BE Biomedical Engineering: Admission Process, Eligibility, Entrance Exams, Syllabus, Distance Education, Scope, and Salary.

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BE Biomedical Engineering deals with the diagnostic and therapeutic application of engineering techniques by doctors in their healthcare practices. It is a 4-Year UG course dealing with software to run medical equipment.

To be qualified for this course, an applicant probably finished (10+2) from a perceived Board/University with Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Mathematics as subjects. Admission is based on Entrance or Merit Basis.

A portion of the top universities that give BE Biomedical Engineering is referenced below alongside Location, admission process, and expenses.

College/University Name Location Admission Process Annual Fees
Indian Institute of Technology Madras IIT-JEE INR 75,116
Indian Institute of Technology New-Delhi IIT-JEE INR 224,900
Indian Institute of Technology Bombay IIT-JEE INR 211,400
National Institute of Mental Health and NeuroScience Karnataka IIT-JEE/ Other Entrance exams INR 72,000
Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur IIT-JEE INR 82,070

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The main part of a Biomedical engineering graduate includes inventing the machine either scanning or defibrillators for saving and treating patients. Selling or marketing them to different organizations. Repairing gadgets in the emergency clinic as each emergency clinic has a post of the biomedical engineer as they are answerable for repairing gadgets as MR examine, CT filter, and so on

After the fruitful finishing of 4 years of this under graduation course, an understudy is granted a degree. An alumnus is qualified for either occupations or higher examinations according to wish. The BE Biomedical Engineering starting compensation offered to contrast at section, medium, and master levels. After successful completion of this degree, a candidate receives a salary between INR 5 LPA to 12 LPA. The course fee ranges from INR 10k to 5 LPA.

What is the BE Biomedical Engineering Admission Process

What is the BE Biomedical Engineering Admission Process?

The admissions  BE Biomedical Engineering program depends on both selection tests and legitimacy put together depending upon the University or school. Various schools have an alternate point of view for assessment, yet generally, it is if an understudy score above 45% to half in a selection test or legitimacy based then the odds to get induction into the ideal University or universities are very high. The Candidates who are applying for the Bachelor of engineering or BE Biomedical Engineering program must be having their graduation results from the particular board/colleges. There are certain colleges where Entrance Exams are required.

  • Candidates can fill the affirmation structure online through the school site or offline by visiting the school grounds.
  • Candidates have required fill subtleties alongside the existing archives.
  • Candidates are exceptionally encouraged to view the rundown of Entrance Exams which are relevant for Bachelor of engineering or BE Biomedical Engineering as referenced on sites of various Universities.
  • Candidates ought to qualify in the selection test with the necessary qualification of imprints for the specific college/school.

What is BE Biomedical Engineering Eligibility Criteria? 

The qualification measures for the Bachelor of engineering or BE Biomedical Engineering program are referenced below:

  • The applicant is more likely than not finished graduating with business or expressions with a minimum of 45% to half total imprints from a perceived college or board. The qualification rate shifts according to various colleges and universities. In this manner, candidates are profoundly encouraged to visit the individual school site for additional subtleties.
  • Some Institutions take direct confirmation dependent on imprints obtained at graduation level yet the vast majority of the institutions take placement tests of their specific college or school.

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Which is the popular BE Biomedical Engineering Entrance Exams? 

There are a few universities and colleges in India which have an entrance exam for admission for this course. A better and latest information and understanding of these entrance examinations can be given in the table shown below:

Entrance Exams Application Form last date Exam Date Result Date
IIT JEE (MAINS + ADVANCED) 24-May-2020 January 06 to 11, 2020 January 31, 2020
VEE April 30, 2020 MAY 13,2020 3 rd week of May
MHT-CET February 29, 2020 01 Oct to 15 Oct 2020 Yet to be announced
BITSAT May 11, 2020 16–23 Sep 2020 Yet to be announced

How to Prepare for BE Biomedical Engineering Entrance Exams?

A candidate needs to have great abilities and information sets to meet all requirements for the placement test for Bachelor of engineering or BE Biomedical Engineering. A couple of tips to assist you with developing fantastic execution in the test are given below:

  • Learning about the schedule for the placement test: The absolute initial step is to download a duplicate of the prospectus from the individual school/selection test site accessible. It is incredible to need to point out realities of the prospectus that can assist one with knowing the profundity of the subject which is included in the course.
  • Reading and revising past themes: Do peruse and try to reconsider subjects that can be amazingly fundamental for the point of the examination as it can assist with having an ideal utilization of the time and score great imprints. Revising old books or subjects additionally assists with gaining theoretical learning that makes it much simpler for the applicant at the test time.
  • The Golden guideline of "Careful discipline brings about promising results": A Candidate should practice and reconsider all the ideas before the test the same number of times conceivable with the goal that the last second pressure can be covered away.

How to get admission in a good Bachelor of engineering or BE Biomedical Engineering College? 

To tie down admission to a decent quality Bachelor of engineering or BE Biomedical Engineering College, a few variables come into activity. A portion of the following guidelines will be useful in that watch.

  • Always get a note of the top schools in the territory that you wish to examine.
  • Select specific schools according to models like expenses, straightforward entry, area, and so forth of your decision.
  • Check the school sites and comprehend the qualification and affirmation measure.
  • Make sure to seek after the instructions given by the schools.
  • Always remain refreshed on the universities that you need to apply and in the event of uncertainty make a point to get associated with a call or mail to the administration.
  • As careful discipline brings about promising results thus making a point to tackle earlier years question papers the greatest number of you can unravel.

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BE Biomedical Engineering: What is it about

BE Biomedical Engineering: What is it about?

  • BE Biomedical Engineering deals with application of engineering principles and design concepts to medicine and biology for healthcare purposes (e.g., diagnostic or therapeutic)
  • The study of BE Biomedical Engineering involves a broad array of diagnostic and therapeutic applications.
  • BE Biomedical Engineering also helps them in the rehabilitation of disabled patients with the doctors and practitioners.
  • To be qualified for this course, an applicant probably finished (10+2) or identical examination from a perceived Board/University with Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Mathematics as subjects.
  • The main part of a Biomedical engineering graduate includes inventing the machine either scanning or defibrillators for saving and treating patients.
  • Repairing gadgets in the emergency clinic as each emergency clinic has a post of the biomedical engineer as they are answerable for repairing gadgets as MR examine, CT filter, and so on.
  • After the fruitful finishing of 4 years of this under graduation course, an understudy is granted a degree.
  • After successful completion of this degree, a candidate receives a salary between INR 5 LPA to 12 LPA.
  • The course fee ranges from INR 10,000 to INR 5,00,000.

BE Biomedical Engineering Course Highlights 

Degree BE Biomedical Engineering
Full-Form Bachelor of Engineering in biomedical engineering
Duration Course Duration of Bachelor Of engineering is 4 Years And Lateral Entry for diploma candidates is 3years.
Maximum age limit 23 Years
Minimum Percentage (10+2) 60% AND ABOVE for B.Tech and Lateral Entry diploma with 50% in all semesters.
Subjects Required Physics, Chemistry, Maths, and Biology
Average Fees Incurred INR 10k-5LPA(Depends Upon University and Colleges)
Similar Options B.E or B.Sc
Average Salary Offered INR 5LPA- 12LPA per annum
Why Study BE Biomedical Engineering

Why Study BE Biomedical Engineering? 

  • A BE Biomedical engineering group will be an autonomous organization that has a group of individuals who will work together to achieve a common goal.
  • Each individual will share a common objective over the economic, social, cultural, and various other needs of society.
  • A candidate pursuing this career will have many roles, responsibilities, and opportunities available throughout their journey.
  • A candidate can decide to study further in the field or continue with a job as per the suitable alias.
  • The requirement for BE Biomedical engineering graduates will always be in existence for the upcoming time therefore the employment ratio will be rapidly increasing.

Course Comparison table BE Biomedical Engineering 

Below given is course comparison between BE Biomedical Engineering and Diploma in biomedical Engineering. This comparison will help students to choose the best subject for themselves.

Parameters BE Biomedical Engineering Diploma in Biomedical Engineering
Full Name Bachelor of engineering in Biomedical Engineering Diploma in Biomedical Engineering
Overview It is a full-time course that enables candidates to pursue a career in the field of biotechnology which includes designing and maintaining various instruments used in hospitals and labs. This is a diploma course which enables a candidate to pursue a career in the field of biomedical technology.
Duration 4-year 3-years
Degree Type Graduation Level HSC

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What are the Top BE Biomedical Engineering Colleges

What are the Top BE Biomedical Engineering Colleges? 

Name of College/University Location Average Fees Average Salary
Indian Institute of Technology Madras INR 75,116 INR 12 LPA
Indian Institute of Technology New-Delhi INR 224,900 INR 11 LPA
Indian Institute of Technology Bombay INR 211,400 INR 9 LPA
National Institute of Mental Health and NeuroScience Karnataka INR 72,000 INR 6 LPA
Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur INR 82,070 INR 10 LPA
Government College of Engineering Pune INR 22,171 INR 8.79 LPA
Bharati Vidyapeeth College of Engineering Pune INR 45,500 INR 7.32 LPA
Chandigarh University Chandigarh INR 1,59,000 INR 8.75 LPA
ACS College of Engineering Bangalore INR 50,000 INR 6.40 LPA
Anna University Madurai INR 30,095 INR 5.50 LPA

BE Bio-medical Engineering College Comparison 

Parameters Chandigarh University Indian Institute of Technology
Overview Chandigarh University is a private university established in 2012 by Punjab State Legislature. It is well known and recognized by UGC. This university holds a good reputation in India. Indian Institute of Technology in Government college, situated in Madras. It is one of the consistently top ranked universities of India.
Location Chandigarh Madras
Course Level Graduation Graduation
Course Duration 4-years 4-years
Admission Process Merit List + Entrance exam Merit List + Entrance Exam
Average Annual Fees INR 1.59 LPA INR 75,116k
Average Placement Salary INR 8.75 LPA INR 12 LPA
What is the BE Biomedical Engineering Syllabus

What is the BE Biomedical Engineering Syllabus? 

Semester I Semester II
Engineering Mathematics-1 Engineering Mathematics- 2
Engineering Physics Fundamentals of Material Science
Engineering Chemistry Environment Science and Surroundings
Fundamentals of Civil and Mechanical Engineering Fundamentals of Electrical and Electronics Engineering
manufacturing Mechanics Basic Thermodynamics
English Computer Programming languages
Practical Lab Session Practical Lab Session
Semester III Semester IV
Engineering Mathematics-3 Engineering Mathematics-4
Fundamentals of Electric circuits and analysis Practical in Electronic Circuits and analysis
Basics of Electronic devices and circuits Introduction to Human Anatomy and Physiology
Introduction to Switching Theory and logical design Fundamentals to Electrical and Electronic Instruments
Computer programming Dynamics of Biofluids
Strength of Materials Engineering and Medical Instrumentation-1
Practical Lab Session Practical Lab Session
Semester V Semester VI
Control System and Engineering Embedded systems in Medicine
Introduction to Microprocessor and its applications Principles of Diagnostic and Therapeutic equipment
Fundamentals to Integrated Circuits Medical Informatics and expert systems
Signals and Systems Engineering Basics of Digital Image Processing
Introduction to Biomechanics Introduction to Biomedical signal processing
Engineering and Medical Instrumentation-2 optional Subject 1
Practical Lab Session Practical Lab Session
Semester VII Semester VIII
Introduction to Radiological equipment Advanced Biomedical Engineering and Instrumentation
Engineering and Biomaterials Engineering Economics and sociology
Hospital safety, Guidelines, and management Introduction to Bio-Telemetry and analysis
optional subject 2 optional Subject 4
optional Subject 3 optional Subject 5
Practical Lab Session Practical Lab Session
What is the BE Biomedical Engineering Job Prospect

What is the  BE Biomedical Engineering Job Prospect? 

Biomedical Engineering is one such stream of engineering which uses engineering information and aptitudes to help discover arrangements identified with clinical and organic issues. It is a multidisciplinary subject that consolidates information on different engineering areas like electrical, gadgets, PC, and instrumentation to use it from a functional perspective at the natural level.

  • BE Biomedical Engineering graduates have a lot of alternatives to browse as far as their professions.
  • One can decide to work with firms, for example, Medical organizations, Hospitals, Instrument Manufacturers, Diagnostic focuses, Installation Units, and so on

To give you a comprehensive perspective on the professional possibilities of the course we have postponed certain territories and the particular jobs joined to a similar where biomedical engineering students can search for as far as their vocation.

Profession Description of the job role Average Salary
Bio-medical Engineer A segment of the renowned master streets open to such graduated class is recorded below close by the yearly typical remuneration and essential employment commitments identified with every one of them INR 3-5 LPA
Instrument Engineer Crafted by biomedical specialists includes the utilization of engineering ideas in taking care of the everyday issues in the organic space INR 2-4 LPA
Installation Engineer The occupation includes planning, testing, and refreshing different clinical instruments that are utilized for determination and treatment INR 4-3 LPA
Researcher The occupation includes the establishment of very good quality clinical hardware (with a group of professionals) made by the particular organizations successfully in the wellbeing foundations INR 3-9 LPA
Maintenance Engineer The employment of a scientist includes Research and Development in the area to bring out inventive answers for the current issues in the space INR 3-7 LPA

What are the Future Prospects of BE Biomedical Engineering?

  • An applicant after productive completion of a degree in BE Biomedical engineering can take occupations in various organization territories.
  • BE Biomedical graduates can also opt for MTech courses in the same or different specialization.
BE Biomedical Engineering FAQ&

BE Biomedical Engineering FAQ's

Ques. What is the qualification for affirmation in Bachelor of engineering or BE Biomedical Engineering?

Ans. The Admissions to the Bachelor of engineering or BE Biomedical Engineering program depend on both Entrance Examination and Merit-Based relying on the University or school an up-and-comer is looking for enlistment. Various Colleges have an alternate point of view of assessment, however, generally, it is if an understudy score above 45% to half in an Entrance Exam or Merit-Based then the odds to get induction into the ideal University or schools are very high.

Ques. What reports are needed for the Bachelor of engineering or BE Biomedical Engineering?

Ans. The reports needed for confirmation in the program are tenth Marksheet, twelfth Marksheet, Transfer declaration, Migration Certificate, aadhar card, Anti-Ragging undertaking (according to organization prerequisites), and so on Essentially, The university or school you looking for an entrance into will be referencing it either on the test structure or on the particular site.

Ques. What are the base and most extreme compensation achieved from a Bachelor of engineering or BE Biomedical Engineering course?

Ans. The base compensation after the fruition of the program at the fresher level is INR 3,00,000 -/per annum and the most extreme compensation got on a specialist level is 20,00,000 -/per annum or higher than.

Ques. What is a Bachelor of engineering or BE Biomedical Engineering?

Ans. Bachelor of engineering or BE Biomedical Engineering is a 4-Year Under Graduation course. The Course is for the most part having 8 semesters yet it can fluctuate upon Institutions Rules and Regulations. For a possibility to be qualified for this course graduation degree is required. Bachelor of engineering or BE Biomedical Engineering course is accessible in both the projects that are ordinary and distance learning.

Ques. What Job Opportunities are accessible after the fruitful finishing of a Bachelor of engineering or BE Biomedical Engineering?

Ans. Every year Companies from the areas of different According to this specialization, openings for work are accessible in different medical clinics as administration designers fix gadgets like oximeter, MRI machine, Ct Scan Machines. A biomedical specialist can likewise enter the innovative work cell and wind up creating gadgets.

Ques. Am I qualified for administration work after doing a Bachelor of engineering or BE Biomedical Engineering from distance learning?

Ans. Yes, you are qualified to accept work open doors after effective consummation from enlisted colleges that offer distance learning training.

Ques. What is the benefit of picking the Bachelor of engineering or BE Biomedical Engineering program?

Ans. The Bachelor of engineering or BE Biomedical Engineering program has a more progressive methodology and it gives a passage to the area of medical services, and the board. Further improvement should be possible in the occupation prospect by going through higher examinations.

Ques. What is the base participation necessity?

Ans. Minimum keeping up 66.67% of participation is required, yet the majority of the colleges are not all that exacting about the participation standards.

Ques. Is distance learning accessible for this program?

Ans. Yes, for this course distance taking in is accessible from open colleges like IGNOU, Annamalai University, Lovely Professional University, Andhra University, and so on

Ques. What is the charge range for the course of Bachelor of engineering or BE Biomedical Engineering?

Ans. The charge goes from as low as 5k to 5 LPA. The charge structure exclusively relies on the sort of establishment/University. If The College is Government, at that point, the expense is low, and if it is a private school, at that point the charge structure is high.

Ques. Is there any grant accessible for the Bachelor of engineering or BE Biomedical Engineering?

Ans. Yes, there is a grant accessible for meritorious applicants. To benefit and get more data, it is exceptionally encouraged to visit the grounds office. The staff normally tells about the qualification rules and reports prerequisites concerning the grants.

Ques. How are the placement tests for Bachelor of engineering or BE Biomedical Engineering?

Ans. The method of Entrance Examination is both Offline and on the web. This relies on the placement test. For the most part, the sites of selection tests or school sites advise competitors.

Bachelor of Engineering [BE] (Biomedical Engineering) Fee Structure in India

9.52 K (Minimum Fee)PUBLIC COLLEGES5.20 L  (Maximum Fee)
2.51 L (Average Fee)
47.70 K (Minimum Fee)Private COLLEGES7.76 L (Maximum Fee)
2.63 L (Average Fee)

Bachelor of Engineering [BE] (Biomedical Engineering) Fee Structure By state

Tamil Nadu

3.23 L
1.20 LPrivate COLLEGES4.15 L
2.45 L

Madhya Pradesh

2.73 L
1.82 LPrivate COLLEGES1.82 L
1.82 L


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7.0 /10

Course Curriculum Overview :

I choose this course because I wanted to be in the medical field and this course was perfect to be in touch with the medical industry. The students were 42 in the first year but it eventually increased in the second year now it's about 75 students in our class so this course was gaining its identity. The teachers are amazing, their teaching method was really good they would teach the certain concepts and they would take tests every week so I liked this method; of teaching and teachers had highly qualified. Term tests were every 2 months in every semester. And it was not that difficult to pass the test because they taught us well.

Campus Life :

Our college's annual fest is verve it happens every year. and our tech fest happens in the month of March and it's called tantra vihar. The books and journals in the library are available in abundance and the quality is very good. Our classrooms have good ventilation and we have a lecture recorder which captures lectures in case if any of the students is absent they don't miss lectures. Along with the fest, there are intercollege competitions for sports and extracurricular activities. There are many student committees like in our department there is bme and bmesa and this committee are run by students.

Loan/ Scholarship Provisions :

First I will talk about the campus placement. The companies coming to campus are recognized companies like Philips, siemens and many more. The college setting for the campus is like 80% of college and selected students are like 20%. The fee structure is 70000 per year. and they provide financial assistance like scholarships for low-income students.

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10.0 /10

Campus Life :

Our College conducts TECHFINIX a national level symposium in our college every year. Every department of students participated in it including every engineering colleges. The students show their talents and win the cash prize. ASTRA is our annual fest conducted every year in our college and our college students only participate in it. Our Department club "Energy club" offers a seminar for every week with guest ( a person who specialise in it). Every department has a separate library there department related books available. And also 1 main library available there lots of book available regarding every department, storybooks, English and Tamil newspapers and magazines also. Every department have separate clubs 2 students are the coordinator for the club and every students are members of the club.

Course Curriculum Overview :

Electrical and Electronics Engineering course offers a lot of job opportunities nowadays so I took that. Mainly without electricity, we can't do anything so I want to gain knowledge about that. Mostly doctorate faculties teach us. We have 61 members in our class. In the laboratory, they will classify us into 2 sections and they taught us from the basic level. In the laboratory, the lab assistant is more helpful and kind. Due to the Covid situation, we attend online class via Microsoft teams and Google meet. There is 2 semester in a year. 3 internals and 1 model exam happened every semester. The facilities give full notes about their teachings. So it was easy to handle the exams with their help.

Internships Opportunities :

I'm the campus ambassador of IIIT Bombay. Most of the students in our college doing campus ambassador in IIT Bombay, IIT Kanpur, IIT Kharagpur with stipend.other than that every student has undergone implant training or internship for atleast 15 days to gain practical knowledge and gain skills on working experience. They will be eligible to go 7th semester. So Inplant training or internship certificate is needed. Due to Covid, an online internship is going on. Multiple events and project task also conducted by our college itself.

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8.0 /10

Remarks :

As it is a well known college for biomedical engineering in Maharashtra. Also, the placements is 100%. is the website from where i got information about the college. The bad aspect is only one that only one festival is celebrated in the college that too it longs for 6 months.

Placement Experience :

The placement of college is 100%. All the high level companies come to the college for campus placements. This year's highest package was 32,00,000rs per year. The percentage of the student with this package was 9.6 c.g.p.a. After getting the degree, i will be doing either Mtech or MBA.

Fee Structure And Facilities :

Fee structure includes tuition fee majorly. Also, there are all types of facilities regarding scholarships and also, some reserved seats. TFWS for students whose annual income is less than 8 lakhs. And for the students of jammu and kashmir there is a scholarship named PMSSS.

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8.3 /10

Remarks :

One of the best government colleges in the state Gujarat. Very less fees that aal can afford.Better education compared yo many of colleges.Best campus good environment for studies. Faculties are very co -operative.

College Events :

Campus life is best Best construction of buildings good air ventilation distant classroom, gigantic classroom best labs Canteen Available for eating food beverages etc good parking spaces for private vehicles

Course Curriculum Overview :

Curriculum is designed good for the present technology going in the world Academic is best gor students many competition technical, cultural non-technical etc Faculties are the best to clear your doubts

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10.0 /10

Campus Life :

There was a library in a building, it has more than 10000 books, so it's useful to take notes. Green club, viscom club, ELA club, NCC etc

Placement Experience :

80% is eligible for placement. More than 10 companies will visit,95% more number of students have got and placed in a top most company

Course Curriculum Overview :

I like medical field so that I have chosen biomedical engineering, there are 112 students in my batch

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8.3 /10

College Events :

We have technical fest every year,we have some activities like poster presentation,paper presentation and some other extracurricular activities like flashmob and cultural events at our college.We also have management fests in our college.

Campus Life :

We have sports facilities, University wi-fi in ur college,we have a library in every department and equipment in lab is quite satisfied.All first year's have a separate library in which we have a wide range of books.

Course Curriculum Overview :

As I was a first year Student,all branches of first year's will have same syllabus,so I don't know about my course syllabus in detail.No we will have industrial exposure in future years.Yeah our faculty is also good.

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9.0 /10

Loan/ Scholarship Provisions :

I have availed ts e pass sholarahip.This is provided by the state government of teleangana.This can be availed by the minority and SC st students. The maximum amount of the reimbursement is 35000.As my college tuition fees is 18000,I got reimbursement.THIS REIMBURSEMENT IS GIVEM TO ONLY THOSE WHOSE ANNUAL INCOME IS LESS THAN 1 LAKH

Campus Life :

We have every thing in our college. Library, swimming pool, gymnasium, sports, amusements, cafeterias, auditoriums, parks, basket ball court, indoor stadiums etc. We have the states one of the biggest libraries called ambedkar libraries. We have green trees around where we get fresh oxygen. I am proud to be an osmanian.

Remarks :

One thing is I stay nearby the college.Ankther thing is this is the only college which provide bio medical engineering by state goveremts.The best thing is I like the course a lot.If u see the statistics of this college minimum 75 percent of the students get placements.And the teaching staff is also so good

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8.6 /10

Placement Experience :

From 3rd year students are eligible for campus placements. I think 80% of students getting placement per year.

Campus Life :

Very good campus with good surroundings.filled with positive vibes and everywhere trees and grass .

Course Curriculum Overview :

They are good and supportive.And well talented teachers with good teaching skills.

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8.7 /10

Remarks :

Psg college has it's own brand value, many in tamil nadu know about it and across the country it stands for it's name. This college has got very good placement with good salary package in very good companies. Compared to other college in tamil nadu many companies come to psg college for recruitment. It has a very good teaching staffs and good infrastructure with well equipped instruments for learning.

Placement Experience :

The placement is very good in psg tech, many companies which are to be the top in the market come for recruitment. Many students get placed every year with good salary package if their performance are good in the college. But the number of students placed is really high compared to other college.

Course Curriculum Overview :

The course I choose is implemented after 2000, even though we get a good course plan and our syllabus is really helpful to learn about the various branches after biomedical. The faculties handling us are good and friendly, they help us understand the subject as possible.

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8.3 /10

College Events :

IGNITRRON 2020 is a two-day national level techno-cultural fest scheduled on 21st and 22nd of February 2020.KPR Institute of Engineering and Technology assigns top priority to sports activities and encourages students who are sports persons by providing them a complete scholarship for studies. The Institution has excellent state-of-the-art infrastructure for sports and provides professional coaching in sports to students.clutural events like saviskara and all other clubs events are remarkable. It consits of 24 clubs

Campus Life :

It is one of the best colleges with top-notch facilities. It is a pocket-friendly college.It is 11.44 acres of land in Kollupalayam village of Arasur Panchayat, Palladam Taluk, Coimbatore District in the state of Tamilnadu. The charities own more lands adjacent to this site and hence allotting land in due course, if necessary, will not be a problem. Located about a kilometer away from the National Highway 47, the site is easily accessible.

Course Curriculum Overview :

Nearly 80% to 90% of the students will get placed from our college in companies. In our course, the highest salary package offered ranges from 25 LPA to 10 LPA.The infrastructure offered in our department is huge, and there is unlimited Wi-Fi facility.Teachers here are very helpful, well-qualified, and they are still learning about new outcomes of the industry.

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8.3 /10

Course Curriculum Overview :

Since I'm a second year student i haven't been in much contact with any of my faculty in person. But as of now, on online platforms, every teacher is very kind and supportive abd helpful, and most importantly, very interactive. When i was in first year, we were taken to deenanath mangeshkar hospital, Pune to make us aware of how patients are trained after having a big surgery or any such accident. There they showed us various equipments used in this process etc. And our curriculum is updated as of 2020. Few subjects have been replaced in the current semester. Overall everything us great.

Campus Life :

There are no sports facilities made exclusively for TSEC. But there is a football team of our college and they share the same ground with 2 other colleges (mithibai college and national college). There's a student lounge in the college where high speed internet is provided 24*7. There are 2 to 3 air conditioned libraries in the entire college. Labs are not air conditined and many equipments are not even changed for years (for first year, biomedical, biotechnology). Rest all branches have latest labs and equipments

Placement Experience :

The placement for my branch i.e. biomedical is not so good. Like there are some campus placements happening every year. But not more than 3 to 4 lakhs p.a is offered. And not much options available. Therefore many people from my branch go for higher education rather than sitting for placements. but for other branches like CS and IT placements are great highest packages sometimes go upto 9 to 10lakhs p.a.

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10.0 /10

Course Curriculum Overview :

Biomedical Instrumentation Engineering has a very good scope. All the faculties are very encouraging and supportive. Nice lab and Internship facilities. The library is so good. The student's teacher ratio is also very good. Way of teaching through modern technologies. Overall very nice department

Internships Opportunities :

We visited hospitals and had training. Separate credits for an internship are given during the second year and third year. Our college itself arranges the offers for us. Through Internshala our students got internships and they were allowed to work with a stipend during their academic year

Campus Life :

Fest is conducted regularly. The library is so good and it is much bigger and very peaceful. Sports activities are also regularly conducted. The students are encouraged to participate in their respective interests. The club activities are also so good and have lots of clubs.

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8.3 /10

Admission :

I got admission through Anna University Counseling Procedure and I chose this college because it is listed among one the best college for Biomedical Engineering in Tamilnadu. I have heard from my relatives about this college. The admission process can also be done with management quota. We can directly contact the college for getting admission. They also provide free education for some students who have secured good marks in their 12 th grade.

Faculty :

Best part about my department was the faculty members. Every one will help students in all sort of works. We can easily approach all faculties irrespective of their seniority. Even head of the department will be easily approachable. Teachers also identify each and every students talents in various domains and make us participate in many activities and competitions. Laboratories and libraries will be open all day for us to make use of it.

Campus Life :

I didn't relalize the value of my college when I was studying. But I miss my college life now. I realised that it was my best days. It was nore fun being a student there. College support me in my career growth. They support sports and NSS activities too. Many clubs will be there for English literature, photography, green gardening, NSS, Rotary etc. About gender ratio - girls will be greater in number.

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7.3 /10

Remarks :

As per biomedical engineering department it is one of the best college in tamilnadu .Here the campus placement is provided for almost all the students though if they have arrears.Good teaching faculty and of course very very friendly faculty they will guide you in the right way as per your interest

Internships Opportunities :

Yeah our department itself provided the seimens healthineer training program which is the top most company for the biomedical engineers they are providing very good training on every equipment even several senior faculties from other states are also visit here for the training of the students

College Events :

Yeah not bad.our college conducts symposium cultural and sports days.But not much importance is provided in the field of culturals and all but based on campus specifically our department has the good placement record and of course seimens healthineer are providing us the training program.

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7.8 /10

Admission :

Because it's a blooming course however it's not fully developed and just thought the will be less competitive in case of placements. Suggested by various members. Had a good response in internet and media. So I decided to pursue this course. The entrance to this college for me is purely based on the 12th mark via counselling.

Campus Life :

The campus life is like heaven. Student have full freedom to build their own path with some guidance. The can build a wonderful carrier. The are many labs with more facilities and it can be used apart from lab hours. There is good relationship between the classmates and senior junior relationship was awesome.

Fee Structure And Facilities :

The fees structure is little high because my course is a self supported course. There are some possibilities to reduce the fees structure but the management does not take steps towards it. The fees is collected for each semester. Due to some schlorships my fees get reduced to some extent.

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8.2 /10

College Events :

Kurukshetra Techofes Agni Enantra Department symposiums and many so always a event occurs in a day at any part of the college may be department function college discussion are college are government meetings and many, technical cultural Kurukshetra, cultural like techofes and agni have technical and non technical competition.

Course Curriculum Overview :

Really an updating syllabus with a good college infrastructure and maintenance of the college atmosphere to study and play. importance is given for both in academic and skill development such as entrepreneur, communication, leadering, club maintance and student association works with annual cultural.

Admission :

I got admission in the college with the merit list of my 12 th std marks with the annual counselling held in the college with requires previous submisson of forms and registration with initial payment for the counselling and they will give a rank list and if we are toped in their selection occurs.

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8.8 /10

Campus Life :

When talk about the gender this college has a same ratio of boys and girls,there is no problem in gender,both are treated like students,but students are fighting for thier departments to the other departments, students has the liberty to ask what they want and what they need,the management will provide the students what they want,each week the management conducting committee meeting for the students there the studunts can tell what are the problems they are facing in the campus

Course Curriculum Overview :

This college has a design thinking feature through this way students can obtain their goals and also this college tie up with many companies so the students can easily get placement. They have lots of laboratories to gain knowledge in tha campus. They conduct three internal assessment test to provide a internal marks in the final exams.the staffs are taken the question for the internal exams

College Events :

Texperia,alloraa,symposium. all departments will conducts workshop to gain the knowledge In every event the students will participate and gain some skills about the some events they receive any celebrity to participate in that event, Mostly the students conducts the events, they take the responsibility for some procedures the staffe are assigned for particular work in that event

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4.5 /10

Placement Experience :

We had placements but are very limited. We were not allowed to attend any IT companies because we are Biomedical department except the person with 8. 3 above CGPA, there were hardly 5 in our class, they had the opportunity to attend unlike us. On the other hand, all the other departments had a minimum qualification to be 6. 5 CGPA. We had Medial Coding companies which are not good for Biomedical Engineering graduates. Because anyone with the knowledge of human physiology can do it. Not that it's bad, but we all had very high expectation in our field or at least in any IT companies. We all got placed in medical coding companies with the package less than 2. 5 which was the max. Also, there was one company that provided a high package but they had selected only persons who are apparently the toppers of our class based on CGPA. But I had done an Internship at Sri Ramachandra Medical College & Hospital with 2 other of my friends on our own to know about the field in semester holidays which the college never helped us in getting the internship.

Course Curriculum Overview :

The course curriculum is not up to the mark because all the syllabus provided by Anna University is very old. Most of them are not in existence, but I do accept the fact that there are few subjects that are very basics for Biomedical Engineering which was very helpful in the later part. Now I'm working in an MNC where I'm involved in working with medical devices. Here in work some of my courses are very helpful obviously because medical devices and stuff related to them were taught in the college, precisely put I learned by myself rather than saying that they taught us all.

Admission :

When I completed my 12th class, I didn't score enough marks to enter into Medical College but got a Dental one, which I was not interested in at that time. So I was into Agricultural Courses but due to my caste I didn't get into the college I was expecting so my parents asked me to go into Engineering. Since my parents are both in the medical field I always had a few insights into the medical field.

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6.7 /10

College Events :

Worst college experience. In fact, no graduation ceremony is organized. Negligible campus life events and extracurricular activities. Technical colleges are known for many fun events like Tech Fest and other cultural events but our college was not at all like that. Only once a tech fest for forcefully organized. Placements are worst in this college. And the management is also not bothering to bring in companies. The only thing they want is timely payment of the fee.

Course Curriculum Overview :

The course in India is developing now, it would take some time to have plenty of Govt. jobs. The acamedics in my college are not so bad, but opting biomedical engineering is good for a student who wants to go towards research areas. The faculties in my college are bad to speak genuinely. Only one of the two is good, they are not the best. No one has perfect knowledge about the subject.

Loan/ Scholarship Provisions :

I have received a Telangana Epass scholarship; there would be no college fee for reserved candidates, it will be bared by the government. We would even get some amount of hostel fee every year from the Government.

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10.0 /10

Campus Life :

Our Campus has seperate wifi facilities for each block. Then each Department Carries seperate block and lab. The lab contains enough equipment to gain practical knowledge. Then the hostel also have seperate wifi facilities available and each room carries four students then they have seperate caboard to keep save their things. Then the food and facilities are well then the hostel fees also less compared to other colleges. Our college library is one of the biggest library in our state. The person who are interested in sports they will expose their talents in different ways our physical staffs will guide them.

Course Curriculum Overview :

Currently Our University was changed the syllabus that are very useful to improve our knowledge that was followed by our college. Then our college provide Internship, inplant training and Hospital training to improve our skills. The faculties are graduated in top most University in our state and some of them from abroad they insist several things to improve our knowledge and conducted several seminars, conference. My inspired faculty was Shanmugam he was completed his studies in Anna University main campus and he has well personalised and the way of teaching is practically exposure.

College Events :

For every month each Department conduct 1 conference. The guest was from abroad and we'll talented person. Then our college conduct several festivals like pongal, diwali etc from the person who are from other states their festival also organised by our institution like holi,onam etc. Several participants from different colleges were attending our technical and cultural events.

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