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What is CPED?

Certificate in Physical Education, abbreviated as C.P.Ed., is a 1-year course that is studied after higher secondary education/10+2. 

Many colleges and universities offer the Certificate in Physical Education course in India. Every college has their own eligibility criteria, admission process, and fees structure.The fees of this course ranges from INR 1000 to INR 1Lakh.

Some of the top colleges for Cped are:

Alagappa University Karaikudi INR 2,500
MUH Jain College of Education Haryana INR 16,180
SDM Degree College Karnataka INR 21,000
SGGS Khalsa College Punjab INR 72,000

The duration in which you can complete this course ranges between one year to three; it usually depends on the institute that you are completing your certification from.  

The minimum time to complete this certification will also vary from one institute to another based on where you choose to complete your degree from. 

This is so because there is an option to study and complete this course as a part-time certification course. C.P.Ed. is an important course as it provides widespread knowledge of health and sports to the candidates along with many health-related jobs. Candidates who have completed or appeared 10+2 examinations are also eligible for this course.

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The admission process for the course again varies from one institute to another for some of the colleges they take in admission based on the merit list, for others there is a common entrance exam which then Is followed by shortlisting to selection of students. Some colleges select candidates through the cut-off marks or merit-list created by the college.

What is the C.P.Ed Admission Process?

What is the C.P.Ed Admission Process? 

There are various processes by which you can be admitted to the college one of them is via the merit where the minimum eligibility criteria are decided on the basis of the cut-off that University sets for various courses and colleges. 

  • The bulletin mentions separate instructions for Boards other than CBSE to check the equivalence of their subjects with those mentioned in the list.The other is through the entrance exams. 
  • To get admitted in the top colleges you must brush your skills for the Entrance exams and the Personal Interviews only after you clear these exams you will be admitted to a good college. 
  • Clearing Entrance exams is the key step to enter any of the best colleges based on the performance in the entrance exams top colleges pick up a student.
  • While applying for the entrance exams you must make sure you fill in the details correctly and that you belong to a science background, failing to comply with any of the fields the registration form will be rejected. 
  • There are a set of instructions that are given for the entrance exam that you will receive. You need to read that very carefully and comply with it.

What is the C.P.Ed. Physical Education Course Eligibility? 

In order to be eligible for the C.P.Ed. course you need to clear your D.Ed. which is Diploma in Education a 2-year certificate-level course in education that enables an aspirant to become a nursery school teacher. 

  • C.P.Ed. Ed course aims to provide government schools with the knowledge of teaching in primary schools.
  • Any person who has a keen interest to work in the field of sports and has passed the Higher Secondary Examination that is the 12th grade exams or has appeared for the exam and is expecting the results for the same are eligible for the course.
  • All the Teachers who have successfully completed their B.Ed. (General) degrees are also suited and eligible for the course in C.P.Ed. Physical Education.

C.P.Ed.: What is it About? 

Certificate in Physical Education (CPED.) course ensures recreational competence, physical development, and exercises that includes a variety of physical activities which forms an integral part of physical education. 

  • This course equips candidates with essential skills and knowledge in sports and function effectively. 
  • This course focuses on helping individuals in a technical way and makes them experts for various professional opportunities in the current market.
  • This course helps students to gain teacher education, physical activity research, coaching, and experience in research and leadership.
  •  In this course, students study the following topics like Educational physiology, Special education, Kinesiology, Educational administrative, Health education, etc.
  • This course is based on the physical activities undertaking an active, supportive, non-threatening field to the students to be successful. 
  • This course aims to provide students with a variety of activities and challenges, which will contribute to maintaining their physical, effective and cognitive well-being. 
  • This study provides students to participate in a program consisting of games, skill development, sports and fitness activities.

CPED Course Highlights

Let’s look at an overview of what all you need to remember if you want to study this course. It also contains important information related to the course, the best of colleges and the career option available to you after study.

Course Level Certificate
Duration of the Course 1 year
Type of Examination Semester type
Course Eligibility 10+2
Admission Process Merit-based or Entrance-based
Top recruiting organizations GEMS education, Adecco India Private limited, Metro career solutions, SV Edu sports private limited
Top recruiting areas Sports clubs, health centers, hotels, educational institutions, game coaching centers
Top job profiles Physical education teacher, commentator, sportsperson, coach, fitness instructor
Course Fee INR 1,000 to 1 lac
Average Starting Salary INR 2 to 40 lakhs

Why CPED? 

This course is specially made for people who are interested or desirous to study physical education and the areas that are related to it.

  • It helps those who have an interest in teaching fields at higher degree level i.e. college and university both in private and government institutions.
  • Candidates having an interest in physical activities, health and want to become instructors also are suitable for it.
  • This degree course enables the students to go for various physical activities such as education, instruction, verbal instructions, demonstration, video, and diagrams.
  • They can go for a higher degree program in respective subjects who have aimed at becoming teachers and lecturers.
  • Candidates can become health advisor and instructor for physical activities and for games.
Which are the Top Institutes for CPED in India?

Which are the Top Institutes for CPED in India? 

Below mentioned are the institutes, colleges or universities that offer the course, you may select any one of the mentioned places to study from.

Alagappa University Karaikudi INR 2,500
Baliapal College of Physical Education Baleswar INR 5,000
Bharatiya Sharirik Shikshan Mahavidyalaya Amravati INR 13,000
Brilliant Education Jamnagar INR 9,000
Chandrashekhar Agashe College of Physical Education Pune INR 3,000
Defence Post-Graduate College of Education Haryana INR 1,900
Dr. Anbu Paul College of Physical Education Puducherry INR 11,000
Goodwill College Firozabad INR 1,000
Govind National College Ludhiana INR 12,000
Indian Institute of Professional Studies Lucknow INR 22,000
Jagdeep Education Trust College of Physical Education Gandhinagar INR 7,438
Jay Sitaram Kelvani Mandal C.P.Ed. College Dahod INR 7,475
Mahatma Jyotiba Phule C.P.Ed. College Amreli INR 7,984
Mata Gurdev Kaur Memorial Shahi Sports College of Physical Education Ludhiana INR 22,540
Matrushree Jethiben V.Solanki C.P.Ed. College Junagadh INR 8,049
MUH Jain College of Education Haryana INR 16,180
SDM Degree College Karnataka INR 21,000
SGGS Khalsa College Punjab INR 72,000
Shah Satnam Ji P.G. Boy’s College Sirsa INR 10,165
Shanti Niketan Vidyapeeth College of Professional Education New Delhi INR 23,000
Shri Krishna College of Education Haryana INR 35,200
What is the CPEd Syllabus?

What is the CPEd Syllabus? 

Syllabus of Physical Education as prescribed by various Universities and Colleges.

Sr. No. Subjects of Study
1 Drill with equipment like dumbbells, flags, etc.
2 Mass drill
3 Athletics - 100 mtrs running, long jump, shot putt
1 Organisation & Management of Physical Education in School
2 Learning, Evaluation & Organisation of Physical Education
3 Organisation & Management of Sports & Games
4 Psychology, Physiology, Statistics and Physical Education

What is the CPED Career Prospect?

People who have a passion for sports as their career can join this course. After completing this certificate course, they can work as a coach, athletic trainer, fitness instructor, sports manager, and journalist. 

Here are the various job positions and the average salaries in the same field that you may choose from once you have successfully completed this course.

Job Position Job Description Average Annual Salary
Physical Education Teacher Daily duties of a physical education teacher include Ensuring that the physical education environment is clean, safe and constructive for all students. Teach knowledge and skills in physical fitness, rhythms and dance, health education, and individual, dual and team sports. INR 2 Lakh to INR 3 Lakh
Sports Person Competing in trials and competitions at various levels. Training on a regular basis. Undertaking fitness and drugs tests prior to competition. Taking advice from trainers, coaches, dieticians and physical therapists to ensure maximum sporting performance. INR 5 Lakh to INR 10 Lakh
Coach Coaches are responsible for planning, organising and delivering an appropriate range of sports activities and programmes for individuals and teams. Typical responsibilities include: teaching relevant skills, tactics and techniques assisting with sports promotion/development. INR 2 Lakh to INR 3 Lakh
Fitness Instructor A Fitness Instructor, also known as a Personal Trainer, provides training and instruction of fitness programs to individuals and groups. The Fitness Instructor engages clients in exercise routines and weight loss programs, and helps them to reach their individual goals. INR 3 Lakh to INR 5 Lakh
Commentator Commentators describe the action and provide colourful commentary for broadcasts of sporting events. They can work in television or radio or for an internet media outlet. Former coaches and players are hired for commentary jobs while other announcers handle the play-by-play duties. INR 10 Lakh to INR 15 Lakh
What After CPED?

What After CPED? 

There are other opportunities also available in this field. After completing this course, trained physical personnel get opportunities in defense and army force. 

  • They are employed as high school physical education teachers, health educators etc.  
  • A Career in medicine: It is a broad field of medical practice specializing in the diagnosis, treating and preventing injuries of a sports person. Professional who is trained in sports medicine can work as a doctor of professional sports team. It will connect to the practice of sports medicine that involves physical movements and human body response to it.
  • A Career in psychology: Psychology as a career to the physical educators is the main advantage and it is necessary. Sports psychologists focus on helping sportspeople to check the sportsperson mindset and improve their positivity by encouraging them and showing better performance.


Ques. How do I Apply?

Ans: To apply for the course you have to go onto the college website you want to study in and view the admission process, if it's based-on merit do as asked, if it is based on the entrance exams mark the dates and register for the same.

Ques. I have studied Arts since 12th grade. Can I apply for this course?

Ans: Yes, you can apply for this course there is no specific stream of study required to start this course, you just need a keen interest in this area for you to study the course.

Ques. I am awaiting my results for class 12th. Can I still apply?

Ans: Yes, you can apply for the course if you are awaiting your results.

Ques. How long does it take to complete the course?

Ans: The course lasts from 1 to 3 years based on the institute you have selected.

Ques. Are there written exams in the course?

Ans: It is a mix of both Written and Practical exams to complete the course.

Ques. Do we have a future completing this course?

Ans: There is a bright future as there are various job opportunities that you may go for or may choose to study further like M.Ed. It depends on how hardworking and dedicated you are towards the course.

Certificate in Physical Education [C.P.Ed] Fee Structure in India

40 K (Minimum Fee)PUBLIC COLLEGES40 K  (Maximum Fee)
40 K (Average Fee)
13.20 K (Minimum Fee)Private COLLEGES78.02 K (Maximum Fee)
43.12 K (Average Fee)


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