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A Bachelor of Optometry or B Optometry is a 4 - year under-graduate course which has been designed to educate students on the examination, diagnosis, treatment of the eyes and its connected organs. The program seeks to provide a thorough understanding of the diseases of the visual system, how to diagnose and treat them, etc.

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Check out the Top B Optometry Colleges in India. Also, check out the entrance exams to the top colleges in India.

Students who have completed their 10+2 with a minimum of 50% marks in aggregate in Science stream (PCMB) are eligible for this course. Colleges offer admission through merit mostly, only very few conduct entrance exams. Many colleges also offer admission on the basis of NEET score. 

Key Highlights of B Optometry

  • Full-Form: Bachelor of Optometry
  • Duration: 4 years
  • Eligibility: 10+2 in PCMB with a minimum of 50% aggregate.
  • Admission Process: Based on merit and entrance exam
  • Entrance Exams: AIIMS Entrance Exam, NEET, CMC Entrance Exam, etc
  • Top Colleges: AIIMS, CMC, Sastra University, Galgotias University
  • Average Annual Fees: INR 1,000 - INR 2,00,000 
  • Distance Education: Not available
  • Job Options: Optometrist, Low Vision Specialist, Orthoptist, Optician.
  • Average Salary Package: INR 4,00,000
  • Area of Employment: Hospitals, Eye Clinics, Optical Centres, etc.
  • Higher Study Options: Master of Optometry and Masters in Science in Optometry

Under this programme, the students would be taught about how the eyes would react when exposed to harmful UV radiation and pollution. For e.g, be prone to infections such as conjunctivitis, a bacterial infection in cornea, irritation, corneal ulcers, red and watery eyes, sty, dry eyes, etc. The students would be equipped with the knowledge of primary eye care and correction.

Alert: The admission to B Optometry Course has been delayed this year due to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. The NEET exam has been postponed and will now take place in September. Check all the latest updates on NEET 2020.

The course annual fees are around an average of INR 10,000 to 2,00,000. Some of the top colleges offering this course in India are listed in the table below. 

NIRF Medical Ranking 2021  College Name Location  Admission Process Average Annual Fees
1 AIIMS  New Delhi  Entrance based INR 1,145
3 Christian Medical College  Vellore  Entrance based INR 23,255
9 Manipal Academy of Higher Education Manipal Entrance Based  INR 2,03,000
13 Shri Ramachandra Institute of Higher Education  Chennai  Merit-based INR 1,50,000 
31 SRM Institute of Technology  Kanchipuram  Entrance Based  INR 1,30,000

A student who has completed a B.Optom has career opportunities in health care services. The students who graduate from this course can work as an optometrist, low Vision Specialist, orthoptist, optician.

The highest annual salary of around INR 8,00,000 can be expected which is based on the experience level of the graduate. Also, an average annual salary around INR 4,00,000 can be expected. 

Further study options post completion of B.Optom include Master of Optometry and Masters in Science in Optometry.

B Optometry Admission Process

B Optometry Admission Process

  • The universities follow the system of a direct admission but few of the colleges might have an entrance exam.
  • The exam will assess the candidate’s knowledge in physics, chemistry, biology and maths. 
  • Most of the colleges have an online application system when once the link is opened you can apply through the prescribed link. 
  • Application is processed based on the result of the marks of the qualifying exams of the candidates along with their character certificates and letter of recommendation.
  • Colleges which have an entrance exam for the course will publish the admit card once the application is processed. 

Steps to follow for applying for B Optometry admission:

  • Step 1: Go to the website of the college that you are interested in and create an id as prescribed.
  • Step 2: Fill the details and pay the prescribed fees. Submit the required documents if needed.
  • Step 3: The admit card will be provided soon after the application is processed. Please keep a track of the dates of the exams (if applicable).
  • Step 4: Finally, keep checking the college website for recent updates and notifications with regards to the same.
B Optpmetry Admission Process

Check the Admission Process of AIIMS in detail. 

B Optometry Eligibility Criteria

  • The applicant should have completed 10+2 in Science stream from a recognized board or university. 
  • The applicant must study Physics, Chemistry and Biology as compulsory subjects at the 10+2 level. 
  • The candidates must have a minimum of 50% of aggregate marks in +2 science stream.
  • The candidates must be medically fit to be eligible for this course. 
B Optometry Entrance Exams

B Optometry Entrance Exams

The colleges that have an entrance exam generally test your basic knowledge in Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Maths. Few colleges that conduct exams are AIIMS and CMC.

  • AIIMS Entrance Exam: This is an entrance exam conducted for admission to medical and paramedical courses in All India Institutions of Medical Sciences all over India. The exam will be on the basics of physics, chemistry and biology.
  • CMC Entrance Exam: This is an entrance exam conducted by Christian Medical College for admission to the same. The exam pattern is similar to NEET.
  • NEET: This is the national level entrance exam conducted for admissions to top medical colleges for all medical and related courses. The exam will be on the basics of physics, chemistry and biology.
Entrance Exam Conducting Body  Application Date Exam Date Mode of Examination 
CMC Entrance Exam CMC February 12 - May 26, 2020 Postponed due to COVID-19  Offline
NEET NTA December 2, 2019- February 2, 2020 September 13, 2020 Offline

How to Prepare for the Entrance Exams?

  • The exams are usually online exams nowadays due to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. 
  • The test would be on the basics of Science studies at the 10+2 level. 
  • Revise your 11th and 12th syllabus, especially Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

Points to keep in mind while preparing for the entrance exams:

  • Go for entrance exams crash courses if available in your area.
  • Allocate at least 4 hours every day for studying.
  • Make notes while studying. These can help up with last-minute quick revisions.
  • Focus on your weak subjects and allocate more time to them.
  • If previous years question papers are available, then it is good to solve them as it will build up your confidence. While solving the previous papers, keep in mind that there are negative marks so attempt accordingly.

Check the NEET Question Paper Pattern in detail. 

How to Get Admission in a Good College?

  • Follow all the rules for the admission process properly without any mistake.
  • Try to score as much as you can in the entrance exam. Minimum 50% must be scored in NEET to get qualified for admission. 
  • Make sure all the required documents are there and that those documents are up to date.
  • In case of doubt, call the management and get updated information.
  • Ensure that you attempt your board exams well.
  • Attend crash courses and keep doing revisions. 

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What is a B Optometry?

What is a B Optometry?

The course equips students with the skill to identify vision-related problems and the technology to combat it. Therefore, it is a field that focuses on the study of the eye, vision and diseases that affect the eye.

  • It focuses on the eyes and all the diseases and disorders that the visual system can suffer. 
  • In simple terms, it equips students to diagnose the inflictions and how to treat those inflictions.
  • The course curriculum involves topics like Optics, Anatomy and Physiology, Eye Diseases, etc. 
  • This course is perfect for those who want to specialize in the medical field but don't want to be a doctor or a nurse.
  • This course will also equip students with the skills to be people-friendly as well as handling sophisticated machines.
What is Optometry?

B Optometry Course Highlights

The major highlights of the B Optometry Course have been tabulated in the table given below. 

Course Level Undergraduate
Full-Form Bachelors in Optometry
Duration 4 years
Examination Type Semester
Eligibility 50% in 10+2 science
Admission process Direct admission
Course fees INR 10,000 to INR 2,00,000 
Average Salary INR 4,35,000
Top Recruiting Places Eye hospitals, clinics and opticians’ outlets or with multinational vision care companies. 
Job position Optometrist, Trainee Optometrist, Optometry Researcher, Vision Care Associate, Vision Consultant, Private Practitioner, Optician
Why Should One Study B Optometry?

Why Should One Study B Optometry?

The B Optometry course has multiple benefits. Some of the benefits of this course are discussed below. 

  • Respectable Profession: It will give you respect in society as you will be involved in helping with one of the important organs of human beings.
  • Multiple Further Study Options: Students can go into further studies by taking up a Masters in Optometry, Masters in Science, PhD, etc. depending on one's interest.
  • Multiple Job Opportunities: This degree offers careers in a wide variety of fields. The candidates can get jobs in Hospitals, Eye Clinics, Optical Centres, etc. 
  • Opportunity to Learn Wide Variety of Skills: Students learn a wide variety of skills through this course like how to handle patients, how to analyse the lab tests, handling of sophisticated machines, etc. 
  • Opportunity to turn Entrepreneur: After completing the course, the students will also be able to open their own eye care showrooms and start their own business. 
B Optometry vs BSc in Optometry

B Optometry vs BSc in Optometry

B Optometry and BSc Optometry are two most popular bachelor degree courses in the field of Optometry. While B.Optom is more of a professional course, BSc Optometry is more focused on studying the field theoretically. The major differences between these two courses are given in the table below. 

Parameters B Optometry  BSc in Optometry 
Full Form Bachelor in Optometry Bachelor of Science in Optometry 
Course Overview It’s an under-graduation degree which will give you an in-depth understanding of the working of the eyes and the treatment of the same in cases of inflictions. It’s an undergraduate degree which will give you an in-depth understanding of the machines and the eyes by giving paramedical training to the students. 
Eligibility Criteria  10+2 with minimum 50% in PCBM 10+2 in PCBM
Average Annual Fees INR 15,000 to INR 1,50,000 INR 10,000 to INR 1,00,000
Average Annual Salary INR 4,30,000 INR 2,50,000 to 8,00,000
Colleges AIIMS, SRM University for Science and Technology, Sanskriti University, Chitrakara University, Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, JNU, Abhaya College of Nursing
B Optometry vs BSc Optometry

Source: College Websites 

Also, go through the full list of top BSc Optometry Colleges in India

Top Colleges for B Optometry

Top Colleges for B Optometry

Many top Medical Colleges and Technical Universities in India offer B Optometry Course. Below we have mentioned some of them. 

NIRF Ranking 2021  College Name Location  Admission Process Average Annual Fees
1 (Medical)  AIIMS  New Delhi  Entrance based INR 1,145
3 (Medical)  Christian Medical College  Vellore  Entrance based INR 23,255
9 (Medical)  Manipal Academy of Higher Education (Kasturba Medical College)  Manipal Entrance Based  INR 2,03,000
13 (Medical)  Shri Ramachandra Institute of Higher Education  Chennai  Merit-based INR 1,50,000 
31 (Medical)  SRM Institute of Technology  Kanchipuram  Entrance Based  INR 1,30,000
151-200 (University)  Chitrakara University Patiala  Merit-Based INR 1,14,000
150-200 (University)  Sharda University Noida Merit-Based INR 1,26,000
NA  Ansal University Gurugram Merit-Based INR 1,28,000
NA ITM University Gwalior  Merit-Based INR 1,20,000
Top Colleges for B Optometry

Source: College Websites 

B Optometry College Comparison

A comparison between the best colleges offering B.Optom in India has been mentioned in the table below.  Three colleges have been taken for the comparison. This is done to give a wider idea as well as to show the similarities and difference between the colleges:

Parameters AIIMS SRM University for Science and Technology
Overview All India Institute of Medical Sciences are a group of 15 highly renowned autonomous Public Medical Colleges. They are often regarded as one of the best medical colleges in India. They provide a plethora of medical and paramedical courses from UG to research level.  SRM University of Science and Technology is a deemed university which offers courses in various fields of Science, Paramedical Science, Technology and Management. It offers both UG and PG courses. 
NIRF Medical Ranking 2021 1 31
Location Delhi and 14 other cities.  Chennai
Eligibility 50% of 10+2 qualifying exams 50% of 10+2 qualifying exams
Admission Process Entrance Merit
Average Fees INR 2,020 INR 1,00,000
Average Annual Salary INR 7,00,000  INR 4,80,000
B Optpmetry college Comparison

Source: College Websites 

B Optometry Syllabus

B Optometry Syllabus

The table below highlights the subjects that you would learn over the period of this course. Subjects might vary slightly depending upon the colleges. These are the subjects that one should expect to be taught.

Semester 1 Semester 2
Basic Sciences and Clinical Optometry Orthoptics & Vision Therapy
Community Optometry & Public Health Clinical Optometry-II
Advance Dispensing Optics Neuro Optometry
Elective - Advanced Glaucoma and Pediatric Optometry Business and Clinical aspects in Optometry
Semester 3 Semester 4
Cornea & Contact Lens 2) Low Vision & Rehabilitation Special Clinic-II
Recent Advancement in Optometry Project Dissertation-II
Special Clinic –I -
Project / Dissertation -

B Optometry Recommended Books

There are a few books that one should read if pursuing this course. These are highly suggested books.

Book Author
Clinical Optics  Troy Fenin
Physical and Geometric Optics Micheal Keating
Ocular Diseases Kanski and Parsons
The Wills Eye Manual Nika Bagheri
Vision For Life Meir Schneider
B Optometry Job Prospects and Career Options

B Optometry Job Prospects and Career Options

Students who have completed this course can work as Optometrist, Optician, Vision Care Associate, Trainee Optometrist, Optometry Researcher, Vision Consultant, Private Practitioner, etc. 

Job Position Job Description Average Annual Salary 
Optometrist The medical examiner who examines the eye. INR 3,50,000
Optometry Researcher A person who research about differ ailments affecting eyes and how to treat them INR 5,00,000
Ophthalmologist A doctor who specializes in eyes and visual systems. INR 6,00,000
Optician A technician who verifies the prescription given by an eye doctor and who is trained to correct lenses according to the eye defect. INR 4,00,000
Vision Consultant  Checking the vision and vision-related problems of people, and suggesting the proper medicines and lenses.  INR 3,00,000
Average Annual Salary (INR LPA) Vs Job Profile

Source: Payscale 

B Optometry Future Scope

B Optometry Future Scope

The degree helps you to work closely with an important organ of the human body. B Optometry has various career options which therefore makes it easier for you to choose accordingly,  based on the area of preference. You can also go for higher studies.

You can choose one of the following career options after completing a B Optometry:

  • You can work in Health care services and connected fields.
  • You can work as an Optician, Optometrist or start your own private practice
  • You can also work as an Optometry Researcher.

Also, for the students who wish to study further, following are the study options available.

B Optometry FAQs

B Optometry FAQs

Ques. What are the average annual fees that would be required to complete the degree?

Ans. The average fees would range between INR 2,000 to INR 2,00,000.

Ques. Which exam should I clear to get admission for this course?

Ans. No, but there are some colleges that require you to write an entrance exam that will test your aptitude in science

Ques. Is there any compulsory internship in this course? 

Ans. Yes, this course includes a minimum of 6 months to a maximum of 1 year of compulsory internship. 

Ques. What are the career options after doing a B Optometry?

Ans. Optometrist, Optician, Vision Care Associate, Trainee Optometrist, Optometry Researcher. 

Ques. How hard is this course, is it as hard as MBBS?

Ans. Both courses are challenging in their own way but optometry is comparatively easy as you would be only learning in-depth about the eyes.

Ques. What stream should I take in Senior High, if I wanted to pursue a B Optometry?

Ans. You should take pure science (physics, chemistry, biology and maths) in High school.

Ques. Does the college have placements drives for this course?

Ans. Yes, most colleges offer good placements.

Ques. Is this course expensive in nature?

Ans. No, the course is not expensive, the maximum you would spend per year would be INR 1,50,000.

Bachelor of Optometry [B.Optom] Fee Structure in India

4.21 K (Minimum Fee)PUBLIC COLLEGES16.94 L  (Maximum Fee)
3.97 L (Average Fee)
52 K (Minimum Fee)Private COLLEGES6.16 L (Maximum Fee)
3.31 L (Average Fee)

Bachelor of Optometry [B.Optom] Fee Structure By state

West Bengal

3.60 L
1.98 LPrivate COLLEGES5.90 L
3.60 L

Tamil Nadu

6.06 L
67.17 KPrivate COLLEGES4.03 L
3.34 L

Delhi NCR

3.29 L
1.47 LPrivate COLLEGES5.19 L
3.72 L


3.61 L
3.60 LPrivate COLLEGES4.80 L
4.13 L


3.41 L
3.40 LPrivate COLLEGES3.40 L
3.40 L


Many people still have no knowledge about the career in optometry. That is why I appreciate your sharing this post with so much information regarding this career option. You have also listed out the top colleges providing courses in optometry. It is sure to help aspirants and get them where they want to be.
How much marks should I score in neet to get admission in B optometry in government college??

Dear Neeru

Greetings from Collegedunia. The minimum score in NEET to get Admission to Bachelor of Optometry programs is 50%. Kindly refer to this link – NEET Minimum Score for B. Optometry


Bachelor of Optometry [B.Optom] Colleges IN INDIA

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1.69 K first year fees
23.28 K first year fees
1.75 L first year fees
Jamia Hamdard University
New Delhi, Delhi NCR
1.45 L first year fees
NSHM Knowledge Campus
Durgapur, West Bengal
2.02 L first year fees
SASTRA University
Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu
1.27 L first year fees