BMM (Bachelor of Mass Media) Syllabus, Subjects, Course Curriculum 2021-2022

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BMM, or Bachelor of Mass Media is a 3 year undergraduate course usually pursued by students who want to enter the field of advertising, journalism, film making, public relations, event management, creative writing, etc.

Admission can be done either through BMM Entrance Exam or on the basis of Merit, after clearing a Group Discussion and Personal Interview Round.

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BMM provides a broad-based education in a gradual and progressive manner thus providing better understanding of the subjects and the topic. 

BMM Syllabus

To ensure effective and efficient dispersal of concepts and principles to the students, BMM syllabus course delivery is done through theory lessons, workshops, personal assignments, group assignments, research work, presentations, field visits etc. 

In the last year (3rd year), students have an option to choose one of the two specializations, i.e. Advertising and Journalism. But this totally depends upon the availability in the college or institute. 

The table below shows some of the common BMM subjects along with the objective of the course curriculum:

Name of the Subject Course Objectives
Fundamentals of Mass Communication The aim is to introduce the students to communication models and expose them to the various aspects of Mass Communication to develop a critical understanding of Mass Media and its potential & application.
Principles of Management and Marketing The aim is to provide an introduction to the fundamentals of management and marketing to the students. 
Introduction to Creative Writing The main objective of this paper is to encourage students to read stories, poems, plays that will help them to develop their writing and analytical skills, and  acquaint students with basic concepts in literary writing.
Introduction to Public Relations The objective of this course is to introduce the subject of public relations to the student and help understand its importance and the function it plays in society. It helps to equip students with the basic tools of public relations and give them an overall understanding of the subject. 
Introduction to Media Studies The main aim is to expose students to the well developed body of media theory and analysis and to impart the required analytical skills that will allow them to view the media critically.
Advertising The objective of this course is to recognize the roles of advertising in modern society while understanding the current developments and problems concerning advertising as an economic and social force.
Introduction to Journalism The main aim of this course is to give an understanding of the history and development of journalism in the global and the Indian context to the students and introduce students to concepts related to news and journalistic practice.
Copywriting Main objective of this course is to familiarize the students with the concept of copywriting as medium of selling through writing and to develop writing skills to train students to generate and express ideas effectively. 

BMM Subjects

The program structure of BMM consists of various subjects in their syllabus as mentioned. The table below lists some of the important topics included in the BMM syllabus and course curriculum:

Name of the Subject Topics/Units taught
Effective Communication Skills Reading, Writing, Editing & Summarizing, Oral Communication, An Introduction to Logic, etc. 
Introduction to Creative Writing A Brief Introduction to Creative Writing, Formal structure of the short story, Formal aspects of Poetry, Formal aspects of Drama, Publication Aspects, Scripting, Screenplay, and dialogue writing focusing on Writing for the internet, Film Review, Book Review, etc.
Media Studies Introduction to Media Studies, Media Studies as an Interdisciplinary Approach, Early Effects Theories, Limited Effects Theories, Cultural and Critical Theories, Media and Society, Introduction to Audience Theory, etc.
Advanced Computers Web Designing, Video Production, Computer Animation, etc. 
Print Production and Photography Basic Principles, Camera, Basic Photography, Colour photography, Concepts of composition, Movements in Art and photography, Print Production, etc.
Mass Media Research Introduction to Research concepts, Steps in conducting research, Statistical procedure - Mean, median, mode, standard deviation and correlation, Application of research in mass media, Content analysis - Definition and uses, steps, limitations, Research in print media, Research in Advertising, Research in Public Relations, Mass media Research and the Internet, Research in Media Effects, etc.
Media Planning and Buying Media planning, Sources of media research, Media timing, Comparing and Evaluating continuity of media options/choices, Deciding the ideal media mix, Media buying and negotiation, Competitive media expenditure analysis, Scheduling and budgeting allocation Media audit, etc. 
Journalism Writing reports, Leads and its types, Gathering news, New news writing style, Investigative Reporting 
Advertising Fundamental of marketing research, Product Research, Copy research, Copy testing measures and methods, Print pretesting 01 Broadcast pretesting, Projective techniques, etc. 

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