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What is BSc Radiography?

Radiography, a paramedical course which is being offered to students who aspire to practice diagnostic tests in medical treatments using the methods of radiation. Bachelors of Science or BSc Radiography is a course with a span of 3 years and divided on a semester basis with around 6 semesters all through the course. Radiography is a paramedical field that deals with the treatment of the diseases that are related to the internal parts of the body. In the process of this treatment, they make use of X- rays.

The professional experts of the field usually work in areas such as Accident and Emergency, Operation Theatre, etc. They are trained for taking X-rays, MRIs, CT Scans, etc. Radiography is also used to give treatments to cancer patients. 

In order to get admission in top BSc Radiography colleges, the basic eligibility criteria required is the certificate of the qualifying exam i.e., 10+2 or an equivalent degree from any recognised institute with Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics being the main subjects. The admission process to the course is generally through an entrance examination conducted by different institutes respectively. However, there are some institutions these days which are providing a 2-year diploma degree in Radiography. 

The average course fee in India ranges between INR 2000 and 50,000 at government institutes, however, it may cost somewhere between INR 2 and 10 lacs in a Private Institute which entirely depends upon the college that the student chooses to study in.

Fresh graduates of the course are eligible for the jobs at private as well as government-run hospitals. The average initial salary usually lies between INR 7,000-10,000 (approx.) which usually tends to increase with increased knowledge and expertise in the field. They are recruited as X-Ray technicians, Radiation Protection Specialists, etc. 

BSc Radiography: Course Highlights

The course highlights of the BSc Radiography course have been listed below. The table includes all the necessary information a student needs to have about the subject, it's scope and about the program itself.

Course Level  Undergraduate level
Full-Form Bachelor of Science 
Duration 3 years
Examination Type Semester based
Eligibility 10+2 with a minimum of 50%
Admission Process Merit and Entrance based followed by Counselling 
Average Course Fee INR 2000-10 lacs depending upon the type of institutions
Average Salary offered INR 7000-10,000 initially
Top Recruiters  Government as well as Private Hospitals, Education and Defence Sectors too.
Job Positions X-Ray Technician, Physiotherapist, Radiation Protection Specialist, etc.

What is the BSc Radiography Eligibility Criteria?

Eligibility is the primary concern for admissions to any course. The minimum eligibility criteria for admission to BSc Radiography courses have been listed below:

  • Aspiring candidates must have passed the qualifying exam i.e., 10+2 or an equivalent degree from any recognised institute.
  • They must have studied the subjects of Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics compulsorily in their 10+2 level.
  • In colleges where admissions are through an entrance exam, the students must clear the cut offset by the college. However, cut-offs tend to vary each year.
  • In colleges where admissions take place in a merit-based process, the students must perform well in their qualifying exam in order to clear the merit.
  • Some colleges require a minimum of 50% aggregate in the qualifying examination.
  • The selected candidates must attend the counselling sessions organised by the college itself.

What is the Admission Process for BSc Radiography?

The Admission Process to BSc Radiography is the same as provided by all other courses. However, there are certain points which must be kept in mind if you are willing to get admitted to the program of BSc Radiography. The admission process for the same has been listed below:

  • Admission to the course of BSc Radiography is either entrance based or merit-based which usually depends on the colleges.
  • Merit-based selection takes into consideration the marks obtained by the applicant in their 10+2 level from a recognised institute.
  • The admission process usually begins in the months of July and August. The entrance exams are conducted in the months of March-May.
  • The students are allowed to enter the admission process of the colleges only if they meet the eligibility criteria for the same.
  • Once they clear the entrance exams, then the admission process is followed by Counselling sessions organised by the college itself.

Are Admissions to BSc Radiography Entrance Based?

Majority of the colleges and universities providing the course of BSc Radiography consider the admissions to the course through an entrance exam. The entrance exams could be on national/state/university level. 

Some tips have been listed below for the students to refer to for registering themselves for the entrance exams.

  • The aspiring candidates need to register themselves on the official website and provide their email id, contact numbers and password.
  • Fill in the online application form provided in there.
  • The student must appear for the exam on the prescribed date only. 
  • The admit cards will be sent on the email id before two weeks of the actual exam.
  • Results are announced as per the marks obtained in the entrance exams as well as in the 10+2 level.
  • After the results, counselling sessions are held for further enrollment.

Which are the Entrance Exams conducted for admissions to BSc Radiography?

Admissions of BSc Radiography in certain institutes is conducted through entrance exams held by the respective institute itself. Some of the wells know entrance exams are as follows:

Name of the Exam Date of the Exam Mode of Exam
University College of Medical Sciences and GTB Hospital Radiography Entrance Exam To be announced soon Online-based
Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences Radiography Entrance Exam To be announced soon Online-based

The dates of these exams have not yet been released due to the uncertain events going on in the COVID - 19 crisis. However, for students' convenience, it can be said that usually, these exams take place in the months of May and June every year. So, considering this year to be an exception, the students must prepare themselves accordingly.

How to prepare for BSc Radiography Courses?

If an applicant aspires to clear the cut off marks set up by the college, then they should start working hard enough to achieve that. Below given are certain basic tips that students can look upon for clearing the exam:

  1. Beware of the latest exam pattern which would be helpful for you to clear the exam easily.
  2. Be clear about the syllabus for the exam which is a prerequisite for the same. The syllabus for any exam can be found on its official website.
  3. Be ready for any type of questions. If the questions are asked in MCQ form, try and avoid guessing if there is negative marking.
  4. Read newspapers daily to stay updated about the happenings around you. 
  5. Sit for mock tests before the exam. This gives you an idea of how the exam takes place and lets you know if you prepared well or not.
  6. Finally, revise only the prepared topics thoroughly. Do not go for new topics a day before the exam as it might confuse you at the last moment.
  7. Be well conversed about your subject so that you don't confuse yourself at the time of examination.

How to get admission in Top BSc Radiography Colleges?

If you wish to get admitted to a college you desire to get in you need to work really hard to achieve it. In India, many reputed colleges are providing this course across different states. Provided are some guidelines which must be followed to get into a top-notch BSc Radiography college:

  1. The entrance to any good college requires a strong academic background with good marks, particularly in the 10+2 exam. These marks would be beneficial both in case of merit-based as well as entrance based admissions.
  2. They must have cleared the qualifying exam with a minimum of 50% compulsory. 
  3. In the case of entrance exams, students should start preparing a year before the actual exam.
  4. Once the candidates clear the entrance exams, they must attend the counselling sessions organised by the respective colleges.
  5. You must find out whether the college in which you desire to get in is good enough or not. Also, go through the curriculum of the course on the official website.
  6. You should have an idea of the placements offered by the college which is an important requirement of any student.
  7. You should even check the fees structure of the college so that you can confirm if it matches your requirements or not.

Why study BSc Radiography Course?

There are a number of reasons for the students to choose this subject field to build their career. However, certain basic advantages of the subject have been listed below:

  • It provides the students with a specialised knowledge of the field of Radiography that deals with the making of images of the internal body parts and then working on the treatments of the ailments found in the internal body parts.
  • It gives the students an in-depth knowledge of Diagnostic and Therapeutic Radiography which is helpful in treating cancers.
  • The graduates of the courses are opened up to wide opportunities and a well-equipped career in the field of Radiography.
  • The average initial salary of these graduates at reputed hospitals ranges between INR 7,000-12,000.
  • The students can also continue with doing their masters degree in the same field which will further enhance their academic background and will surely raise their worth too.
  • The course is suitable for students who have a calm and patient behaviour towards the nations of all age groups to provide them with excellent medical treatment along with confidence and willpower which is necessary for a patient.

What are BSc Radiography Top Colleges?

The names of the most reputed colleges providing this course across India have been mentioned below. This will help the aspirants to know about the colleges, their admission processes, course fees, initial salary, etc.

Name of the Institute Location Admission Process Average Course Fee Average Initial Salary
University College of Medical Sciences and GTB Hospital Dilshad Garden Entrance Exam conducted by the university. INR 6,000-6,500 (approx.) INR 2-3 lacs (approx.)
Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences  Bangalore On the basis of merit i.e., marks scored in 10+2 from a recognised institute. INR 20,000 INR 3-4 lacs (approx)
Tata Memorial Centre Mumbai Entrance exam conducted by the institute. INR 30,000  INR 2-3 lacs (approx.)
Maharaja Agrasen Medical College Haryana Entrance and merit based INR 18,00,000 INR 5-6 lacs (approx.)
Pt Bhagwat Dayal Sharma Postgraduate Institute of Medical Sciences  Haryana Entrance Based INR 12,395 INR 5-6 lacs (approx.)
Sapthagiri Institute of Medical Sciences and Research Centre  Bangalore Entrance based INR 55,000 INR 4-5 lacs (approx.)
National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro Sciences  Bangalore Entrance based INR 21,300 INR 3-4 lacs (approx.)

What is the BSc Radiography Syllabus?

The 3-year program has been divided into 6 semesters respectively to give proper time to each and every subject of the field and so that the students can easily understand these subjects without getting confused. The semester wise syllabus of the subject has been given below:

Semester 1 Semester 2
Pathology Fundamentals of Computer Science
Physiology  General Radiography
Anatomy  Radiation Hazards and Protection
Generation and Properties of X-Ray Personality Development and Communication Skills
Semester 3 Semester 4
CT Scan 1 Environmental Science
General Radiography 2 MRI 1
Ultrasound Organisational Behaviour
Semester 5 Semester 6
MRI 2 Human Resource
Nuclear Medicine and PET scan Intervention in Diagnostic Radiology
CT Scan 2 Anaesthesia in Diagnostic Radiology
Doppler and Echography -

Please note: The syllabus is subject to vary across different institutions.

BSc Radiography: Recommended Books

Books are something really important for students. Some of the most knowledgeable and informative books have been listed below. Students can refer to these books to enhance their knowledge of the subject.

Name of the Book Name of the Author
Bontrager's Handbook of Radiography John Lampignano
Ball and Moore's Essential Physics for Radiographers John L.Ball
Essential Physics in Imaging for Radiographers Ken Holmes
Radiographic Image Analysis  Kathy McQuillen
Deep Medicine  Eric Topol

These are some of the well-known books for Radiography which provide the students with a power-packed knowledge of their field of study. These are advantageous to them even in their future career in the field of Radiography. However, these are only the most bought books, the students can find many such books related to the subject which might further enhance their knowledge and understanding.

What are the BSc Radiography Job Prospects and Career Aspects?

Graduates with a BSc degree in Radiography have in front of the wide opportunities in terms of their career and job prospects of that field. They can choose to be an X-Ray Technician, Physiotherapist, Radiation Protection Specialist, and much more. However, not all graduates jump to do jobs and earn money. Some of these talented students opt for the master's degree in the field of Radiography. 

The program trains the students so well that they have in themselves the necessary skills to excel in the field of Radiography. It lays before the candidate's various worthy opportunities for implementing the knowledge they have so obtained in the 3-year year program. They receive job opportunities where they have job profiles such as Therapy Radiographer, Diagnostic Radiographer, Radiation Protection Specialist and much more. 

They are employed in areas such as Angiography, Cardiovascular Interventional Radiography, Bone Densitometry, Tomography, Mammography, etc.The average initial salary for the graduates usually ranges between INR 7,000 - 10,000 (approx.) on a monthly basis. But it has been noted that the earnings in the private hospitals and organisations are usually more compared to the government hospitals.

Some of the chosen job profiles by the candidates have been listed below:

Job Profile Job Description Average Salary
Radiation Protection Specialist  Their work involves evaluating and testing the X-Ray machines and equipment and also inspect the areas where it is used. INR 4-5 lacs 
Physiotherapist They are indulged in providing the patients with help in movements or physical disabilities that have resulted from different diseases or injuries. INR 3-4 lacs 
Diagnostic Radiographer Radiations are used by them in the forms of X-rays and ultrasounds to examine and diagnose various diseases and injuries. INR 1-2 lacs
X-Ray Technician  They operate the x-ray machines to carry on with X-rays of the patients in the hospitals. INR 1-2 lacs 
Therapy Radiographer Their main work is in the oncology department of any hospital wherein they use the radiation therapies to treat the cancer patients. INR 3-6 lacs 

These are some of the most popular professions that are often chosen by the students of BSc Radiography. However, they can even excel in other job profiles of the same field. They can also opt for a Postgraduate degree in the field of Radiography which will further increase their worth and enhance the academic background. The students who are aspiring to go for further studies in the field may opt for M.Sc, PhD or even M.Phil in the subject. On completion of these studies, the graduates become eligible to become a Lecturer in reputed institutions. 

BSc Radiography Course Comparison

A comparison has been done between the two closely related courses so as to help the students look through the various aspects of two different courses, ie, BSc Radiography and BSc Medical Radiography and Imaging Technology which are very closely related to each other. 

This comparison might help the student to decide their subject more carefully.

Comparison Parameters BSc Radiography BSc Medical Radiography and Imaging Technology 
Overview B.Sc Radiography is all about the making of the images of internal body parts and then working on the treatments of the diseases so found in these images. The course deals with methods of taking images of the internal body parts or organs, which is useful in the investigation of the body's anatomy.
Average Fees INR 2,000 - 2 lacs depending upon the nature of the institution. INR 10,000 - 5 lacs (approx.)
Job Positions X-Ray Technician, Physiotherapist, Radiation Protection Specialist, etc. Medical Advisor, Medical Images Analysis Scientist, X-Ray Technician, etc.
Average Initial Salary INR 1.5 lacs (approx.) INR 3 - 20 lacs (approx.)
Top Recruiters  Hospitals, Educational Institutes, etc. Doctor's office, Radiology Clinics, Hospitals, etc.

The above comparison has been done among the most related courses and top chosen courses by students in the field of paramedical education. Comparison between two closely related courses will help the student choose efficiently keeping in mind all the factors that have been mentioned above. These courses are being provided in most institutes across the country.

Therefore, it can be concluded by stating that choosing a career in Radiography will never go out of trend as it is among one of the most demanded courses of India. However, if a student is less willing to take up a job, then he/she can opt for a masters degree in radiography.

BSc Radiography FAQs

BSc Radiography FAQs

Ques. What are the subjects taught in BSc Radiography?

Ans. Some of the most interesting and popular subjects taught in the program include:

  • Pathology
  • General Radiography
  • MRI
  • CT Scan
  • Ultrasound

Ques. Do we have an option to do masters in the same field?

Ans. Yes, you can opt for M.Sc Radiography after your undergraduate degree.

Ques. What is the eligibility criteria for admission to the course?

Ans. The eligibility criteria for admissions require 10+2 qualification with a minimum of 50%.

Ques. What is the average course fee for the program in India?

Ans. The average course fee in India ranges between   INR 2,000 - 10 lacs depending upon the type of institution.

Ques. Is BSc Radiography a good course to apply for?

Ans. Yes, this is among the top courses in India chosen by the students as it provides them excellent knowledge and expertise in the field of Paramedical Sciences.

Ques. What would be an estimated average initial salary for the course?

Ans. The average initial salary for the graduates of the course is somewhere between INR 7,000 - 10,000 (approx.)

Ques. How is BSc Radiography different from BSc Medical Radiography and Imaging Technology?

Ans. The prior one deals with the making of images of internal body parts followed by the treatment of diseases and injuries in the internal body parts whereas the latter one deals with taking images of the internal body parts or organs, which is useful in the investigation of the body's anatomy.

Ques. What are some of the job positions to apply for after graduation?

Ans. You can apply for being an X-Ray Technician, Physiotherapist, Radiation Protection Specialist, etc.

Ques. What is Radiography about?

Ans. Radiography is basically the science that deals with taking the images of the internal body parts in order to diagnose and do the treatments of several diseases.

Bachelor of Science [B.Sc] (Radiography) Fee Structure in India

37.19 K (Minimum Fee)PUBLIC COLLEGES2.11 L  (Maximum Fee)
1.01 L (Average Fee)
1.65 L (Minimum Fee)Private COLLEGES2.50 L (Maximum Fee)
2.12 L (Average Fee)


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The college does offer placements to students sometimes but has various internship opportunities for students with good stipend provided. The college department prepared students for job afterwards bye giving them proper practice

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They have a very well formed course curriculum for the students. students get to learn a lot of things practically and also by doing various experiments they have a lot of focus on research and the exams are held semester wise.

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They are various Sports and cultural programs and competitions taking place in the campus all of the year. There are various clubs societies and Association which you can join according to your interest in the college

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Bsc medical student can take admission in bsc Radiology 2nd year?
Diya Suresh

No it is not possible as the minimum required eligibility is 10+2 with a minimum aggregate of 50% and Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics as compulsory subjects. Admissions are usually done on the basis of merit or entrance test score followed by the process of counselling. Lateral entry admission norms will be specific to different colleges or Universities.

bikram bhowmick
where is the best collage in the westbengal??
Diya Suresh

Radiography is a paramedical course that requires 12th or equivalent eligibility for selection. Selection is done either on the basis of merit or on the basis of entrance test followed by counselling process. There are no colleges in West Bengal offering this course but colleges in other states are listed below:

  • PGIMS, Rohtak
  • Delhi University, New Delhi
  • Chandigarh University, Chandigarh
  • MAMC, Agroha
  • KLE university, Belgaum
  • VMSU, Gangtok and many more

Find more details at B.Sc Radiology colleges in India.

rishabh dwivedi
Sid i have from lucknow uttar pradesh . I have complete the diploma in x ray tech . I want query for bachelors in radiology .
Diya Suresh

Hi Rishabh, B.Sc Radiography is a 3 year UG level course for which basic eligibility is 12th pass. The aggregate however may vary from college to college. It is suggested to contact the preferred college for detailed eligibility norms before application. You can get details at B.Sc Radiography.

sivananth rajendran
I'm 33 years old now and am I eligible to do bsc sonography?
Devnath Tiwary

Dear Sivananth

Greetings from Collegedunia. There is no age barrier to pursue any education from any college. You are eligible to do B.Sc. in Sonography from top colleges available in India. For top colleges, kindly refer to this link – Top B.Sc. Sonography Colleges

annu rani
Devnath Tiwary

Dear Annu Rani

Greetings from Collegedunia. Don’t worry about Admission to AIIMS. Kindly refer to this link carefully – AIIMS Admission 2020

pragati pandey
What is the eligibility criteria for B.Sc in radiology?
Devnath Tiwary

Dear Pragati Pandey

Greetings from Collegedunia. The eligibility criteria for B.Sc. in Radiography is to pass 10+2 or the same qualification from any recognized Board with PCM as subjects with 50% aggregate score. kindly refer to this link – B.Sc. in Radiography

vagisha shray
is there any good college in jharkhand for bsc in radiology???
Gurpreet Singh

Hi Vagish

Click Here to know about the colleges availabe.

Are B.Sc radiology and B.Sc radiography two different things?
Gurpreet Singh

Hi Ritu 

Yes both fields are different

B.Sc in Radiography helps equip the candidates to efficiently take radio images of body parts of patients while B.Sc in Radiology aids the candidates to get specialized in study and analysis of the radio images.
The Radiology graduates can be considered equivalent to a specialized doctor who can diagnose patients whereas Radiography graduates handles with machines and equipment. 

shweta baroi
Is the entrance exam required for admission to radiology?
Apurva Tamhane

Hi Shweta

Entrance Exam is not required for B.Sc. Radiology admissions. Which college are you interested to take admission in India for the course? The complete list is available is here: B.Sc. Radiology Courses in India.

vriti sagar
I want to do in radiology in punjab please send me name of institutes and dates to apply
shobhna chaturvedi

Hi Vriti, you can check the list of the colleges from here: B.Sc Radiology Colleges

naira oberoi
There are many good colleges to study bsc radiology it is the modern approach to science which gives numerous good job opportunities to students. Quantum University Roorkee provides Bsc radiology which is of 3 years at a very affordable price and the best part is that students can study majors with minors
shobhna chaturvedi
Hi Naira, thank you for the feedback!
bishnudev yadav
Sir mujhe Bsc radiology Karna hai
shobhna chaturvedi
Hi Bishnudev, kindly mention the college/university in which you want to take admission so that we can provide you its admission procedure and eligibility criteria for the course concerned.
bishnudev yadav
Sir abhi admission Nahi hoga
shobhna chaturvedi
This depends on the academic calendar of the concerned college/university.
sraboni sarkar
Any college offering distance learning for bsc in radiology for a lateral entrance
shobhna chaturvedi

Hi Sraboni, following is the list of colleges offering B.Sc Radiology in distance learning:

bhag verma
Is Radiology a best carrier option?


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