ed., MA, M.Phil. or PhD, or they can look for a job in their desired field.

Ques. What are some good careers after B.Ed. Hindi?

Ans. Graduates of B.Ed. Hindi can go on to become teachers, writers, editors, policy analysts, speechwriters, arts administrators, postsecondary Hindi teachers, researchers, and more. The options are plenty.

Ques. What is B.Ed. Hindi Salary?

Ans. The average starting salary for B.Ed. Hindi graduate is INR 2 to 10 Lacs per annum.

Ques. Is there any age limit to apply for this course?

Ans. No, there is no age limit for applying for B.Ed. Hindi. The primary requirement is to provide the college with your previous degree marks and entrance exam if required.

Ques. Name the top recruiting fields after completion of B.Ed. Hindi.

Ans. The top recruiting fields after completion of B.Ed. Hindi are Media and Journalism, Publishing, Teaching & Research, Advertising & Marketing, HR/ Administration jobs in public and private sectors, Hospitality, Translation/ Technical Writing/ Content Development, and more.

Ques. What should I choose after completion of B.Ed. Hindi? Post-graduation or job?

Ans. B.Ed. Hindi graduates can easily opt for a job after the completion of their program. It depends on the candidate’s interest. Higher education would mean higher job positions and higher pay. Job options are considered beneficial after a postgraduate degree.

Bachelor of Education [B.Ed] (Hindi) Fee Structure in India

4.80 K (Minimum Fee)PUBLIC COLLEGES1.40 L  (Maximum Fee)
43.32 K (Average Fee)
7.36 K (Minimum Fee)Private COLLEGES1.09 L (Maximum Fee)
53.80 K (Average Fee)

Bachelor of Education [B.Ed] (Hindi) Fee Structure By state


27.42 K
7.36 KPrivate COLLEGES65.54 K
47.22 K


16.23 K
30 KPrivate COLLEGES72 K
52.20 K


1.40 L
30 KPrivate COLLEGES37.27 K
34.81 K


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3 Reviews found out of 213738

10.0 /10

Campus Life :

Gym available, the environment is very peaceful, Every sports facility available like horse riding, golf, basketball etc. Students from different parts of the country live together, as well as many foreign students live with cooperation. No discrimination has been shown till. About 60:40 boys and girls are there in ratio or I think 50:50 may be.

Fee Structure And Facilities :

The fee is affordable. Online/offline you can pay the fee by either. Admission and enrollment fee must be paid once to get admission. College provides you with a list of the fee levied on students. College provides a scholarship for poor and bright students as well as some cash winning competitions.

Course Curriculum Overview :

In the first semester, you have to visit different schools to get the experience of the diversity of students and make a report file. After this, you have to teach students for 45 days to prepare yourself for the future. And the course curriculum is relevant to this training.

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10.0 /10

Remarks :

I actually appear in exam, University provide the college. As per the rank. So it's upon rank not our is all India conduct exam,any one can appear in this. So it's a easy process. To get into it. Ipu is University which is located in New Delhi. Every year it conduct exam.

Course Curriculum Overview :

It is very good campus, having good facility support in every inch of life when ask them for help. For the annual academy they tech in very good manner which make a good impression on's a very grate college according to me.

College Events :

Campus activities and curriculum is not so good. It does not have many course and student are not keen to participate in activities so they also not show intrest in this. Inthis region this college is behind from other college

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7.7 /10

Admission :

For admission in the college, first i was selected on the basis of merit. The minimum criteria for getting admission is 50%.After that i have to give an entrance examination which was conducted by the education faculty, University of Delhi. Final selection is based on the marks obtained in the entrance examination. There was document verification at the time of admission.

Course Curriculum Overview :

The course curriculum includes rotational training programme under which students are placed in different school for training session. It was a two year course. The training was done at the end of last year. There are educational technology laboratory, psychology laboratory for learning and skill development for the student.

Placement Experience :

Our college doesnot provide internship. And they donot provide placement opportunities. But after completing B. Ed course we can get job in schools,start coaching classes, tutions etc. The salary package of a teacher vary from school to school. High school teacher with years of experience can get a good salary.

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Bachelor of Education [B.Ed] (Hindi) Colleges IN INDIA

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Shri Shikshayatan College
Kolkata, West Bengal
35.91 K first year fees
13.33 K first year fees
32 K first year fees
37.15 K Total fees