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    B.Sc. in Aviation (B.Sc. AV)is anundergraduate coursein science and operations in flying airplanes, helicopters, gliders etc. An integral factor for being eligible for this course is that the candidate must have completed 10+2 and passed HSC Examination with subjects like Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics with a minimum of 50% marks, from a recognised school in India.

    Like all undergraduate program, B.Sc. AVis a three years course. This course is often confused with (Hons) in Aviation Management. Admission to the program is based on merit marks scored in 10+2 and/or personal interview by colleges.

    The average annual tuition fee for the course ranges between 1.5 Lakhs INR to 2.5 Lakhs INR.

    B.Sc. AV is a course through which students find job opportunities in the aviation industry and aerospace firms. Within these, professionals can find job profiles like that of a Service maintenance engineer, pilot, Production & Maintenance manager, software testing engineer, and aircraft maintenance engineer.

    A fresh graduate of this course can expect an average salary of 3.5 Lakhs INR to 5.5 Lakhs INR depending on the job profile and a particular company. But this salary would only go upwards with experience and more important positions within the company/organization.


    The duration of this is just like most of the undergraduate courses: 3 years.

    This course follows the semester system over the annual mode and hence the course divided into 6 semesters and 10 semesters if done through correspondence.

    What is B.Sc. Aviation about?

    Ever since the Wright Brothers discovered the aeroplane for the mankind, the aerospace and aviation industry is a wonderful career choice. The aeroplane and other aero models have shortened the distances among continents, the moon and other planets!

    B.Sc Aviation is course which deals with scientific operations of aeroplanes, helicopter etc. This course provides a complete package be including flying hours, the model, parts and mechanics of the aircraft, etc.

    B.Sc. Aviation and B.Sc. (Hons.) Aviation Management

    B.Sc. Aviation Managementis an undergraduate three year course which deals with the ‘management’ fundamentals in aviation. Fundamentals such as, cabin crew staffing, flight attendants, airline ticketing, aircraft financing, airport security, ground staff handling etc.

    Whereas B.Sc. Aviation is a course that provides information on internal mechanics of an aircraft, the precautions which should be taken when flying the aircraft and other such cautionary measures.

    The main difference between the two courses, in layman language, would be that B.Sc. Aviation Management takes care of the works and duties of the Ground Staff. Aviation, on the other hand takes care of the works and duties of the Air Staff.

    Where to study?

    B.Sc AV is available in many colleges across India. Some of the top colleges for B.Sc AV are as follows:-

    Name of Institute




    FIP's Institute of Aviation and Aviation Safety


    Thakur College of Science & Commerce


    Andhra Pradesh Aviation Academy


    University of Mumbai


    Sir Sitaram& Lady Shantabai Patkar College of Arts & Science


    Flytech Aviation Academy


    Academic Options after the course

    After completing the course, students can pursue M.Scin Aviation, M.Scin Aviation Management, and MBA in Aviation Management.These courses are available in colleges such as, Andhra Pradesh Aviation Academy,UPES University.

    Students can also opt for other certificate courses on Pilot Training, Aeronautical Engineering etc.from private institutions like Flytech Aviation Academy, Hyderabad

    Bachelor of Science [B.Sc] (Aviation) Fee Structure in India

    2.3 L (Minimum Fee)PUBLIC COLLEGES2.77 L (Maximum Fee)
    2.54 L (Average Fee)
    58.41 K (Minimum Fee)PRIVATE COLLEGES38 L (Maximum Fee)
    6.1 L (Average Fee)

    Eligibility Of the Bachelor of Science [B.Sc] (Aviation)

    To be eligible the candidate must pass in Class 10th with minimum aggregate 50% including all subjects from a recognised school.

    The candidate must be pass in Class 12/QE with minimum aggregate of 50% in English, Physics & Mathematics from a recognised school.

    A candidate who has passed post SSC, Three year Engineering / Technology diploma coursewith Mathematics and Physics can apply too.

    A candidate who has passed post HSC diplomain Information Technology / Computer Technology / ComputerEngineering / Computer Science / Electrical, Electronics & Video Engineering & alliedbranches / Mechanical & allied branches / Chemical & allied branches / Civil & allied branches, from AICTE or any recognized government body can apply too.

    Candidates must also have a Class II Medical Certificate from Director General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) approved Medical doctor for flying hours.

    For a commercial pilot licence (CPL) holder, they should have a valid current C P L with class I medical certificate from DGCA Medical centres.

    How to Get Admission in Bachelor of Science [B.Sc] (Aviation)

    The admission to the program is based on merit. The admission forms of the colleges are available between the months of May and June. The application forms are available both online and offline on the various university websites.

    Certain universities may require students to submit class X, class XII and other relevant certificates with their application form. It is a routine procedure required to enable universities in preparing the merit list.

    Selection Process

    Selection for the course is based on the merit list prepared by the colleges.Some colleges might also have a personal interview after the selection through merit list.



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