Syllabus of Beautician Course, Subjects, Electives, Important Books 2021

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Updated on - Apr 9, 2021

Beautician courses are a complete set of courses dealing with Personal Grooming, Skin Treatment, Makeup, Nail Art, Hair Styling, etc. 

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Syllabus of Beautician course will depend on the level of course chosen. The range of common topics includes skincare, makeup, haircare, health and nutrition, chemical treatments, manicures and nail care, pedicures, business management and customer care. All the common subjects are a mix of theory classes and practical classes.

The makeup industry is at a steady growth. The demand for certified professionals has also risen. Jobs can be found in a traditional setting like parlours, salons and spas. However, one can also carve out a career online, as a makeup consultant. Syllabus of Beautician Course include not just the essential topics but also nutrition, diet, communication skills, business administrative skills etc. Students learn how to make people look and feel good while also working on their own development.

Beautician courses are available in certificates, diplomas, advanced diplomas and bachelor’s degree programmes. The basic eligibility criteria for admission in class 12th from a recognized board of education. Admissions are done on a merit basis.

Syllabus of Beautician Course: Important Subjects

As we have mentioned, Beautician courses are offered at different levels by different institutes. The common subjects that come under this program are mentioned below:

Cosmetology Hair Style
Dermatology Nail Art
Grey Coverage and Root Touch Ups Hair Spa
Massage Manipulation Cleansing and Toning Practice
Certificate Course

Certificate Beautician Course Syllabus

Beauty Culture
Cosmetology History Skin Theory
Professional Ethics Skin Disorders
Theory of Massage and Techniques Nail Care
Superfluous Temporary Hair Removal Different Types of Bleaches
Facial Treatment Masks and Packs- Home Care Recipes for Skin Facials
Skin Analysis and Client Consultation Decontamination & Infection Control
Hair Technology
Hair Cut Blow Dry
Hair Terminology and Methodology Hair Trichology
Hair Coloring Hair & Scalp Disorders
Roller Setting Hair Styling
Hair Perming Henna Application (Head)
Art & Make Up
Skin Fundamental & Functionality of Skin Client Consultations
Make Up Theory Infrastructure 0f Makeup Room
Make Up Product Knowledge Tools of Makeup
Brush Theory Color Theory
Face Cleansing Eye Makeup Application Theory
Evening Makeup Day Makeup
Bridal Make Up Groom Make Up
Reception Makeup Lipstick Application
Diploma Course

Diploma in Beautician Course Syllabus

Skin Structure Keratinization/ Desquamation Process
Therapeutic and Cosmetic Treatments Glogau’s Classification for Ageing
Consultation Facial Electrical Treatment
Oxillation Ultrasonic
Acne Treatment Cell & Tissue
Aroma Therapy Cosmetic Science
Nail Art and Temporary Nail Extension Hair Terminology
Hair Style Hair Trichology
Thermal Setting Up-styles
Hair Coloring Hair Rebonding
Hair Spa and Hair Treatment Hair and Scalp Treatment
History and Theory of Makeup Portfolio with Corrective Makeup
Fantasy Makeup Face and Body Make Up- Airbrush
Spa Therapy Spa Cuisine
Nail Structure and Conditions Nail Systems
UG Course

UG Beautician Course Syllabus

Dermatology, Anatomy of Skin, Cosmetic Allergy Latest Facials with Electrology, Brushing Machine, Vacuum and Spray Machine, Facial Vaporizer
Hair Style, Hair Color, Hair Cut, Hair Perming, Safety Precautions Spa Manicure/ Pedicure, Nail Mending, Nail Art
Hair Treatment, Anatomy of Hair, Hair Safety Precautions Make-up, Brushing, Portfolio Makeups
Yogic Exercises- Bandhas, Mudras, Pranayama, and Chakras Body Massage, Anatomy, Physiology, Consultation, History & Types of Massage
Piercing Techniques for Nose and Ears, Benefits Permanent Body Tattoos
PG Course

PG Beautician Course Syllabus

Make-up Hair Designing
Beauty Therapy Aesthetics
Spa Therapy Nail Extension And Nail Art
Salon Management Skin Treatment

Syllabus of Beautician Course: Elective Subjects

Elective courses are offered in the third year of degree programmes. These electives can be later chosen as specialisation subjects for master’s degree programmes. For beautician bachelor’s courses, the following electives are available.

Manicures Body Spa and Massages
Pedicures Financial Management
Nail Extensions Chemical Reformation Techniques
Important Books

Syllabus of Beautician Course: Important Books

The table below lists some of the recommended books that are followed by top institutes and universities that offer beautician courses.

Name of the Book Author
Cosmic Dermatology: A practical and evidence based approach 2 Vol. Set with Dvd V. Viswanath
Step by Step Chemical Peels Niti Khunger
Textbook of Dermatology and Cosmetology: principles and practice S.S. Savant
Recent Advances in Dermatology Imran Majid
Manual of Dermatologic Therapeutics Kenneth A. Arndt
Fundamentals of Pathology of Skin Venkataram Mysore

Syllabus of Beautician Course: FAQs

Ques: What is the minimum eligibility to study Beautician Course?

Ans: Minimum qualification required for the Certification is Beautician course is class 8th or class 10th from a recognized board. And for the Higher studies, like, Diploma/ Bachelor Degree in Cosmetology and Dermatology is 12th in any stream and for the PG Diploma/ Post-Graduate Degree in Cosmetology and Dermatology is Diploma or Bachelor of Science in Beautician course from a recognized institute. The students who have studied MBBS, MS, MD, MS, BAMS, BUMS, etc. can also study this course.

Ques: How much it will cost in a Beautician Course?

Ans: Course fee varies in different levels of diploma and degree course. However, it can cost around INR 5,000- 50,000 in a course.

Ques: Is the Beautician course worth learning?

Ans: Yes. The course has become popular from the past few years. And for that, it is worth learning a Beautician course.

Ques: What types of jobs are available in the Beautician course field?

Ans: You can start your career in Beautician course as Beautician, Cosmetologist, Dermatologist, Beauty Consultant, Massage Therapist, Spa Manager, Business Development Manager, Hairstylist, Nail Care Artists, Salon Sales Consultant, Manufacturer Sales Representative, Makeup Artist, Brand Manager, etc.

Ques: Which course is best in Beautician Course?

Ans: The best Beautician courses in India are Certificate in Beautician course, Advanced Diploma in Cosmetology, PG Diploma in Cosmetology and Beauty Care, Bachelor Degree in Cosmetology and Dermatology.