Certificate In Travel And Tourism Management: Course, Admission, Syllabus, Top Colleges, Jobs 2021

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Certificate in Travel and Tourism Management is one of the most interesting and decent paying jobs providing fields that students can choose from different options available for their career.

It is a three year course to start with in order to get the certification with a minimum eligibility of completing their 10 +2 exams.

The entrance in this course can be both merit based or entrance exam qualification based on the requirement of the college in which the student is applying.

With an annual salary ranging between INR 5000 to 10 lakh the certificate in travel and tourism management allows the student to gather maximum experience Knowledge and skill in order to build a great career in the field of tourism industry.

People interested in travel and tourism can take up a certificate in travel and tourism management to establish a career that can provide them with a job that is satisfactory and also provides an annual salary range pairing between 3 lakhs per annum to 8 lakh per annum.

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When it comes to starting career in this field there are many options from which students can choose to work like they can work and enter the industry as Management trainee, travel guides, freelance Consultants (with regard to travel), tour management operator, Travel sales associate or consultant, associate and analyst in many other job profiles depending on different companies for which a student would work

Not only this, they can always have a Startup or their own tourism set up to start working with.

Certificate In Travel And Tourism Management: Course highlights

Type of course Certification
Eligibility minimum 10 + 2
duration of course 3 years
Admission process both examination and merit based( depends on the institution applying at)
examination type annual and semester
Average starting salary INR 2 to 10 lakh per annum
average fee structure INR 5000 to 10 lacs pa
Top job positions Travel consultant( in a company),travel operator, management and analysis, freelance travel consultant ,Tour associate and operator

Certificate In Travel And Tourism Management: Eligibility criteria

Although there are no such hard and fast rules of completing under graduation post-graduation or any other degree for that matter but the minimum requirement to take admission in certification course of tourism and travel management the students must be fulfilling the following criteria.

  • He or she must have completed his or her 10+2 or Senior Secondary and Higher Secondary examination from a recognized University.
  • He or She must have completed their 10 + 2 with a minimum of 50% aggregate marks.
  • He or she must have good command over their language (preferably English) and should also be good at math.
Admission Process

Certificate In Travel And Tourism Management: Admission Process

  • There are different admission processes for different colleges hence the process of admission depends on which college and university a student is choosing.
  • Some universities take admission on the basis of the previous exam that is a student can get admission based on merit.
  • There are certain colleges and Universities who conduct their own examination and have their own admission cut off.
  • The university and college portal needs to be checked regularly for admission in the desired institution.

Certificate In Travel And Tourism Management: Top colleges

Name Of College Location Average Fee Structure
SRM University Chennai INR 35000
Jamia Millia Islamia Delhi INR 16000
Athena training academy Bengaluru INR 40000
Panache Academy Ahmedabad INR 70000
Eduglobe school of learning Mumbai INR 1,30,000
Why Study?

Why Study Certificate In Travel And Tourism Management?

  • India being topographically so diverse has a great opportunity in the field of tourism and Hospitality so a student who has a degree in tourism and travel management would find better job options available here.
  • The certification in travel and tourism management opens a completely different industry related to tourism hence a student who is pursuing a degree e off certification in travel and tourism can make their career in the field of tourism which has its own perks along with the job pay off.
  • Candidates who have good command over languages would find it much rewarding to work with the travel and tourism industry as handling clients with good communication skills would allow them to gain knowledge in this area and hence stay for a longer run and better pay off.
  • Along with knowing different areas in India and travelling across the country people who gain good experience in this field can also find themselves travelling abroad or to an International client base and a breathtaking experience of travelling across the globe on the company's expenses.
  • The geography of India is such that it has every kind of destination that a tourist require therefore it is very easy for people in the tourism industry to provide a variety of options to tourists and gaining from the Indian topography. For instance if a person wants to see desert or snow or beaches or any fertile land for that matter there always is an option that can be provided to them and hence making it a very profitable industry.

Certificate In Tourism And Travel Management Subjects

Critical reasoning and presentation Communication skills in different languages Fundamentals of tourism Financial accounting fundamental travel practices
history of tourism Literature and contemporary issues History and philosophy of science Business regulatory framework tourism in India
Aviation management Business statistics Management Literature in other languages other than English Culture and civilization
Entrepreneurship development HR management Marketing principles Travel management Travel and Tour operation management
Hospitality management Air fare and ticketing related practices IT for different businesses Travel geography Event management
Course Comparison

Certificate In Travel And Tourism Management: Course Comparison

Diploma In Travel And Tourism vs Certificate In Travel And Tourism

Specifications Diploma In Travel And Tourism Certificate In Travel And Tourism
Duration 1 year / 6 month 3 years
average course fee INR 15000 to 2.5 lakh INR 5000 to 1200000
Top companies providing jobs in Aviation industry, Heritage tourism industry,Travel and tourism industry,Consultations, tourism operation Travel and tourism industry, free online consultation, hospitality service industry, tour management
average Starting salary INR 60000 to 1 lpa INR 2 to 16 LPA
Job Profiles

Certificate in Travel and Tourism Management: Job Prospects

Job Job Description Salary (INR)
Travel Executive Travel executive has to supervise all the travel related issues that are faced by the travel agent company. 5,00,000 - 10,00,000
Freelance Travel Content Writer A freelance travel content writer writes about different travel agencies and travel destinations that may inspire tourists to go to the tourist place that is being written about. the freelancer content writer can work at their own time and pace. 1,00,000 - 3,50,000
Tourism Sales Consultant A tourism sales consultant has to let people know about different facilities And Fox related you in travelling to a certain destination. Their main job is to make people aware about the tourism packages available with the company and sell the tourist services. 2,50,000 - 4,50,000

Certificate In Travel And Tourism Management: FAQs

Quest. What are the different career options available in tourism and travel certification courses?

Ans. When a student is looking for a different field for their career and is very much interested in the travel sector then they should definitely go forward and take up certification in travel and tourism management. There is a vast area of careers that has been covered under this industry which includes tourism sales executive, freelance travel content writer, freelance travel video content creator( online), travel associate and many other tourism and Hospitality related jobs that can take up people with certification in travel and tourism.

Quest.  what is the minimum criteria that needs to be fulfilled if someone needs to apply for a certification course in travel and tourism?

Ans. There is no fancy requirement for or applying in a certification course in travel and tourism industry but in order to go through the different course details and syllabus the minimum requirement it has been set up as qualifying 10 + 2 examination that is if a student has completed his or her senior secondary examination and Higher Secondary examination then he or she is eligible to apply in tourism and travel related certification courses in any of the colleges that the student are interested in.

Quest. how can someone make a career in the field of Tourism industry?

Ans. Firstly if a student was looking forward to make a career in tourism industry then need to have some sort of degree or certification in the travel management sector for example they can always have a bachelor's degree or a post-graduation degree for that matter in the field of travel and tourism management to make a career in this field however there is no compulsion of choice of degree for a particular field of travel management. a student who has done his diploma in travel management for a student who has done his or her bachelor's degree in travel management can always have a career in the same field the growth in the field might be different for both.

Quest. How can someone take admission in colleges offering certification course in travel and tourism management?

Ans. In order to take admissions in desired college that is providing travel or tourism management certification the student should keep on checking website or portal by the college to get knowledge about different admission notification coming on the the portal and by clicking on it the students can understand the way of applying in that particular college or university. this is important because every college or university e that are available online can have different for criteria of different admission processes to take students in for the course.

Quest. What are the different courses that are related to a career in the tourism industry?

Ans. For making a career in the tourism industry it is not mandatory that a student has to choose a degree in travel and tourism management but yes if a student has done his study in which field then it would be beneficial for the student how to get a good career in this field. There are many e ways in which a student can study travel and tourism management. For starters they can take up a diploma in travel and tourism management or they can also look for a graduation degree in this field. students who are interested in in having a graduation degree in tourism industry so that taken build a future in this sector properly with detailed knowledge of what the industry requires then they can start with Bachelors of business administration in tourism and travel management and Then they can move up to post graduation that is Masters in business administration or they can also take up post graduation diploma course in tourism management. Even if taking a graduation and post graduation in tourism and travel industry is difficult a student can always go for certification courses in tourism that would help them to understand this field in a detailed manner and would become fully equipped for the industry.

Quest. What are the different duration of courses in travel and tourism industry?

Ans. As we know, the travel and tourism industry has been a constantly boosting industry that is always in need of new minds working in this area. Although the current situation of pandemic has put a small stop in this industry, as soon as the effect of pandemic started reducing this industry has seen a major boom again. Students can take courses like diploma in travel and tourism management or they can always go more under graduation courses like Bachelors of Business Administration in travel management we can take up post graduation that is either MBA in travel and tourism management or they can go for post graduation diploma in travel management. The diploma in travel management takes one year of time while the BBA takes three years for completion an MBA degree takes 2 years for completion while a post graduation diploma takes one year for completion. Other than these there are certification courses in travel and tourism management which takes about three years to complete.

Quest. Why should one take tourism as a career option?

Ans. The tourism industry as it sounds is not just related to 2 hours and travel but it has a whole lot of work going on behind each travel that takes place. The tourism industry not only takes in the Travels but also takes care of the hospitality sector. Since the to and fro motion of tourists has been a lot due to the increasing population being able to afford such travel expenses hence the industry has seen a legitimate rise in the past few years. the tourism industry not only allows the tourist to travel to different places conveniently without any e problems But it also allows the tourist to do it efficiently and their expenses by I helping them in choosing different aspects where we can save money E and does making it more affordable for more and more people hence the industry has made a profit out of this task and since the number of people has been increasing exponentially hence the tourism industry is also expanding and the career option has widened for students who are looking for a proper job that pays off well and has perks of its own.

Quest. How secure is a job in travel and tourism industry?

Ans. The travel and tourism industry in the past has seen a lot of changes in recent decades. The increase in the economy and per capita income of people and different technology available has made it easier for people to live their dreams and travel without worrying much about the travel expenses. Since the number of people have increased and the travelling has been increasing exponentially the jobs that are available in the travel and tourism industry are one of the most sustainable jobs as the people are now able to afford travelling to different areas and this industry has been constantly supported and will definitely sustain in coming years also.

Certificate in Tourism and Travel Management Fee Structure in India

2 K (Minimum Fee)PUBLIC COLLEGES81.35 K  (Maximum Fee)
27.63 K (Average Fee)
300 (Minimum Fee)Private COLLEGES81.67 K (Maximum Fee)
41.24 K (Average Fee)

Certificate in Tourism and Travel Management Fee Structure By state

Delhi NCR

33.47 K
81.67 KPrivate COLLEGES81.67 K
81.67 K