BEd Syllabus: Subjects, 1st year, 2nd year, in Hindi, Distance Education, Entrance Exam 2021

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BEd Syllabus is divided into 3 sections: Perspectives in Education, Curriculum and Pedagogic Studies, and Engagement with the field. The syllabus is formulated to improve the standard and quality of teaching in India.

BEd Course syllabus includes topics like Childhood, Adolescence, Self-Determination, and even Contemporary Education in India. BEd subjects are developed over a long period of time to integrate real life scenarios.

BEd Syllabus enables the students to pursue a course in teaching and learn all the shades and challenges that come along with the BEd jobs.

Regular BEd syllabus and Distance BEd syllabus follow the same curriculum across the BEd colleges with IGNOU being an exception. The IGNOU BEd Syllabus is different from the regular BEd Syllabus. 

You can also check the BEd Syllabus in Hindi along with the subject list and details.

BEd Syllabus About

What is the BEd Syllabus?

BEd Syllabus is divided into Core Courses, Pedagogy Courses, and Methodology Courses which aim towards increasing a Teacher’s skills and involvement in the field. The BEd course curriculum is distributed across 3 years, with each year split into two semesters.

BEd Syllabus 1st year

Semester I Semester II
Childhood And Growing Up Assessment for Learning
Critical Understanding of ICT Creating An Inclusive School
Department of Elective 1 Department of Elective 3
Department of Elective 2 Department of Elective 4
Drama And Art In Education Department of Elective 5
Gender School And Society Department of Elective 6
Learning And Teaching Internship
Learning And Teaching- Practical Language Across the curriculum
BEd Syllabus 2nd Year
Semester III Semester IV
Department of Elective 5 Contemporary India And Education
Department of Elective 6 Current Affairs
Learning Resource Project Department of Elective 7
Service Learning Knowledge And Curriculum
- Reasoning Ability
- Understanding Disciplines And Subjects
- Understanding the Self
- Workshop on Life Skills
- Workshop on School Management
Entrance Exam Syllabus

BEd Entrance Exam Syllabus

BEd admissions are done on the basis of merit as well as entrance exams. BEd entrance exam syllabus is similar across all the BEd entrance examinations. The main sections one must cover to secure good marks in the BEd entrance exams are-

  • General Knowledge
  • Verbal Aptitude
  • Teaching Aptitude
  • Logical Reasoning
  • Quantitative Aptitude

BEd Syllabus for Entrance examination are mentioned below:

Main Section Important Topics
General Knowledge History Polity
Current Affairs General science
Verbal Aptitude Syllogism Paragraph Based Puzzles
Seating Arrangements Bar, Pie and Line chart Data Interpretations
Teaching Aptitude Nature, Objective, Characteristics and Basic Requirements of Teaching Factors Affecting Teaching
Teaching Aids Methods of Teaching
Logical Reasoning Series Completion Substitution and Interchanging
Tests of Alphabet Principle of Classification
Quantitative Aptitude Percentage Average
Ratio & Proportion Profit & Loss

BEd Syllabus Subject List

BEd Semester 1 Subjects Childhood & Growing up
Gender, School & Society
Development and Management in School Education
Education in Contemporary India
Communication Skills and Expository Writing
ICT in Education
Understanding Self, Personality & Yoga
Language Across the Curriculum
BEd Semester 2 Subjects Learning & Teaching
Content & Pedagogy 1 Part-I
Content & Pedagogy 2 Part I
Assessment for Learning Fine Arts and Theatre
ICT Applications
Pre Internship
BEd Semester 3 Subjects Observation of demonstration lesson / video lesson
Content & Pedagogy 1 Part-II
Content & Pedagogy 2 Part-II
Skills simulated lessons with instructional materials
School Internship
BEd Semester 4 Subjects Creating an Inclusive School
Knowledge & Curriculum
Guidance and Counselling
National Concern & Education
Practical Examination
Distance Education Syllabus

B.Ed Syllabus: Distance Education

The B.Ed Distance education Syllabus is designed to enrich the students on multiple topics. BEd Distance Education syllabus and curriculum is very much similar to the regular BEd Syllabus.

Year-1 Year-2
Childhood And Growing Up Contemporary India and Education
Learning and Teaching Gender, School and Society
Pedagogy of a School Subject Reading and reflecting on texts
Drama and art in education Critical Understanding of ICT
Creating an Inclusive school Assessment For Learning
Understanding Disciplines and Subjects Health Education
Knowledge and Curriculum Language across the curriculum

IGNOU BEd Syllabus

IGNOU BEd Syllabus is very high quality and is attained by many students across the country due to its low fee structure. Following is the IGNOU BEd Syllabus over the two year period:

First Year
Core Courses Methodology Courses
Childhood and Growing Up Pedagogy of Science
Contemporary India and Education Pedagogy of Social Science
Learning and Teaching Pedagogy of Mathematics
Language Across the Curriculum Pedagogy of English
Understanding Disciplines and Subjects Pedagogy of Hindi
Workshop Based Activities Reading and Reflecting on the Texts
Practical Courses Application of ICT
Internship 1 -
Second Year
Core Courses Optional Courses
Knowledge and Curriculum Open and Distance Education
Assessment for Learning Guidance and Counselling
Creating an Inclusive School Adolescence and Family Education
Gender, School and Society Vocational Education
Information and Communication Technology
Drama and Art in Education Understanding the Self and Yoga
Practical Courses Workshop Based Activities
Internship 2 -

BEd IGNOU Semester 1 Subjects

BEd Syllabus offers a wide range of subjects to impart knowledge and information about the programme.

Semester I
Course/Paper Subjects of Study
Childhood and Growing Up Learner as a Developing Individual
Development and Learning
Understanding Childhood in a Socio-cultural perspective
Adolescence: Issues and Concerns
Stages of Child Development: Implications for Teachers
Contemporary India and Education Contemporary India
Constitutional Provisions and Education
Policy Framework for Development of Education in India
Initiatives of Government of India
Contemporary Indian Education: Concerns and Issues
Language across the Curriculum Language Background of Students
Nature of Classroom Discourse
Informational Reading and Writing
Pedagogy of Subjects Social Science
Biological Science
Physical Science
Understanding ICT and its Applications Introduction to ICT
ICT and Pedagogy
ICT for Assessment and Management

BEd Syllabus during the first semester also allows teaching exposure by some of the universities.This is also considered as a part of the BEd Syllabus and holds weightage in the final evaluation.

BEd IGNOU Semester 2 Subjects

Semester II
Course/Paper Subjects of Study
Learning and Teaching Understanding the Learner
Understanding Learning
Learning in ‘Constructivist’ Perspective
Understanding Teaching
Teaching as a Profession
Knowledge and Curriculum Knowledge and Knowing
Forms of Knowledge and its organization in Schools
Curriculum Determinants and Considerations
Curriculum Development
Curriculum Implementation and Renewal
Assessment for Learning Assessment and Evaluation: An Overview
Context of Assessment
Assessment Procedure
Data Analysis, Feedback, and Reporting
Pedagogy of Subjects Social Science
Biological Science
Physical Science
School Attachment

BEd IGNOU Semester 3 Subjects

Semester III
Course/Paper Subjects of Study
Engagement with the Field: Tasks Tasks and Assignments in different Courses
School Internship
Courses on Enhancing Professional Capacities

BEd IGNOU Semester 4 Subjects

Semester IV
Course/Paper Subjects of Study
Post Internship
Gender, School and Society Gender Issues: Key Concepts
Socialization Processes in India: Family, School and Society
Creating Gender Inclusive Classroom
Reading and Reflecting on Texts Read the prescribed Stories
Essays/Excerpts from Literary Texts
Essays/Excerpts from Educational and Scientific Texts
Arts in Education Visual Art and Craft
Performing Arts: Dance, Music, Theatre and Puppetry
Theory: Appreciation of Art
Understanding the Self Understanding of Self
Development of Professional Self and Ethics
Role of Teacher in Developing Understanding of Self among Learners
Creating an Inclusive School Understanding Inclusion in Education
Understanding physical, psychological and social-cultural diversity
Addressing Learners’ Diversity
Health, Yoga and Physical education Health Education
Physical Education
Important Books

BEd Syllabus Important Books

The popular BEd books required during the course period for the BEd Syllabus and also for the preparation of entrance exams are as follows:

Book Name Author
Russel, J., (2004), Teaching of Mathematics, Campus Book International, New Delhi. Singh. A.K.: Shiksha Manovigyan.
Rusk: The Philosophical Bases of education. Psychology: Anmol Publishers.
Agarwal, J.C.: Essentials of Educational Technology. Pandey R.S. Shiksha Manovigyan.
Oad.L.K.: Shiksha K; Darshanik Evam Samaj Shastriya Pristhabhoomi. Dandapani S.: A Textbook of Advanced Educational
Misra, K.S.: Shiksha Manovigyan Ke Naye Kshitij Gary, K. & Kingsley, H. L.: Nature & Conditions of Learning
Pandey R.S.: Shiksha Darshan. Agarniai, J.C.: Principles & Methods of Teaching.
Hurlock E.P.: Child Development. Kochhar, S.K.: Methods & Techniques of teaching.
Ruhela S.P.: Shiksha ka Samajshastra. Sidhu, K.S. (1982), Teaching of Mathematics, Sterling Publisher Pvt. Ltd. New Delhi.

BEd Syllabus FAQs

Ques: What are the subjects in the BEd Syllabus?

Ans: BEd Syllabus has the following list of BEd Subjects in India are:

  • Childhood And Growing Up
  • Assessment for Learning
  • Critical Understanding of ICT
  • Learning And Teaching
  • Learning Resource Project
  • Contemporary India And Education

Ques: Which subject is best for a BEd course?

Ans: In BEd you will have to choose two pedagogy subjects (teaching subjects) and both should be part of your Graduation and Post Graduation curriculum. 

Ques: What is eligibility for BEd?

Ans: Candidates with both graduation and postgraduation degree in a relevant field of study are eligible for the B. Ed programme offered by various reputed institutions/universities.

Ques: Can I do BEd in English?

Ans: Eligibility Criteria for BEd (Bachelor of Education) Course in English is minimum 50% marks in aggregate from a recognized Board or University. The student should have studied English as a language in degree programme and scored a minimum of 55% in the English language.

Ques: Which is better BEd or PhD?

Ans: It depends on what you want to pursue, if teaching in school then BEd is compulsory and if you want to go in the research field then PhD is required along with a postgraduate degree. Both courses are essential to have a successful teaching career.

Ques: Is BEd from distance education valid?

Ans: Yes, B.Ed distance education is valid when done from a recognized university. 

Ques: Why is a BEd degree mandatory for teachers?

Ans: The main aim of BEd Syllabus is engaging students-teachers to acquire necessary competencies for organizing learning experiences, developing an understanding of paradigm shift in conceptualizing disciplinary knowledge in school or college curriculum.

Ques. What is the procedure to take admission in a BEd course in Uttar Pradesh?

Ans. Students who wish to pursue B.Ed course in Uttar Pradesh must sit for the UP B.Ed JEE. UP B.Ed JEE 2021 is a state-level entrance exam organized by Lucknow University to offer  admissions in 2 years Bachelor of Education (B.Ed) courses in the colleges of Uttar Pradesh.

Ques: Is there an entrance exam for admission in BEd course?

Ans: Yes, there are some popular universities that conduct entrance exams for admission in BEd courses. It includes DU BEd entrance exam, RIE CEE, IPU CET, BHU UET, IGNOU BEd entrance exam, BEET etc.

Ques: What is the salary of a BEd teacher?

Ans: Salary of BEd teacher ranges with the experience a person holds. An average salary of a BEd teacher is up to INR 3 Lakhs per annum.


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