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BFA Painting: Overview

BFA Painting: Overview

Bachelor of fine arts in painting is a three year course program that caters to the needs of artistic and creative talents of an individual with the purpose to give such talents an economic platform for portrayal and turn their passion into successful careers. 

BFA Painting is a popular course choice which is offered by many universities and colleges in India to promote indigenous and international art via sketching and painting, to create art forms and aesthetic paintings to earn money and recognition of work.

Name of the college Admission process Average fees
Lovely Professional University Jalandhar Intermediate degree (10+2)/ CET INR 177000
RIMT University Gobindgarh Intermediate degree (10+2)/ CET INR 41000
University of Mumbai, Mumbai Intermediate degree (10+2)/ CET INR 20000-40000
Bengal Fine Arts College Kolkata Intermediate degree (10+2)/ CET INR 15400
Sanskriti University Mathura Intermediate degree (10+2)/ CET INR 120000

BFA Painting is divided into six semesters and gives insight on various principles and practices of painting.

BFA Paintings eligibility includes an intermediate degree in any discipline, with a minimum score of 50-60 percent in prior examinations as well as certain entrance tests such as NIFT/NID to secure admission in this field.

Alert: NID 2021 Eligibility Criteria Released. Click here to know more about NID 2021

BFA Painting course fees generally range around INR 10K-3 Lakhs and offers extensive experience in painting with emphasis on visual and performing arts and crafts. A graduate of this discipline can earn up to INR 2-2 lakhs in the industry after gaining recommended experience and exposure.

What is the BFA Painting Admission Process 2021?

What is the BFA Painting Admission Process 2021?

Admission to the BFA program in painting requires an intermediate degree followed by certain common entrance tests conducted by colleges and universities in India that need to be qualified before getting admitted in this program. 

The students must also possess 50-60 percent in their prior examinations certified from a recognized body to gain admission in the program. 

Candidates belonging to SC and ST as well as OBC may get a relaxation up to 5 percent in their admission process.

What is the BFA Painting Eligibility Criteria 2021?

  • Students must possess an intermediate degree (10+2) from a recognized certification body and also have a minimum score of 50-60 percent to attain admission in this program
  • Students belonging to SC ST and OBC sections may get relaxation up to 5% in the admission process.

Which BFA Painting Entrance Tests Held in India?

  • NID

NID test is conducted by National Institute of Design to offer admission to students in their design programs, the paper pattern consists of general questions related to Aptitude reasoning and logical skills of an individual and grant admission based on scores achieved during the test.

  • NIFT

NIFT test is conducted by the National Institute of Fashion Technology to allot admission to students in their UG and PG programs. The pattern contains questions related to aptitude and logical skills and is conducted in an offline mode.

  • CET

BFA Aspirants in order to get admitted in colleges are required to give a common entrance test conducted by majority of colleges in India to secure admission in fine art programs. Such tests vary from college to college and their pattern is also different depending upon the college's admission guidelines.

Exam Tentative Form Submission Date Tentative Day of Exam Tentative Result Date
NID DAT  October 2021 December 2020 January -February 2021
NIFT January 2021 Third week of January 2021 February 2021

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BFA Painting: What is it About?

BFA Painting: What is it About?

Bachelor of fine arts in painting is a course program designed to pursue artistic talents that an individual possesses while enhancing his or her form and technique through structural courses.

  • Students in this three year program undergo many critical learning’s related to diverse art forms and their inherent qualities that make them unique to understand the symbolism and thoughts that make a painting or an art form true to its nature
  • BFA Painting also has periodic assignment work which includes painting and sketching various nature and still life art forms and aesthetics using oil and acrylic as well as enhancing and prepping the inner talent of an artist to create and prosper through his or her art style and form. 
  • BFA Painting graduates also learn about the new software related to designing and texturing that might aid their artistic skills and executive their art digitally to attract global attention.
BFA Painting Course Highlight

BFA Painting Course Highlight

Course Level Undergraduate
Full form Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting
Duration Three years
Examination type Offline and semester based
Eligibility Intermediate degree (10+2) with 50-60 %
Admission process By qualifying admission entrance tests like NID/NIFT/CET
Course fee INR 10000 to 300000
Average Salary INR 20000-200000
Top recruiting agencies Event management companies, Art galleries, Film industry, Museums, educational institutions
Job positions Art critic, Design trainer, Art professional, Artist, Illustrator, cartoonist, art historian
Why Opt for BFA Painting?

Why Opt for BFA Painting?

Individuals willing to work on offbeat careers and want to follow their passion of art and transforming it into a career that suits them and their life purpose can pursue this profession which requires articulate expression of life and Nature through their unique art forms.

  • Candidates are given illuminating lectures on how abstract and modern as well as ancient art forms are critical to learn about general concepts of life and how much inspiration they can hold.
  • Candidates are also made aware of various art forms of the world to provide assistance and enhance their creative aspects for execution of art in a much profound manner
  • Candidates can also work in many diverse fields related to Designing and painting such as working as artists in studios as well as art critics in gallery
  • Candidates can also seek employment in museums of modern and contemporary art to culminate awareness in others and to inspire masses towards protection and conservation of art forms of India and of world
  • Candidates can also work closely with the animation and graphic design industry to create character sketches and paintings for high end film and theatre industries or to assist animators in their projects and assignments
  • Candidates also learn about fundamentals usage or art in current scenarios and how their talent can be monetized to earn better living.
  • Candidates can also work with designing and architecture firms and aid others in designing and handling architectural matters in regards to decor management of houses and office spaces.
BFA Painting: Why this Particular Degree?

BFA Painting: Why this Particular Degree?

BFA Painting is a unique course that teaches students about different art styles, color compositions and styles adopted through years which in turns helps students understand the evolution of art and assists them in building creative solutions and ideas.

  • Candidates first and foremost can actively seek research and teaching positions in leading educational institutions to work on imparting knowledge regarding famous arts and painting to other budding art students
  • Candidates can work in designing firms as assistants to architects and civil engineers by helping them in designing activities and also curating items for interior decoration of office and home spaces
  • Candidates can also work in film making Industry as art creator or set managers to design unique backdrops, background and interiors for film making work and earn good salary for their work
  • Candidates can also work in art galleries as art historians and critics to inform others and educate others about different art styles and how they are crucial in connecting people and cultures.
  • Aspirants can also seek work opportunities as cartoonists with newspaper and online websites to attract an audience and create unique characters and sketches inspired with elements of life and nature.
  • Candidates can work as illustrator with reputed art firms and help them design different themes of abstraction and symbolism and earn great wages and benefits
  • Individuals can also work as artists with commercial and corporate industries by providing assistance in designing and developing compelling products packaging and labeling to attract consumers
  • Candidates can also work as painters with associated organizations or can open their individual studios to work on independent ventures and later exhibit their work to earn rewards and benefits
Which are the Top BFA Painting Colleges in Indian 2021?

Which are the Top BFA Painting Colleges in Indian 2021?

Name of the college Admission process Average fees
Lovely Professional University Jalandhar Intermediate degree (10+2)/ CET INR 177000
RIMT University Gobindgarh Intermediate degree (10+2)/ CET INR 41000
University of Mumbai, Mumbai Intermediate degree (10+2)/ CET INR 20000-40000
Bengal Fine Arts College Kolkata Intermediate degree (10+2)/ CET INR 15400
Sanskriti University Mathura Intermediate degree (10+2)/ CET INR 120000
IIS University Jaipur Intermediate degree (10+2)/ CET INR 38300
Delhi University College of Art Intermediate degree (10+2)/ CET INR 42000
College of Arts and Crafts Patna Intermediate degree (10+2)/ CET INR 14920
Banasthali Vidyapeeth Jaipur Intermediate degree (10+2)/ CET INR 143000
Kurukshetra University Intermediate degree (10+2)/ CET INR 120000

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What is the BFA Painting Syllabus?

What is the BFA Painting Syllabus?

Semester One Semester Four
Drawing from nature Drawing from life
Fundamentals of arts Composition
Printmaking Western aesthetics
Indian culture arts History of western art
English Mural design I
Regional language Computer/English
Semester Two Semester Five
Drawing from human figure Still life
3 D design Head study
Indian culture arts Indian culture arts
Fundamentals of arts with 2D design History of western arts
English Pictorial composition
Regional language English
Semester Three Semester Six
Still life Painting from life
Head study Composition
Fundamentals of computer Mural design II
Printmaking II Indian aesthetics
English History of western art

BFA Painting electives include

  • Portrait painting
  • Digital painting
  • Multimedia
  • Art direction
  • Sculpture
  • Illustration
  • Installation art
  • Perspective study

Diploma in fine arts vs. Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting: Which is Better?

Parameters Diploma in Fine Arts Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting
Domain Fine Arts Fine Arts
Course objective Diploma in fine arts spans elements of multimedia, sculpture, art aesthetic and painting and provides information on all these subjects in limited capacity and consists of term end assignment to conclude the course. Bachelor of Fine Arts in painting is a three year undergraduate course that teaches students the methodologies and course syllabus consisting of various art forms of India and of World and also opens up horizons for an individual to express his or her creative talent inspired by such useful sources
Eligibility Intermediate degree (10+2) Intermediate degree (10+2)
Annual average fees INR 2000-20000 INR 10000-300000
Annual average salary INR 2-3 lakhs INR 2-8 lakhs
Duration One year Three years

BFA Painting Recommended Books

Name of the book Name of the author
Art History: A Very Short Introduction Dana Arnold
Digital Multimedia Nigel Chapman
'Indian Art: A Concise History Craven, Roy C. London Thames and Hudson. 1976
Comparative Aesthetics: Indian and Western Pandey, KC
Ways of Seeing Berger, John Penguin Modern Classics. 2008
A World History of Art Hugh Honour, John Fleming
BFA Painting Job Prospects and Career Opportunities?

BFA Painting Job Prospects and Career Opportunities?

Bachelor of fine arts in painting is one of the most sorted courses in humanities stream for individuals who wish to develop their inherent artistic qualities and further enhance them into successful careers by studying their transitions and methodologies via this course program.

Name of the Job Description of the Job Average Salary
Design trainer Such individuals are engaged in preparation of compelling design curriculum and coursework for online websites or firms to attract global attention and provide information that is educational and provides awareness to the masses in terms of art and related fields. They curate articles on various artistic expression which promotes enhancements of art in its entirety INR 6-7 lakhs
Illustrator Illustrators are individuals involved with creating sketches and paintings, unique characters for newspapers Columns and online content websites to attract clients and customers. They also prepare art works for publishing houses, decoration items and greetings cards etc. INR 3-4 lakhs
Artist Artists are individuals who work independently or with organizations to prepare art and painting for personal and commercial sale. They exhibit their art for sale and purchase via galleries and also create art forms on demand INR 2-6 lakhs
Art critics Art critics are individuals who are well versed with different types of art forms of India and of the world and are hired by museums to provide insight to their audience about the painting and art works they possess and prepare commentaries for the same. They impart important information on symbolism behind artwork as well as analyze the color compositions to portray information and hidden abstract meanings that make painting unique in essence INR 2-5 lakhs
Art Professional/connoisseurs Art professionals or connoisseurs are individuals who possess excellent command on various artworks and information on their making and evolution. They are hired by various upholding’s to assist young artists in providing insights on work and interaction between various concepts of life with integrating art forms. INR 4-6 lakhs
Art historian Art historians as the name suggests are people who have extensive knowledge of ancient and contemporary art styles and who work closely with leading museums and galleries to preserve and conserve existing art forms and provide information for the same. INR 3-7 lakhs
Creative director Creative directors are individuals who work in the film and television industry and assist in designing beautiful backgrounds and backdrops for theatres and movies. They also design sets and film aesthetics to make the movie visually appealing INR 3-9 lakh
BFA Painting Career Scope and Further Studies?

BFA Painting Career Scope and Further Studies?

Bachelor of fine arts in painting has a lot of unique career opportunities that awaits individuals who have successfully completed their degree and can have bright careers in fields of filmmaking and architecture, creative direction and designing on excellent salary basis and rewards.

  • Candidates who wish to study further in this field can pursue higher education in fine arts such as MFA and PhD to enhance their career prospects in painting and work as teachers and leading faculty members with Institutes all around the world.
  • Individuals can also work in creative direction fields as art directors who are responsible for designing art and sets background for films.
  • Aspirants who wish to pursue independent ventures can work as artists with organization or open their own studios to develop art projects for sale and exhibition purposes
  • Students can also become digital artists and can work with online content websites to develop art forms and aesthetics for online audiences and people.
  • Candidates can also work in the field of architecture by working closely with lead architect and assisting them in designing interiors of office and homes by facilitating decor items and aesthetics
  • Candidates can also work as art historians’/ connoisseurs in art galleries who work to promote and preserve existing art forms and develop educational content for informing others about art styles and how they are important as a cultural heritage.
  • Candidates can also work as art critics well versed in various art styles to dedicate their time and effort in researching various art forms and their abstract meanings which makes the painting unique in essence.
  • Candidates who are willing to work as illustrators have immense job prospects with newspaper agencies and online websites, they can prepare artwork that can complement their material and can help enhance the prestige of associated organizations.
  • Candidates can also work in printmaking and imaging with commercial and corporate industries to design packaging and labeling of new products to increase sales volume and earn handsome rewards and incentives for the same.

MFA Painting

Students who wish to build their career prospects brighter and have a strong foundation can pursue an MFA in painting. They can work in teaching career as well as can get employment with leading museums of national and international fame to work as art critics and historians who work to preserve and study existing artistic heritage

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BFA Painting FAQs

BFA Painting FAQs

Ques. What is a Fine arts course in painting?

Ans. Fine arts courses are often pursued by individuals who wish to follow their creative talents in the field of painting. Such individuals study fundamentals of art and painting with color compositions and methods to enhance the inherent painting talents of individuals and help them transform their talents into creative workspace.

Ques. What is the eligibility of BFA Painting?

Ans. Students willing to study BFA Painting require an intermediate degree in any discipline with a minimum of 50-60% score in exams; entrance tests such as NIFT/NID are also required to be qualified before attaining admission in the program.

Ques. What are the patterns of the entrance tests of BFA Painting?

Ans. The exam pattern usually consists of multiple choice questions related to comprehension/reasoning/Aptitude/logical skills. Other common CET exams may also include general questions on painting and composition. Students are advised to follow previous year question papers to understand the pattern better.

Ques. What are the best colleges for BFA Painting?

Ans. The colleges mentioned in the article above are best in the field. Students are advised to go through the list with caution before applying.

Ques. What is the scope of BFA Painting?

Ans. BFA Painting Graduates can earn money by working as teachers, art historians, art critics and animators as well as illustrators, cartoonists and artists.

Ques. What is the scope of BFA Painting abroad?

Ans.BFA Painting has immense scope abroad as the study curriculum often consists of art forms of the world therefore students can get employment as teachers and art enthusiasts in universities and art galleries abroad after gaining enough experience and exposure.

Ques. What should I do after my BFA Painting?

Ans. Students who wish to study further can take up an MFA course in painting as well as doctoral courses to enhance their knowledge base.

Ques. What do they teach in BFA Painting?

Ans. BFA Painting consists of studies on fundamentals of art forms and styles. Different types of Art forms of India and of the world as well as learning methods of drawing and sketching. For a detailed syllabus kindly refer to the article above.

Ques. What kind of jobs can I do with a BFA Painting?

Ans. Students can work as teachers, artists, art historians and critics, art enthusiasts and art conservators, illustrators and cartoonists as well as designers and visual artists.

Ques. What sort of job should I look forward to after completing my degree in BFA Painting?

Ans. Candidates can become artists and designers as well as illustrators and art critics with their degree in fine arts in painting; they can also work in corporate sectors and brand image experts and can also work as independent artists in their own studios.

Bachelor of Fine Arts [BFA] (Painting) Fee Structure in India

2.8K (Minimum Fee)PUBLIC COLLEGES250K  (Maximum Fee)
84K (Average Fee)
26K (Minimum Fee)Private COLLEGES500K (Maximum Fee)
180K (Average Fee)

Bachelor of Fine Arts [BFA] (Painting) Fee Structure By state


230KPrivate COLLEGES300K

West Bengal

62KPrivate COLLEGES62K

Delhi NCR

190KPrivate COLLEGES500K


310KPrivate COLLEGES310K

Madhya Pradesh

150KPrivate COLLEGES150K


virat arya
Is there any cut off limitations for admission if I'm applying du ,and yes then what is the current cut off .
shobhna chaturvedi
No, cut off marks in DU depends on the college you are applying for. Cut off marks are different for each college in a specific course.
virat arya
Can i do photography,music classes, graphic designing,arts, painting all together in BFA?
shobhna chaturvedi
Hi Virat, yes, this depends if the college you are applying in for admission provides these opportunities or not as the extra activities offered differ from college to college.
konyala divya
How to apply for bfa painting course
shobhna chaturvedi
Hi Divya, the admission process for this course depends on the college in which you apply. Some colleges opt for online mode whereas others may go for offline. Thus, you must check the process from the official website of the college you are interested in.

Bachelor of Fine Arts [BFA] (Painting) Colleges IN INDIA

View All
Mumbai University - [MU]
Mumbai, Maharashtra
K L University - [KLU]
Guntur, Andhra Pradesh
1.2 L first year fees
Mangalayatan University - [MU]
Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh
25 K first year fees
38 K first year fees
10.8 K first year fees
25.61 K first year fees