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    Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics is an undergraduate level degree program which is of three years. Students passed in 10+2 are eligible for this course. Admission in most of the colleges offering this course is done through merit list based on marks in qualifying exam. Average tuition fee for this course ranges from 50000 to 1 lakh.

    This course develops an understanding of analytical skills and purposeful competencies in Mathematics. It is a course which deals with the understanding of basic applications of mathematical techniques which are applied to general principles outside the scope of theoretical mathematics.

    The major employment sectors after this course include the educational sector, banking and finance industry, commerce industry, statistical and accountancy jobs etc. Average entry level salary after completing this course ranges between 2 lakhs to 4 lakhs per annum.

    What is the course about?

    The course is about the intricacies of the mathematical concepts and theories applied in the real life situations like data analysis, statistics, and economics, business and banking, and also in astronomy. Astronomy is one off-beat career option but it deals with the mathematical calculations and thus this course is highly recommended for anyone who wishes to pursue it as a career.

    The course is a vigorous training of the students in order to successfully understand the concepts and their practical usage so they can effectively use these concepts in solving real-life problems that they encounter in their respective careers.

    What are the skills required for the course? Who should opt for the course?

    This course is ideal for a person who has a keen interest in learning the application part of the theoretical mathematics. This is the best course for any student, who wants a career in the mathematics related industry and has an interest in statistics, operations research etc.

    If a student has an ability to deal conveniently with the abstract ideas of mathematics and want to learn their analysis and practical usage in real-life situations, should pursue this course. This course develops the ground for any person to learn the basics as well as in-depth knowledge of topics like calculus, algebra, equations and their geometrical representations and graph plots etc.

    The students are also taught computer applications which are helpful in analysis of the mathematical concepts and their applications. It develops the understanding of a person in terms of mathematical data analysis and then the students can choose from a wide range of career options.

    Top Colleges for Bachelor of Science [B.Sc] (Applied Mathematics)


    The duration for the course is of three years like any other bachelor’s degree course. The students who successfully clear every stage of exam during these three years are offered the graduate degree of Bachelor of Science with a specialization in Applied Mathematics.

    Bachelor of Science [B.Sc] (Applied Mathematics) Fee Structure in India

    22.7 L (Minimum Fee)PUBLIC COLLEGES22.7 L (Maximum Fee)
    22.7 L (Average Fee)
    68.14 K (Minimum Fee)PRIVATE COLLEGES90 K (Maximum Fee)
    79.07 K (Average Fee)

    How to Get Admission in Bachelor of Science [B.Sc] (Applied Mathematics)

    The admission process to this course is through merit basis. Any candidate who wants to take admission in any of the institute which offers this course should fill an admission form which is available online. The institute or university will then issue a cut-off list which will guarantee admission to any candidate who suffices the eligibility prerequisites.

    Selection Process:

    The selection process is carried out by the university or institution only after the admission committee of that institute has issued a cut-off list. Once the list is out, the students are supposed to attend a counseling session held by the institute where all the academic records of the student are verified and granted admission on fulfilling all the required formalities.



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