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    Bachelor of Science [B.Sc] (Physician Assistant) Top Colleges, Syllabus, Scope and Salary

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    B.Sc. Physician Assistant is a 3 year undergraduate medical course. A selected few of the universities also demand a minimum 55 percent in the intermediate (Biology) for selection through merit. Others conduct their own entrance examination for selecting students. The majority of institutions take admission by taking their own entrance examination

    Some of the top colleges offering B.Sc. Physician Assistant are:

    The average fee for the course B.Sc. Physician Assistant ranges between INR 1 to 5 Lacs.

    Physician assistant are generally trained to provide diagnostic, therapeutic and preventive health care services in almost all medical specialties. Working as members of health care team, they take medical histories, initial examinations of the patients, order for laboratory tests and x-rays and assist the doctors for diagnosis and treatment.

    As the course name suggests, it is a specialization for people looking for adding skills and knowledge required to provide support to the senior doctors and physician. The course is designed to train the students in examining and treating patients, order and interpret laboratory x-rays and perform diagnosis.

    Undergraduates in the Physician Assistant have a wide range of job opportunities in the field of the medical software institutions, pharmaceutical industry and organizations developing and marketing sophisticated medical services, medical tourism, and medical insurance. The average undergraduates in physician assistant earns between INR 3 to 5 Lacs

    B.Sc. Physician Assistant: Course highlights

    Course levelGraduation
    Duration3 years
    EligibilityIntermediate with minimum 50% marks
    Admission processEntrance exam based (May also look at intermediate percentage) / Merit Based
    Course feeINR 1 to 4 Lacs
    Average Starting SalaryINR 2 to 5 Lacs
    Top Recruiting companiesRanbaxy, Fortis, Max Hospitals, college and universities, etc.
    Job PositionsDietician, Patient care Technician, Drug Safety associate, etc.

    B.Sc. Physician Assistant: What it is about.

    B.Sc. Physician Assistant course provides a deep insight into the counsel on preventive health care, diagnose and treat illness, order and interpret test, assist in surgery, etc. The course is also beneficial for further studies such as M.Sc., M.Phil. & Ph.D., etc. as it provides a good basic knowledge for the higher studies.

    The course is designed to include all the subjects related to the examining and treating patients, order and interpret laboratory x-rays and perform the diagnosis, Examining the patients, educate and counsel patients and their families, etc.

    By pursuing B.Sc. Physician Assistant course, the skills you acquire in a specific field are recognized as pre-requisites for further advanced professional degree or in the Industry.Your prior knowledge and experience is enhanced by undergraduate studies which focus on your chosen profession.

    The Bachelor in physician assistant ensures that the student acquire deep knowledge of the pre-requisites for the physician assistant and the related things.Students can specialize in a wide variety of topics ranging from primary care to emergency services.

    B.Sc. Physician Assistant: Top Institutes

    Name of the InstituteLocationAverage Fees(INR)
    A.D.N Institute of Paramedical Science and HospitalsNagpur3 Lacs
    Khatu Shyam Institute of management and Technology- KSIMTNew Delhi5 Lacs
    Martin Luther Christian University- MLCUShillong4 Lacs
    Jayashree AcademyKolkata3 Lacs
    BN Patel Institute of Paramedical and ScienceAnand4 Lacs
    Frontier Lifeline HospitalChennai4 Lacs
    JSS Medical college and HospitalMysuru5 Lacs
    M.M.M college of Health SciencesChennai5 Lacs
    Sri Gokulam college of NursingSalem2.5 Lacs

    B.Sc. Physician Assistant: Eligibility

    Students who have pursued intermediate or equivalent course in the biology are eligible for the course. The students must have 50 percentage of marks in intermediate.

    B.Sc. Physician Assistant: Admission Process

    A selected few of the universities also demand a minimum 55 percent in the intermediate (Biology) for selection through merit. Others conduct their own entrance examination for selecting students. The majority of institutions take admission by taking their own entrance examination.

    B.Sc. Physician Assistant: Syllabus and Course Description

    Subjects of Study
    Cell and Molecular BiologyIntroduction to Surgery
    Anatomy, Physiology and Bio ChemistryPediatrics
    Nutrition and DieteticsCommunity and Public Health
    Practical-(Physician assistant)Pathophysiology
    Microbiology-(Physician assistant)Clinical Decision Making
    Introduction to PsychologyPharmacology
    Introduction to medicine (physician assistant)Molecular Genetics

    B.Sc. Physician Assistant: Career Prospects

    The main job of the physician assistant is to provide diagnostic, therapeutic and preventive health care services. Examples of the working field of the physician assistant the nurse practitioner, Advanced Practice Clinician, etc. The importance of the physician assistant is growing continuously over the past decade.

    Career opportunities for the B.Sc. Physician Assistant is in the filed of the medical services sector, Government medical services, colleges and universities, Manipal Health Services, Lotus Heart hospital, etc.

    Many other areas are also available for students of undergraduates in physician assistant to pursue

    A few options that are at hand for professionals who would like to get employed in the field of Medical services are given below:

    • Dietician
    • Drug Safety Associate
    • Teacher
    • Assistant Physician Cardiology
    • Clinical Associate
    • Personal Health Facilitator
    Bachelor of Science [B.Sc] (Physician Assistant annual salary
    Job ProfileJob DescriptionAverage Salary
    Medical AssistantThe job of the medical assistant is to provide the basic support the senior doctor.4 to 5 Lacs
    DieticianThe Dietician provides the diet plan and consultancy services related to the health5 to 6 Lacs
    Drug Safety associateThe Job of the drug safety associate is to keep a check on the drug usage and the amount of the drug in the medicines.6 to 7 Lacs
    Personal Health FacilitatorThe job is to provide health care services to the person.5 to 6 Lacs
    Ortho Physician AssistantThe main job is to the basic support to the doctor and the patient.4 to 5 Lacs

    Bachelor of Science [B.Sc] (Physician Assistant) Fee Structure in India

    6 K (Minimum Fee)PUBLIC COLLEGES4 L (Maximum Fee)
    2.18 L (Average Fee)
    90 K (Minimum Fee)PRIVATE COLLEGES4 L (Maximum Fee)
    2.2 L (Average Fee)

    Bachelor of Science [B.Sc] (Physician Assistant) Fee Structure by State

    Tamil Nadu

    2.32 L
    2.11 L



    Suman Paswan

    Hi I have completed my degree in physician assistant and I am looking for job so if any vacancy kindly consider me..

    04 Sep, 2019 22:35
    Karthik Kumar

    Which age should be have retirement in this professional

    02 Sep, 2019 19:53
    Shobhna Chaturvedi

    Hi Karthik, there is no retirement age as such prescribed by the government. However, generally, retirement age in any profession is 60 years.

    03 Sep, 2019 15:12
    G S

    A physician assistant is a clinician who has undergone education in medicine but is not entitled to practice independently. There should be some level of supervision at all times-the level of supervision depends on the expertise and experience of the physician assistant and it is up to the supervising physician to decide which level of supervision is needed. A rigourous minimum 3 1 year of education is required at undergraduate level to become a qualified physician assistant. In addition, the institute that gives the training should have facility and qualified faculty to give clinical training to students in all department of medicine. If the institute does not have, it should make arrangements with other institutes to impart training. Those who seek admission into the programme should be aware of these things. Also, when the government forms the allied and healthcare council, regulations are going to stricter. The training institutes should bear this in mind so that the PAs they train are competent enough to be recognized by the government. Please contact the Indian Association of Physician Assistants if anyone needs more information regarding the PA profession and education. Gomathi Sundar Researcher and Academician

    15 Jul, 2019 13:59
    Ajay vishwakarma

    I am going to do the physician assistant course that is better

    03 Sep, 2019 01:01

    it can be done as part time study is it possible

    27 Nov, 2019 12:53
    Shobhna Chaturvedi

    Hi Karthika, yes, you may apply for admission to this course for distance learning in Vinayak Mission University.

    27 Nov, 2019 15:18

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